At the tragic death of his brother Gianni July 15, 1997, Donatella Versace heir to one of the most envied positions in the universe of fashion, artistic director of the house Versace.

Gianni Versace was born in 1946, had launched his own label in 1978 after working for Callaghan, Genny and Complice, developing relentlessly one of the most important fashion brands of the twentieth century. The taste of Gianni for a very expensive mode, very luxurious and glamorous has established itself as a leader in pop culture, throughout the 80s, the power prohibitively expensive to dressing up excess trend of luxury ghetto the late 1990.  (more…)

The Rodeo Boots Celine, the “it” Shoes of the Moment

With its sharp looks and country DNA, is the cowboy boots of those who regularly titillate the imagination of designers. No wonder that Phoebe Philo has chosen to deliver its own version in the form of a pair of boots for Calamity Jane urban…

Gucci may well have replaced Céline in the hearts of fashionistas, these nonetheless regularly continue to melt for accessories and other shoes designed by Phoebe Philo.

It is demonstrated by the success of Rodeo boots techniques that punctuate the looks of many distinguished street-styleuses in recent fashion weeks. A less eccentric style Giuseppe Zanotti and more pragmatic than a pair of furry slippers Gucci, the Rodeo have indeed mastered what it takes to originality and relative comfort to allow love designer shoes to shine in front of their peers .  (more…)

The Perfect Sweater Seventies Sportswear

By dint of seeing pass before my eyes countless images, photographs and silhouettes, my imaginary pantheon dress has gradually filled rooms including outlandish became familiar to me and now waiting patiently to find – or not – double them in real life. For these parts, I do not actively seeking: the fact of having identified them and know them warm in my virtual wardrobe is enough. That said, when meeting with one of them takes place, difficult to remain indifferent…

Saturday, September 3, 10 am. We enter the store Winners / HomeSense located on Bloor Street (which meets cheap clothing offer made almost loose and better arranged part dedicated to the house) looking for a toy box for Charles. As we cross the radius Man, my eyes suddenly attracted a sweater with thin blue stripes. Its cut, its color, its round neck, its contrasting finishes, I like everything. I go to touch, the material proves pleasant. Charles pulled my jean shorts, Julien asks me to hurry. I let the sweater.  (more…)

Essentials Fall Fashion 2016

Between hoodie Victorian blouse, oversize pants, mini-skirt and plaid vinyl jacket overview of items “essential” to successfully inject a little trendy twist to its fall wardrobe…

A hoodie

Whether we like it or not the work Demna Gvasalia (DA claw clothing), difficult to deny the influence of its collections on the current atmosphere fashion. And if there is good chance that its raised middles and trench coats worn keyrings remain the preserve of the happy few, hoodies saw last March under the arches of the American Cathedral of Paris may well succeed to appeal to a wider audience. Comfortable, accessible, unisex and could give rise to unexpected associations as tasty, the hoodie has indeed all the must-have viral. (more…)

Balances Winter 2015, Operating Instructions

In the period of balances, it is not uncommon to leave his good sense in the closet before discounts shown are succumbing products “fashionably p bad” s vou quickly end up on our site. In practice, we will try so to keep our cool focusing on IP these timeless, either displaying a DNA consistent with the trends of the moment and come. Small passage in the pi magazine these shopper without fear during the next winter sale…

A pi this sky blue

Port total look at Bottega Veneta or with black Dior, part of lighthouses of the 2014 t shades is sky blue. More chic than pink layette and softer than the marine nuances, it will sublimate the dyed h s l and will bring an in clat told the FT the denim. Think s d then afford a sky blue cropped top(associate high waist jeans), a long vest this m tint me(married to the skirt white khaki/marcel tube trio /funky white sneakers) or a blue bag fringes (mix a total look denim).



Ah summer arrives, but if if if I swear! I know we’re only in mid-February and we are preparing to leave in search of snow on the slopes, but according to magazines or other female media, the trend is gold and already the quest of the summer slimming…

So it was… Ponder, swimsuit, beach and extending the reflection it comes to the contents of beach bag and is THE it gets interesting! Because there recently an unusual object that surely will make you the queen of the sand and that will be forgetting your small beads, or your unsightly sunburn… (more…)

How Will Nokia Support Current Lumia-Customers

Windows Phone 8 comes not to the current Windows Phone devices. But fails thus Lumia 610, 710, Nokia 800 and 900? Here is Nokia’s plan for the future Lumia-support.

