Parcours Roc des Alpes Marathon

Our site: A motorcyclist who turned the wrong way, a steep walk with the bike on the back and a far too long without water and power. Although it was Calle Friberg a solo victory in French Roc des Alpes Marathon.

These early starters as it often is on the marathon down here, is not a favorite of mine, I admit. It is difficult to get good staff, and be heated so that it can feed into policy fully directly after the start, then it usually starts with a climb.

But today it went alright to get out of bed – especially when it was 20 degrees, and a rising sun at 6:30 am, and the hotel had a cafe au lait, croissants and chokladmüsli. Race high right from breakfast thus.

Starting at 8 am for anyone who would run the marathon distance, more than 500 pieces was the number I heard somewhere. This is the premiere Edition of Roc des Alpes and is organized by the same organization that arranges the giant Roc D’ Azur at the end of the season in the lower half of the Cote d’Azur. Co-organizer is even ASO who mix different stage Tour de France, so they can this! This race is also a member of the UCI Marathon World Series.

We had decent track of where my buddy Colin would langa bottle, but it was uncertain if it would be enough. From the start, I added myself in tip directly and argued dense group of seven, eight riders during the first few kilometres of the climb. Legs repented and turned sour when it brantade to, unfortunately, so I released and ran my pace for a while before I could connect again well up on top of the Col des Aravis.

Then down a couple of kilometers in order to then begin a short climb of about four kilometers away, where we quickly became three paragraphs in the lead just: I, Austrian Daniel Geismayr and the Swiss Xavier Dafflon.

Then perform at the kostigar and then the muddy paths where I get a gap and are shown the wrong way of master motorcycle! Just turn around and climb up a bit and try to gas up. Will catch up right before the second climb where we now from the bottom of the other side of the Col des Aravis, up to the top again. Approximately 800 height metres and 30 minutes of climbing. Here I get a small gap that grows meters for meters before we reach the top, where Colin is a bottle of Enervit and gel.

A little early to go himself after just two hours maybe, but I thought ‘ I’m running on “.Then we go perform Aravis on asphalt a bit, down to some cool trails, road again, then directly up to a nice mountain bike trail that quickly becomes an unnecessarily steep hiking trail. So with hojjen on the back it was hiking in ten minutes at least. Steep satan! Brand new sport. Ajajaaj..

I see no one behind and continues to feed on, but beginning to realize that I have a little gel there and I drink like never before. This, together with my cocky opening might not be any successful combo, I begin to think. The steep climbs will continue and I am starting to be really empty and thinks that this will never keep.

The course varies between gravel road, kostigar, muddy technical trails in the forest, and even a little snow here and there. Up and down all the time. I then passes Le Grand Bornand-passport (even this one Tour-climbing) and know that Colin to langa down in the village of Le Grand Bornand, shouldn’t be far away. I have now gone with empty pockets and empty bottle for too long.

But it becomes more than climbing. On the neutral hydration station, where all is as question marks when I try to scream to me somethin to drink without stopping, I bring a bottle of Evian and me some foldable water bottles sold on waterbottlesshop. I actually get even water from master motorcyclist, who seems to have a bit of a bad conscience over that showed me the wrong way.

After a really nice technical downhill slope down to the point where Colin is I run the site in 1.5 hour. I get a bottle of coke and a gel and continues. Have not heard any distance backwards, but I see none in the long slopes. I get back some energy but it helps marginal – is really crispy and Nice the last infinitely long piece against the target. But it keeps and I win solo at the time 4:36. Absolutely incredible feeling making victory signs across the finish line in La Clusaz with bunch of photographers and media in the target area! Second and third will be Swiss Daniel Geismayr Dafflon.

Very hard day in the saddle but what pungently to win! The resistance was not quite as Bike 4 Peaks, but still some scientific names with so it feels good. Then, it feels good to have run such a tough Marathon as the run-up to the World Cup. Now the recovery is recharging.