Panyam 450 Sleeping Bag Reviews

Since March and I returned to France, I have actively taken up the mountain trips and bivouacs. This time, I decided to relieve myself and upgrade my equipment from lighter and with quality materials. Priority was sleeping bag because I had only summer sleeping bags with lumite comfort to 8 ° c thus clearly unnecessary for overnight stays at 2500m in late winter / early spring and finally even the summer. I wanted a sleeping bag with three criteria: light, warm nights down to-2 ° c at least with an exorbitant price. During my research, I found what I needed but more than 400 or 500 €, largely off-budget. A friend told me about the Cumulus brand, a Polish brand not well known but high-achieving bags. He opted for the Liteline 400 for his trip to Iceland, you can see the pictures here , after comparing with the model just above my choice finally focused on Panyam 450.

Panyam The 450 is one of two sleeping bags in the series itypemba brand. The other is the 600, which contains 600g of down to a weight of 1kg. I preferred to glean a few grams opting for Panyam 450. It contains 450g of down for a total weight of 835g. It is ultra compact, one stock in a storage bag and hiking, it is put into a compression sack. Overheating insured at the time of the roll in the compression bag before leaving. The bag is very bulky, which is great but not always easy to make it fit into the compression bag, but it always ends up going. I received my 450 Panyam few days before leaving for camp in late April in the Beaufort to 2300m for a first verdict and took back with me in Chamonix bivouac at 2400m. With a comfortable temperature at 0 ° C, it can sleep warm during almost three full seasons: spring – summer – autumn.

Once compressed, the bag has a volume of about 6.6 liters and when the place in the tent, its inflation 450 grams pen is impressive. Down is a goose down 850 cu quality. Let’s get more practical, the fabric first, it looks fragile, are careful not to hang it in the zipper and finally despite a few skirmishes and closures locks, fabric holds up. Since this is a down bag, not a plastic, it is more sensitive to moisture, care must be taken to reduce the maximum condensation and contact with a wetland. However, I already woke up with a tent full of condensation and really wet bag, drying in the open air a few minutes and it’s tricks.

The swelling of the bag is a must at the comfort of the bag, it seems to roll in a big puffy quilt is super nice and I must say that these two nights camping in very different conditions: temperatures negative for one, with snow and frost on the tent in the morning and sweet night on a lake to the other, was by far my best nights. I finally managed to sleep in one go without being awakened by a current of air or sudden cold snap in camp and it plays heavily on the shape of the next day. I even find myself having trouble getting out of bed when the alarm rings to see the first rays of sun, so I sleep comfortably. So more than ever, that one or another, a good sleeping bag is really paramount.