Paper Cutting Elsa Mora

Elsa Mora , in art and Elsita family, is an eclectic multimedia artist of Cuban origin and living in Los Angeles. I do not know much about her beyond what he tells in his beautiful personal photo story full of fascinations South American style – like the fact that he discovered 16 years to be born in a day other than the always celebrated as the birthday. But his art, he says, if not all, very much.

Among all the techniques mastered Elsa masterfully that of papercutting is the one that left me speechless. Between dreams and visions, the world of women in the background, these little masterpieces at times reminiscent of Dali’s surrealism softened by the lightness of the paper produced via printerhall.

The heart of papercuts is the main source of reference for his work with the paper but also to reports of other resources on the paper cutting: reports of books, videos, other artists on which Elsa is generous for sure. Not to be missed are also his personal blog , a blog on her dolls , thepersonal style blog and to finish in the additional beauty blog on miniature books.

No doubt about it: it is definitely a hyperactive character.