HTC on the Way with 7 “Tablet in Aluminium

The second generation of HTC’s so-called Flyer-tablet lurking in the wings with 7 “screen, aluminum-design and Android Jelly Bean.

HTC Flyer has already been past the test lab here at our site, but a new edition of this 7 “tablet can probably soon take the same trip.

According to our site, there is an HTC Flyer 2 in store with aluminum and alloy in the same way as their One S-smartphone. There was, however, reported teething problems for this particular alloy. (more…)

You Must Have the New iPhone 5?

VOTE: If, as expected, comes a new iPhone this week, so if you plan to replace your current mobile?

No one thing is for sure about Apple’s event on Wednesday, because Apple has not announced that they will present to the world’s press for a new iPhone.

But it is expected and rumored stock market has almost “boiled over” by rumors recently. Surely there comes an iPhone 5 this year?

Follow us on our site Wednesday, 12.September at 19 (Danish time), when Apple is holding a press event.

Therefore, we would like to know if you already know whether you want to switch your mobile phone off with the (possibly forthcoming) new iPhone?

Samsung Teaser for Hybrid PC at IFA Trade Fair

Samsung offers a range of new products at the IFA trade fair, among other things, a new Hybrid PC with Windows 8.

Samsung has not been on the let side when it comes to tease for the imminent IFA exhibition. A Windows 8 tablet has also been teaset for, and within a few hours ago Samsung has written on Facebook since Samsung notebook, that it is right around the corner.

Early summer brought our site, the first look at the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid Windows 8 transforming tablet.

New Video Brings Together the iPhone 5 Rumors-Watch It Here

The rumors about the next iPhone are many, but to see them in a video makes one wish they were true-watch it here.

The rumors have been many and new when even occur yet, only the day before Apple’s big event, where it is expected that iPhone 5 or The Next iPhone will be launched.

But if you are good at graphics, you could put together a video showing these rumors in a more physical form.

It features Sam Beckett chose not to make, and it is a very nice and stylish video out showing the many rumors, and how he has thought they could work.

Some of them fatter than others, but especially one of them could be a bladder røvs-feature.

Watch the video below, and remember to follow with on our site, where we all evening on 12.September keeps you updated with everything from the Apple camp.

“Techtember” Is Pushing Apple’s launch Plan

New rumors is reported that pressure from competitors get Apple to split their autumn launch in two-“techtember” is the debtor.

The rumors about the next iPhone and an iPad mini runs on full flame, at the same time announce the competitors in many dates for their next press events.

It’s got giant Apple to divide the product launch of iPhone and iPad mini in two, it is write our site. (more…)

The IFA Exhibition Center 2012 Is Milestone for Sony

The acquisition of Ericsson would provide a more consistent user experience for the customers and the IFA trade fair is an important milestone in the strategy at Sony.

Sony Mobile debuted this year on the smartphone market with the first “real” Sony phone, where Ericsson was no longer a part of the brand. But a lot has happened with Sony since the Xperia’s came on the market in the first quarter of the year. (more…)

Subway Surfers-on the Run from the Power (Games Test)

TEST: Subway Surfers has garnered great acclaim both at home and abroad. Our site has tested whether the game stops or is a fad.

In Subway Surfers make sure that Jake (the naughty graffiti painter) not being caught by the long arm of the law. Jake will be spotted in making graffiti on train cars and so goes the drain otherwise in time.

Along the way, it is about to collect the maximum number of coins. But it is not enough, there must also be implemented “daily challenges” and various missions. Bother you not collect coins, so that these can also be purchased for real human-money. (more…)

Here Are Three Action-Blast Games for Cheap

Google keeps sales in cooperation with developers. Gameloft has three action-resounding success-games at a reduced price.

Every now and then there will be sales outlets where prices will be screwed down in the stores, it’s just happened at Google Play, where selected applications and games can now be downloaded at discounted prices.

Google calls the sale of the closing season sale, and we have since also rounded summer season of.

The most interesting is from the developer Gameloft, which has three big games successes at a reduced price, for a limited period of time.

It is about Time star Rio: City of Saints, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and N.O.V.A.-Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3.

All three can now be downloaded in Google Play for six dollars apiece. How long the offer lasts is unknown.

Apple’s iPhone Is No Longer the Highest in United States

New analysis shows that telecommunications organizations no longer sells the most iPhones in the United States, Samsung has won in to Apple.

Apple’s iPhone 4S since its launch last year has been the most-selling unit alone, from the four biggest telecommunications companies ‘ sales.

But the new analysis shows that this is no longer the case, now Samsung with Galaxy S III have taken first place, writes our site.

Here Are the Specifications for Motorola Razr HD

Motorola has launched three new Razr phones. Here you can read the details about the Razr HD.

Three new Motorola smartphones have been included in the Razr family. This applies, among other things, the Razr HD.

In the case of a mobile at 146 grams with 4.7 “screen.According to our site, this is a really solid mobile, without that it seems so heavy that “one can build a House with it”.

Facebook Updated for Android-New Features

Facebook for Android has gotten a update offers new features and optimizations – read here what.

Facebook is in perpetual development, and, in particular, their application is in development, it is not least in the light of Facebook’s founder and current leader, Mark Zuckerbergs earlier opinion.

