Older Consumers Voters more Often Apple

According to a new study in the United States will be Apple’s products to a greater extent than previously chosen by consumers over 35 years.

Apple’s products are becoming more and more popular with the older consumers, according to a new survey from YouGov Zapera BrandIndex. It writes our site.

In the study, it appears that Apple will be opted in more than 35 years and previously for consumers from up, while Apple’s products will be less attractive to consumers between the ages of 18-34 years. (more…)

Child-Friendly Tablet Ready for the Danish Market

Many kids want a tablet, but there may be certain risks associated with children’s internet use. It takes new tablet into account.

Tablets are for most children a wish, and more day care centers and schools have already taken the tablets into everyday life. But the digital life can result in concerns with parents.

Now launches Kurio, which is the first child-friendly tablet on the Danish market. Kurio is specifically designed for families with children, and gives parents the ability to monitor kids ‘ digital lives. (more…)

iPhone Survives Fall from 300 Metres Altitude

Apple’s iPhone has a reputation for being very fragile-but here you can see a video with an iPhone who survives a fall from 300 metres altitude.

If you are selling iPhone cases, which are so strong that they can cope with everything, so is the best way to sell them on to prove it. It has the company our site done and gotten an iPhone from over 300 metres in height in order to see whether it could cope with the steep decline.

Everything went well, and the iPhone got no rips in the screen or otherwise visible damage. It had a decrease of 160 km/h, so the impact has of course been quite strongly.

What to use such a pouch, is a good question? But if you’re a skydiver or mountaineer who just need to call home during the process, so it may well be used as a security measure.

The Best Apps for the Olympics

The Olympic rent is just around the corner, why should your iPhone and Android, of course also equipping them up. Here are the best OLYMPICS-apps.

During the period 27. July to 12. August 2012 OLYMPICS in London will be held with the participation of athletes from nearly 200 countries.

Not surprisingly, it has been the developers in time, and there are already several OLYMPICS apps on the market. (more…)

Huawei Ascend P1-User Authenticates the Chinese Smartphone (User Test)

TEST: How is Huawei Ascend P1 according to an ordinary mobile buys? Hans Jørgen has sent us this test. Read here his experiences.

In a competition at our site won Hans-Jørgen Huawei Ascend P1. Below you can read his experiences of the product, after about two-three weeks of use.

Good design and good screen

My first impression of the phone’s design is that it is super nice. It is thin, which is also one of the marketing points, but it is at the same time stylish and simple. On the right side are sitting on/off button, and it is the one also enable phone on when the screen has gone into hibernation. Next is the slot for microSD. At the top is micro USB to 3.5 mm jack plug and leave for headset and slot for SIM card (usually the SIM card). (more…)

Danmarks Smukkeste Festival Ready with Application

Are you going to Skanderbog Festival you can already prepare yourself now-year application is ready for download.

Then again in Skanderborg festival from the 8. to the 12 august. The Festival is called “Beautiful party 2012”, and consists of a lot of exciting musical names such as Bryan Adams, David Guetta, Hi Mathematics, backstreet boys, The Lift, Mek Pek & son and many more.

If you stand and must participate in this festival, and have an iPhone, so is their application a must. (more…)

Do You Remember? Our Site Look Back

Time flies away, and the technological development can be difficult to follow. Our site look back a little at the time there was.

The days are flying by, and the one day replaces the other. When you finally stop up and think back, you cannot quite remember how it was before the smart phone, Tablet and all applications came to and when the phone could be anything other than call and send sms enthusiasm was great. (more…)

Learn Your Mobile Manufacturer to Know

TIPS: get a little knowledge about producers in the mobile market, and learn how your mobile manufacturer to know at our site.

Would you like to know the story behind your carrier? So you can get the full story on our site about the various major mobile manufacturers, which are to be found on the Danish market.

Read the full story about Apple, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony, which just now is the mobile manufacturers with the most visibility on the Danish mobile market.

Become wiser on how Nokia actually started in the mobile industry, in their history dating back to 1865.However, the Nokia company we know today, first right a reality in 1967. Get clued up on why.

Find a shortcut to the different manufacturers here: Apple, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.

Media: New iPhone Will Be 18 Per Cent Thinner Than Its Predecessor

Apple makes not only the screen bigger on the upcoming iPhone. The phone itself will also be 18 percent thinner, it is reported.

Several indications about a new iPhone with larger screen has already been presented in galore, but it will not be the only significant change in the design.

Several Asian media, therefore, is not afraid to conclude that the next generation of iPhone will be 18 percent thinner than the 4S model, write our site. (more…)

Lenovo Has Announced a Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 is on its way. And approximately at the same time get Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2.

ThinkPad Tablet 2 is the name of the Windows 8-device that our site has just announced.

The device runs with Intel Atom processor, and the operating system is Windows 8 Pro, so exactly as on Microsoft’s upcoming Professional tablet, Microsoft Surface.

Lenovo’s device has 10.1 inch screen with 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution, 3 g, 4 g, NFC and finds image reader. There is also a forward-facing camera for video calling and a camera on the back. In addition, there are HDMI output to connect external monitor …

The weight is about 600 grams, and the thickness of 9.8 millimeters.

There is also a keyboard, which, however, are extra equipment.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 will be available when Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8 in October. So far, the sale price is not known.

Nokia: We Stick with Windows Phone

In the fierce competition in the mobile market are Nokia despite heavy pressure not in doubt, and they continue to bet on the Windows Phone.

Mobile manufacturer Nokia has no plans to abandon their Windows platform for smartphones and will launch their new Windows Phone 8 units soon. It said ceo Stephen Elop yesterday according to our site.

