Party Black Dress Jennifer Aniston Golden Globe Awards

Check out a few options of black dress for party of Jennifer Aniston, and inspire yourself in the Golden Globe gowns 2015!

How about betting on a black dress anything basics? Is a good idea if you want to draw attention, so today’s post is inspired by the dress worn by Jennifer Aniston in the Golden Globe 2015. Check out!

Jennifer Aniston remains one of the most copied from Hollywood. Its beauty and classic style draw attention and bring inspiration. At the Golden Globes, Jennifer Aniston 2015 chose to wear a dress with simple modeling, but with striking details.

The main details of this black long dress are the sequins and the crack. These two elements are typical of sexy dresses, but Jennifer Aniston has sexy dress in the right measure, without exaggeration. Thus, the sequins highlight the bust, which is ideal if you have small breasts, and the deep crevasse draws attention to your legs. This crack can show too much, watch your back.

Black Party Dress Tips–Golden Globe 2015!

When looking for a black dress for the party it is important to get away from the little black dress, by sophisticated parties ask for looks. The tips below will help you in choosing your black dress for party:

  • Bet on sequins, slits, interesting necklines and draping;
  • If you like simple dresses, can be more daring in Accessories;
  • The black dress gives the certainty of a sleeker silhouette, when dress has a good trim;
  • Avoid black dresses at weddings, really doesn’t sit well;
  • A beautiful black dress to party is synonymous with sophistication, you will pan out.

With these simple tips and the black party dress models shown below, surely you will get the look!

Black Party Dress Options–Golden Globe 2015

  • Black Party Dress #1

This black dress to party is the simplest dress among those shown in this post. However, it is a very elegant and sexy dress, ideal to be used with accessories, like beautiful greenish earrings.

The highlight of the dress is the perfect combination between the V-neckline wounded and the crack in the room. These two details let skin show, without excess. Note that the wounded of the dress also highlights the waist and hip, highlighting the curves.

  • Black Party Dress #2

If you are looking for a delicate and modern dress, black dress to party is ideal for you. The modernity of this dress if the shape of the neckline and cutouts at the waist, giving sensuality to the look. But filling the neckline and indentations with lace can decrease the sensuality and leave the more delicate look.

  • Black Party Dress #3

For evening party in the summer, the transparent dresses show up as ideals. The black dress to party shown above has transparencies well located, that make it sexy and perfect for hot summer of Brazil.

Thus, the curves are quite evident both by transparencies and the tube modeling the dress has. Therefore, you must be willing to call a lot of attention when you’re wearing a dress similar to this.

  • Black Party Dress #4

You’re looking for a fancy dress to gala evenings? This black dress to party is ideal, several details make it sophisticated and current. First, it is worth mentioning that the use of Black Lace in nude is a bad fashion trends of party dresses.

In addition, this dress features classic elements ideal for gala evenings, like the strapless neckline, loose skirt and tulle in the skirt. With a cocktail dress as that is impossible not to kill.

  • Black Party Dress #5

Just like the previous party black dress, this dress is ideal for sophisticated parties. In this case, the highlight are the folds of fabric, forming a look typical of red carpets and fashion shows.

Thus, the skirt is quite bulky, which is not suitable for plus size women, but is sophisticated and combines with accessories with this feature.