Party Balloons with Helium

The balloons to your marriage, we say YES, but no matter how!

Balloons there is something for all tastes, colours and forms, and if you know how to make their own them, they become magnificent.

Do you know why the balloons inflated with helium down quickly?

Please note that helium is a noble gas lighter than air, allowing you to float balloons when we inflate them with this one. This lasts only one time (a few hours) and for 2 reasons:

  • The material of the ball is more or less porous, so the ball is not completely sealed.
  • The helium molecules, smaller than those in the air, escaping 10 times faster through the ball.

So, how long the helium does effect?

A balloon inflated with helium is about 5 hours, and again, you’re not insured your balloons will float nicely air way all the while. Indeed, the waterline time varies depending on the quality of the chosen ball and the outside temperature. Not terrible to experience such stress on her wedding day!

And have balloons to helium in her marriage without taking risks, is – it possible?

There is a solution, but only if you know! Not going to inflate his balloon at the last minute, just before the guests arrive, we got a lot of other more important things to think, even the bridesmaids and beautiful mother are booked! The solution is simple: a gel which reduces the porosity of the ball, and therefore increases the length of waterline, preventing the gas to escape, ingenious! I named the Hi-float for helium balloon!

But how the Hi-float?

Very simply! Simply insert a dose of Hi-float solution in every ball, and knead the ball slightly so that the gel is again well everywhere. This liquid imperméabilisera the ball and hold helium gas so that it gets stuck. This will ensure so a good performance of your decoration for all your wedding, up to 25 times longer, to be 5-10 days! Suffice to say that you can even get back them for the Sunday brunch!

Ladies, finally a solution for cheap balloons from wholesaleably to take all night, finished all shrivelled decoration after two cups of champagne!

For those who doubt the decoration with balloons

For beamany balloons = cheap decoration, so we don’t dare! Think again, balloons can become more than balloons. Already because of the size… and Yes, don’t hesitate to vary size, small balloons to 15 cm in diameter that can become of adorable place cards, through the classics of 30 cm, to get to the imposing of a meter in diameter, that leaves a lot of ideas to create.

Your ball is not required to stay at the ball stage;You can customize it with a felt special latex, or glue small rhinestones, a half adhesive pearls, or even imagine something romantic, by attaching it using a glue gun of the rose petals. The highlight of the show, feel free to use the ball LED to a décor all in light! The possibilities are endless, just not to bridle and let his imagination speak!


Insert in balloons feathers or other lightweight objects before inflate them with helium, and choose your type of ball depending on the use you want to make:

-Crystal ball for transparency, and include feathers, or other lightweight objects to see through, and a very light effect to insert a balloon LED.

-Metal ball, for a Pearly effect, personalize it, and a light more blurred if one inserts an LED.