-“In the war which is going on the smartphone market between Android, Apple and Windows are, therefore, we also ensure that we invest in Windows Phone,” said Elop.

Nokia, which earlier was the market leader in the mobile industry, are fighting right now for survival after Apple and Samsung has achieved dominance in the smartphone market.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-Such a Performer the

Our test of Samsung Galaxy Note is in full swing. See here a small taste of how the new tablet can provide.

Samsung beats even on possibility to produce on the new Note. In other words, create presentations, edit photos, write documents and take notes.

In this video you will get a small taste of the device’s performance. We have tried to make notes, display, HD-video, surfed the Internet and play great graphical games. (more…)

The Danes Are Still Crazy about GPS Systems

Despite the different navigation applications on your phone, then use the Danes still the traditional GPS.

The good old street maps of paper that had his permanent place in the glove compartment or in the side pocket of the door, is a dying breed, if one is to believe in the Danes’ penchant for GPS devices this summer.

Despite that eventually no single smartphone on the market that either don’t have Google Maps, Nokia drive or before long also Apple’s bid on a navigation system, Apple Maps, so it does not end with the traditional GPS systems. (more…)

There Will Be a Mini Version of the Galaxy S III?

Prior to IFA trade fair yesterday that rumors of a new range of Samsung products, among other things. Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S II Plus.

There is only a good week for the IFA trade fair in Berlin goes in time, and it can be felt on the reputation of the Exchange.

Several new models that pop up and a number of spy photos every single day. With Samsung’s dominance in the smartphone market is in particular also come under the spotlight. (more…)

Apple Ready with iOS 6 Beta 4

The fourth beta version of Apple’s upcoming operating system iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad is released. Read more about it here.

Apple has just released the fourth beta version of the upcoming update of their operating system iOS 6, and there are slightly different corrections and renewals, compared to the previous beta version iOS 6 beta 3.

The update was expected from Apple’s page by, as it is exactly three weeks ago, the latest update was released. (more…)

The Danes Must Again Have New TV

The Danes have the opportunity for more HD TV over the ground antenna, but now waiting yet another investment in new television equipment. It is the third time in three years that consumers must to the pockets.

Boxer, who is a distributor of digital television via the terrestrial network, is now allowed to broadcast HD-TV on a number of frequencies, which otherwise was intended for mobile TV via DVB-H standard.

Thus is the DVB-H standard in real terms put in the grave, just as is the case in most other European countries, which our site told about earlier today. (more…)

Google Lays off in Great Style with Motorola

Google trimmer Motorola after buying-firing of every fifth employee is a reality.

Around 4,000 Motorola employees to be fired in order to bring mobile manufacturer on an even keel. It is as if every fifth employee now must find a new job. It writes multiple news agencies with anonymous sources.

According to Bloomberg, as will two-thirds of the lay-offs happen outside the United States, just like Google also will close each third of Motorola’s manufacturing facility. (more…)

Nokia 808 PureView Wins Award

Nokia’s camera monster of a phone, the Nokia 808 PureView, with all 41 megapixels has won yet another award.

In the midst of the crisis, Nokia has got little to rejoice their camera monster of a mobile phone 808 PureView has won an award. It writes Nokia on their own website.

It is the EISA, which has awarded Nokia the award “European Mobile Photo Achivement 2012-2013”. The prize is won with the rationale, “Nokia’s PureView Pro-technology is a major step forward in the field of mobile phones – it gives us all the opportunity to take quality photos.”

EISA stands for European Imaging and Sound Association, and you can read more about the price, as well as a justification for Nokia 808 PureView won it here.

This Service You Must Do without on Our Site’s Upcoming 4 G-Net

On our site’s upcoming 4 g network excludes the TDC immediately certain services due to lack of demand.

TDC’s upcoming 4 g network will be without static IPv4 addresses. It happens according to the TDC, because customers do not demand it, writes our site.

Torben Rune from network schemes have otherwise sought services such as static IP addresses, delivery guarantee and symmetric broadband.

But our site refuses to after spøgslen is present: “we are conducting ongoing market research, just as we are in dialogue with our customers. Here we get an indication of what companies are looking for,” says Doris Damstedt R, communications advisor at our site Professions.

“It is not free for us to develop a concept for a product,” says Doris Damstedt R to Computerworld – “but it must of course have the potential to be profitable before we release it,” he says.

Asus Transformer Pad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Web-TV: Comparison Asus Transformer Pad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which Android tablet should you buy?

You have 3,000 crowns that burns in your pocket and just be invested in an Android tablet, but which one should you choose? We’ve seen a closer look at the Asus transformer Pad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and tells you which of these you should choose.

Both tablets have Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but also the similarities almost hear up here. There is a big difference between among different processor choice. (more…)

Researcher: Apple’s iOS Platform Is Far from Certain

Security researcher toggles now fixed, Apple’s iOS system is easy to hack, and developers rely blindly on Apple’s security.

Jonathan Zdziarski is security researcher for viaForensics, and a Conference could tell that security in iOS, is far from the level of security people go and think it is.

Jonathan Zdziarski tells there are three ways to access an iOS device, like the iPhone or iPad on, one of which does not deal with physical access. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S III Is the Year Mobile in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S III has gotten an EISA award for being the year’s mobile in Europe, read here why.

Samsung Galaxy S (III) is located at the top of the smartphone-class, and has received top marks in many reviews, including our own.

And it is now being established by the European picture and sound Association (EISA), that it is a top of the range we are dealing with. The Samsung Galaxy S (III) provides the “best smartphone/mobile in Europe”. (more…)