Microsoft has been quite clear in the words following the presentation of the next big system version, Windows Phone 8. None of the current smartphones with Windows Phone system, will be updated to the new version. (more…)

Wanted: a White Shirt Oversize

Nothing like a classic piece with a contemporary twist to boost a spring look. With its generous size and soft lines, the oversize white shirt this season imagined by the brand Gérard Darel will thus no harm to register our silhouette in the times…

Among the timeless essential for the proper fit of a wardrobe, the white shirt is certainly in prominently. Synonymous with elegance unisex, it does indeed no equal to enhance the look of casual pieces, soothe micro skirts, marry in jeans, allow the accumulation of gold jewelry, but also reveal the first signs tan.  (more…)

Wanted: Nike Sneakers Internationalist

She may now dating a few seasons, the trend “runnings in town” continues none the less to seduce. As if, like the leopard print, the basketball outfits mixed with “no sportswear” had become a generational classic. In this context, difficult not to succumb to the Internationalist model from Nike…

After 30 years in the shadow of his colleagues point, the Nike Internationalist today returns to the front of the stage. Although with its retro looks and draws in light years from that of the age-old Stan Smith, this model fits perfectly with our desire for trainers of the moment.  (more…)

The Women’s Day: Women in Top 5

March 8 is the day of the woman… It’s rather nice day like that, right? And with a little luck: the news will be good, it will give us roses on the subway and we will crack on the last bag of Sonia Rykilel… But thus stop the trivia, and enjoy it to highlight 5 women trends of the moment!

Jennifer Hudson

Success story for this young woman of 26 who was put on the front of the stage with StarAc American: American Idol … His voice and personality impress the producers of Dream girls, she was chosen to interpret one of the members of Dreamettes, a Chicago trio so strangely resembles the Supremes Diana Ross. (more…)

The 2015/2016 Color Grammar Dries Van Noten

Horticulturist lover of old roses, Dries Van Noten has no equal to dare unusual wedding colors, and always with the same talent, the same relevance and consistency even for timeless beauty. wrong at once we would not be inspired by the range of recent collections of this enlightened colorist for our daily dress of colorful refinement…

Gold, white and dark blue (see here)

Nothing brighter than a white winter. This will select a pristine low – wide trousers, midi skirt, flare jeans – we married in a dark blue sweater topped by a golden jewel relatively large (bib necklace or cuff bracelet placed on the handle of the pull). Gold is here treated “enhancer” sense.

Pernille Teisbaek, the Right Style

professional stylist, the Danish blogger Pernille Teisbaek likes nothing better than playing with proportions, finding must-have pieces that could twist a look without history, but also telescope genres, superimposed layers and cover their styles. And if most of the parts of his locker remain inaccessible to ordinary mortals, his way of arranging the only remains inspiring. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling minimalist grammar / sportswear / sophisticated young woman…

Slide under its sporty blazers zippered jacket walked cervix, so as to infuse the whole look a slight touch of cosyness (see here, here and here).

Associate with a classic set – even potentially boring – a pair of shoes conceptual (see here). (more…)

Velvet, Manual

Slowly but surely, velvet has emerged in recent seasons as an essential material. Combining charm and outdated bourgeois unsheathed, it is in fact managed to conquer the hearts of designers who, through perseverance, finally convinced the lover it fashionistas with confidence. The question is how to grasp this matter, which for many evokes more the heavy curtains of theaters as the creations of Paul Poiret…

In this season A / W 2016-2017, the trend “velvet” follows two distinct currents. The first, more traditional, convenes the ultra chic dimension of this matter to the quaint elegance. Thus at Valentino delicate dresses in crushed velvet multiply and find takers among beautiful people (see here and here), while in Alberta Ferretti is a pink suit powder which, worn next to the skin accompanied by a pair of vertiginous sandals, turns into an evening dress insolent.  (more…)

How to Choose a School Bag?

If for school bag trends are important, other parameters – more pragmatic – also taken into account when choosing the one that will be as strong aesthetic…

What format to any morphology?

