Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Just Haute Couture week here in Paris and I have my bets for the next season. Between large parades and some performances of cruise collections or jewelry store, going to building what I call a Web of trends. The good to follow close is that there is something in the air that makes you have see more clothes. It’s a move that rolls on the behaviour of who wears. And that’s the starting point and interest of a large part of the creators. They wear to a kind of people, who have a lifestyle and who loves to dress in this or that way. Everything is well segmented.

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The couture understood this, and rightfully so, that season brought much more to the parades. from militarynous, we could see an evolution in wills. We’re going to them? Have clothes for those who love of tradition. There are other for who dreams of being a Princess or Queen, others for those who want a little more of the same in other versions. In parallel to parades, shows Dior reedits the earring more copied from 2014, tribal, and shows in private session to the press details of the cruise (cruise, in Portuguese) models that go to stores in October 2015.

The collection was paraded last month on the Côte d’Azur in the Palais de Bulles, a fantastic place created by Pierre Cardin. Will be feeling again? Until the President Dilma wore the Pearl version. Copies appeared in every way and the maison agree stress model. Is more of the same, only different. Try the success again. In times of crisis. Just not worth the indifference to think that fashion will one day end. Not even. Au revoir! Next week has more #diretodeparis @anagarmendia.

The former

The French lace are a classic and magenta version has a touch of battle (knew existed with this name? It was in the time of Napoleon in 1859, in Northern Italy). You can’t go wrong. A lot of love. Plenty to. The version of Georges Chakra has a shorter part, fishnets and white gloves. Debutante ball style.

More of the same

In my passed to see the Dior Cruise collection (has clothes and accessories primarily of mid-season), saw the tribal earrings in new versions. Will be a new fever? Dior bet Yes.

Right there

Jean Paul Gaultier left the prêt-à-porter to really devote to Haute Couture. The show was a tribute to the Kingdom and bring clothes with trademarks of the creator as the stripes, plus many sumptuous pieces with gold, velvet and a major force in rounded volumes ruffles. A masterpiece. I love this golden visor and make scratched eye.

As was a day

That’s right, before the parades had no podium. Photographers and guests saw everything closely. Stéphane Rolland recreates the spirit of tradition with a party in your head office where we could see everything in details. Gold, leather and seduction comes around. Very good.