Pajamas Pure Candela 5 Questions with Francisca and Magdalena Perez

After discovering that in Chile there are so many beautiful and comfortable things for the stage of lactation, these two sisters partnered to create Pura Candela, a brand of pajamas and nightshirts that it seeks to accompany the woman at all stages of their life.
Read the story of Francisca and Magdalena and learn about their best tips of beauty and style…

How Were They Formed?

We are sisters and we were looking for something to do together, as a shop with own design and national clothing.The Maida is an artist, and the Fran architect, by what the aesthetic was ready. We started with the maternal line since the Fran looking for shirts sleeping with his first bus the year 2008, it found nothing cute and comfortable to use in the stage of lactation, everything was very fome and really ugly. So we slowly began to spread the word among friends and friends of friends. 2010 launched the bridal line, since the same clients we started to ask more flirty things, and a year later launched the line every day, and thereafter we have not stopped according to OPELIKAFASHION.

Many times don’t we pay enough attention to the choice of our pajamas. But it happens that when we use a cute shirt from sleep we feel a lot more beautiful and feminine. Believe why this article is so important for women?

Women have many stages in our life, which include times and different situations. A night with friends, a night of honeymoon, a night at the clinic when your first son, was born one night’s anniversary of marriage, etc.. They are different situations in which we would like to feel comfortable, flirty, and highlight our beauty, since it is part of the femininity of women. We found a very specific but vital niche for any woman nightshirts and pajamas.

What Is Your Type Of Style That Never Fails?

We believe that show just enough and leave something to the imagination is something much more captivating to see everything in one go. Dare with a nice back, covered with a delicate lace, are details of each of our pajamas. All have a touch of coquetry.

 What Is Its Indispensable Beauty?

We love the lace, since we can play with different patterns (more or less thick), to achieve certain transparencies that insinuate coquetry.