The smallest of us ensure harmony opt for a bag with their size, ie neither too big nor too large.
Girls having some curves forsake the shoulder bags in favor of notebooks in hand – one forgets the bag – they choose rectangular, rigid, clean and of medium size.
Those with an androgynous figure should not hesitate to opt for a slightly girly bag.
Those exceeding 1m75 avoid bags with long shoulder strap, but can afford the oversize bags.
Thinner should not hesitate to give volume to their body shape by choosing a bag-like “Bowling” or duffel. (more…)

The Perfect Wide-Leg Pants

The good basics are the wardrobe of the fashionista that the organic market is the toil: indispensable. Impossible to imagine without the Green brain column that constitute these pi these as indestructible as timeless. On the menu of the day: perfect wide trousers…

View tower at Haider Ackermann, C line, The Row, Christophe Lemaire and a Herm, wide trousers has recently imposed as the low casual chic by excellence. I must say that with his generous, his jacket d scale l elegant and masculine aura, it has hurt flatter the figure.  (more…)

Lily Cole

The Accessorize brand has launched its new advertising campaign as the face: Lily Cole. This succeeds Kelly Osbourne and Claudia Schiffer. His youthful little face, her red hair and her slender figure makes her the perfect illustration of the brand image Accessorize, which this year highlights the girly side of its products.

But the girl does not lend her image, she also enjoy the brand of creative talent by imagining one of the bags in the collection. We expected no less of Lily, atypical darling of the London fashion environment… In 2003, when the photographer Stephen Meisel the showcases for Italian Vogue that Lily Cole appears in the fashion world, and barely a year later, England chosen as the model of the year. (more…)

See the New Windows Phone 8 Features in Images

Gallery: We’ve found a selection of pictures from the presentation of Windows Phone that shows some of the new features.

Windows Phone 8 was released for world press under great tension, however, it was not as feature filled as we could have hoped for the presentation was focused on the developer community. But there were still a handful of features that were on the table for the benefit of consumers.

Them, we have gathered in a gallery including where you point by point can see a bit of what’s in store when the Windows Phone 8 will be released on the first devices in the autumn.

The pictures are assembled by our site where we have selected a number of the images.

Top Extra Long Translucent Texture + = Good Mix

In terms of style, the question is not to know “what room wear”, but rather “how to wear it.” The most relevant and required born less than a must-have models that accumulation of bold stylistic weddings, like the sweater mix (or long shirt) / dress (or skirt) ultra sensitive…

In recent seasons, fashionistas seem to love nothing better than to telescope casual subtle texture and material to build up looks as photogenic and comfortable. Their latest fad? Married cozy top and long skirt (or dress) translucent and / or ornate.

And if that gimmick – at first sight for the more fashion series as urban paving – can seem unwieldy at first, it appears in practice much more accessible than it seems. (more…)

Bandana Collar + = Good Mix

Nothing like a stylistic directly from trick of podiums spring / summer 2015 to come shake the inescapable trio sandals / denim shorts / lace blouse of the moment …

His models have beautiful view BMI extremely low and his creations seem straight from a collection H & M “ultra luxury” Hedi Slimane did not influence less regularly with the times. Just weeks after the presentation of the collection Saint Laurent spring / summer 2015, it was able to see many fashionistas seize a show consisting of gimmicks to mix fine necklace and narrow scarf tied around the neck.

9 Fashion Gimmicks to Avoid

While new stylistic gimmicks more or less happy or “realistic” appear each season, they seem to be systematically acclaimed – for better or for worse – by professional fashionistas. Small passage in review of “tips” fashion season we will be careful not to adopt…

The peplum pants (see here)

The concept of good come from Miu Miu, this does not mean that we should be appropriated eyes closed. To have a chance to avoid a stylistic misunderstanding, the skinny peplum – which can give the impression of having placed his feet in a plastic bag – in fact require a good dose of self-mockery coupled with elongated figure (and even then success is not guaranteed). In other words, better to go his way…

American Vintage

It almost makes you hot, 15 ° C with rampant on the hexagon… We want fresh, light overlays and sweets, all of course trendy, trend… so the Directorate of Abu Abi Bazar shop 125, rue Vieille-du-Temple, where we can finally find the famous claw “American Vintage”!

