Panties and Thongs – How to Choose the Right Cut?

Choice of panties should any woman be given the same attention as when choosing a bra. Figure out what you must give yourself when buying panties and thong beware!

If you have honestly say that you devote more time to choose a bra or panties, she would surely won bra. In doing so properly chosen cut pants can do wonders with the lady’s background. Do you know which cut fits you?

Various cuts briefs

Pant styles are really a lot. Maybe it does seem pointless, but quite the contrary! Wide range of panty fact allows each woman and each character stand out just as it should be! Woman with bigger ass choose panties that she optically slimmer woman, who in turn lack of female creatures can get them through rightly chosen to create panties.

It may seem like science, to choose the properly fitting panties. Do not worry, even if you feel that your body is not perfect, we’ll help you get it back. but not through exercises, but the proper choice of underwear via Ethnicityology.

You have a bigger ass?

Then the shop reach for ‘brazilkách’ ‘. It briefs about the hem ends in mid-abdomen, that I can ask very nicely modeled and moreover visually diminish. In addition to editing, however, the owner should look bigger butt and a color. If you are concerned about optical reduction, then you should vote rather uniform color combinations. If you choose too Petro pattern, then you background optically get richer!

The problem with tip?

Still solve the problem of overflowing spikes on the sides? Then there is the problem of size. Women often try to cram into smaller sizes so she felt thick. To them, but in the end only adds optical pound. Small size, causing overflowing spikes that are not nice. Do not be afraid to reach for a larger size, ultimately you will look better than the one size smaller!

Do you have too thick thighs?

Women with strong thighs often make mistakes in the selection of cut panties. Selects knickers, and their legs more visually expands. In case you have strong legs and short legs, stay away from pants with legs as far as possible. Your choice should be punched panties. Perfect tango, but if they are not comfortable, then try panties classic but with vykrojenějším cut.

Self-confidence is at zero, due to the larger tummy?

The children often comes solving bigger bellies. With that can help briefs with high waist, belly perfectly hidden, while maintaining where it should be. The solution can also be a linen drawstring.

What are you wearing pants?