No this is not yet another brand from the USA, it was born in France, specifically in Marseille. At first only a few shops willing to take pieces of the collection on consignment. But given the speed at which they leave, buyers have quickly felt the wind!

Moreover, the stand of the brand at the show Who’s Next, was packed… The reasons for this success?  (more…)

The Pearl Necklace – Trends 2016

If for several seasons pearls do not hesitate to venture on paths less conventional than usual strand (thanks to designers who are not afraid to shake their worn chic), this is really only recently the pearl necklace began to reconnect with a DNA mixing excess and extravagance…

Paris, March 8, 2016. On the podium Chanel, few beautiful parading without a pearl necklace. Worn in multiple rows and a diameter more shock than chic, these expensive fire fireworks Gabrielle Chanel then evoke both a mala for chanelophile a digression vermeerienne. Here we are in fantasy excessiveness in the funky-chic gadget in the bauble remastered; revised and corrected by Karl Lagerfeld, the pearl necklace is here to décasualiser seasonal denim toilets and provide eighties dimension version of Madonna with darker looks.  (more…)

How to Wear Blue Vertical Stripes?

Straight from the trend “pajamas city,” blue vertical stripes have been monopolized this locker rooms of those nothing better than loving surfing the zeitgeist. And if one might have expected that this graphics bulimia leads the fashion cosmos straight to overdose, it was not counting on the addictive side of this male printed easily distract…

At a time when the thermometer in the capital continues to flirt with 30 ° C and then in New York, Alexander Wang parsema blue stripes of his spring / summer 2017, it would be wrong not to grant the “blue stripes “our fashion was an extension. It remains to know how to wear them in urban areas, the idea being to combine now on a more autumnal than seaside. (more…)

Marc Jacobs

Comeback to Karl Lagerfeld, snook institutions, daring and creative hair dye delusions barmy… Marc Jacobs can all afford, as his talent is great. Up at Louis Vuitton, we owe him the facelift over a Speedy, sharp artistic collaborations and a line of ready-to-wear innovative, while the side of his own label he continues to make and unmake fashion…

The famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs was born in New York in 1963. His father died when he was only 7 years old, a disappearance that will mark him deeply. He then lived in Teaneck, New Jersey with his mother, sister and younger brother. His mother remarried three times, and each time the family moved.  (more…)

Collections Pre-Fall 2015, Highlights

More pragmatic than the spring collections / t and fall/winter, the opus of mid-season have a knack for deliver inspiring and portable silhouettes, but also IP these ind deniable fashion appeal. Review of the highlights of the latest res collections pre-fall…


The silhouette (see here)
In order to accompany the seventies of the moment boots, the Carven only: site studio not convene on the m me short shorts look, revisit and vichy polo tennis sweater. EPS these issues of fields different lexical who, in is telescopant, give birth a photog outfit Mo’Nique, the casualness e shooting four studs. (more…)

Manolo Blahnik

Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and even the priestess of fashion Anna Wintour herself: all swear by Manolo Blahnik. The mystification of these ultra-sexy shoes such as “Manolo” has become a common noun, denoting luxury shoes, perched high and fanciful. With models to die, the shoe designer was able to take a special place in the world of fashion…

Recently shelf, a book called “Manolo Blahnik Drawings” traces the evolution of designer shoes through the drawn sketches of the master, commented by John Galliano, Sofia Coppola and Bianca Jagger, among others. Through four periods, Blahnik 25-year career are revisited. The opportunity to dip our turn. (more…)

Apple Loses in Patent War on Samsung

The lawsuits between Apple and Samsung are many – and Samsung has just won one of these.

Apple has just lost a patentretssag in the Netherlands against the Korean Samsung. Koreans obtained an injunction in that Apple has violated a patent that Samsung has created.

Skridspunktet was the way smartphones and tablets connects to the Internet. It is not yet clear how much Apple will pay the Samsung for having broken the patent. The final amount will be based on the number of iPhones and iPads, which are sold in the Netherlands, writes our site.

-“Samsung is pleased with the Court’s decision, which confirms that Apple has turned heads on our technological innovation,” Samsung said in a statement to the BBC after the Court’s decision.