Today Facebook takes a step closer to their goal, with a new update for Facebook for Android, which new features have come to.

Google Approves World’s Largest Torrent Client

Google has approved a new app in Google Play, that allows you to download illegal content on very light show.

The world’s largest torrent client our site, have in the environs of 150 million active users per month.

Users upload and share content with each other on cross-border, via the program our site.

The problem, however, for several years has been that the content is being shared is not always legal. (more…)

Sony Xperia S Receives Great Android 4.0 Update

Sony Xperia S users receive these days a major update, read here what it contains.

Sony Xperia S owners receives these days a new Android 4.0 update that brings a number of bug fixes and optimizations with it.

Several users have apparently complained about the latest Android 4.0 update for Xperia S, it has gotten Sony to broadcast a new, and it has benefited the device according to a user of our site. (more…)

Sony on the Road with 4 g LTE Smartphone to Denmark

When Sony Xperia V coming onto the market in Denmark, it will be in a 4 g LTE-Edition.

The new mobile 4 g LTE is in its infancy in Denmark, and our site is currently the company’s most advanced with the expansion.

So far have been reserved for 4 g LTE Mobile broadband in the form of dongles for computers or MiFi-routers. But it will not be in the fourth quarter.

Sony has at the IFA trade fair in Berlin presented Sony Xperia V, who besides being a hardy highend smartphone also has 4 g LTE in selected markets.

Opposite our site confirms Sony Mobile, it just gets 4 g LTE version of Xperia V coming in Denmark in the fourth quarter.

Without subscription the price will hover around 3,999 crowns.

Scramble Between Apple and Samsung Could Benefit Nokia

There is still war in the courts between Apple and Samsung, but it can be an advantage for Nokia.

Samsung and Apple are still disagree about patents, and, more recently, Apple has lost a case in Japan.

The controversy remains about the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S II. Samsung have infringed Apple’s patent would here in connection with the synchronization of music. (more…)

Expert Blog: the Lawsuit Between Apple and Samsung as Seen Through Expert Eyeglasses

COMMENT: media coverage of the trial Apple vs. Samsung looks more like sports journalism a profession-journalism. Read here how such cases takes place.

The following is an expert blog written by telecommunications expert John Strand of our site. He takes you behind the scenes at the big trial:

When you read the international media coverage of the trial between Samsung and Apple, similar to the vast majority of articles sports journalism, and most of the articles does not describe what is actually going on in such a trial. (more…)

Mozilla Pulls the Plug for Apple’s iOS

Mozilla pulls now its Firefox application out of the App Store, and stops the development to the iOS system. Read here why.

Mozilla has since 2010 had Firefox Home available in Apple’s App Store, but now it’s over. Open-source project withdraws from the iOS platform. It writes our site.

Mozilla that has had its application available for iPhone users worldwide in more than two years, stops all developing for iOS platform, as the company sees other platforms as more important. (more…)

Came Behind Nokia and Lumia 920 and 820-Review Webcast

Web TV: Lumia 920 and 820 were among the protagonists in a webcast our site sent from Nokia’s Danish headquarters. View the broadcast here.

Because the Nokia had presented Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 for the public sent our site a live webcast from Nokia in Copenhagen.

Here the Danish product manager Niels Kjelstrup replied to questions from readers, and showed the new products forward. (more…)

Danish Games Have Received Three Million Downloads in 10 Days

Yet a Danish game goes to the top of Apple’s App Store with three million downloaded in just 10 days.

Danish Tactile Entertainment is behind the latest games the success of Apple’s App Store, with their new game Chasing our site.

The game goes in all its simplicity that help the little goldfish our site brand of freedom, and not get caught by the seven-year-old Mathilda. (more…)

Sneak Peek at  Our Site Application for Windows Phone

Our site is in the process of developing mobile banking for Windows Phone. Here you can get a sneak preview of the layout.

Our site is well underway with the development of a Windows Phone Mobile banking application, and the process is progressing according to plan.

There is something to look forward to for our site customers who have a Windows Phone.

Still is missing a part of development work before the application is ready for launch in Windows Marketplace, but our site has just published some screen shots.

Our site application comes with a home page, where there will be the opportunity to define their own “tiles” and shortcuts.

The application is expected to be ready during the month of December.

Company Analysis: iPad Will Continue Dominance

In spite of the many Android tablets, so estimates research firm Gartner that Apple continue their dominance on the tablet market.

Research firm Gartner, estimates that in 2012 will be lashed 73 million iPads over the disc, which translates to about 61.4 percent of the world market for tablets. It writes our site.

In 2011, which sold 40 million iPads, which was the whole two-thirds of the market for tablets.

Gartner believes that Android tablets this year will reach a sale on 37.9 million units, which are approximately 31.9 percent of the market.

In 2011, was 17.3 million Android tablets are sold, which corresponded to a share of 28.8 percent of the market.

Microsoft sends the 26. October their Windows 8 on the street, which is expected to be able to achieve a sale at 4.9 million units before the end of the year. It will mean a market share at 4.1 per cent.

Order Your Food Easily through New Danish App

New Danish application makes it possible to order good food, in an easy and user-friendly platform. Read about e-takeaway here.

Madbestilling has been a simple matter for many years, grab the bone and place an order for the local madbiks, but what if there are to be new times to, or new dishes lusts family?

With E-takeaway, you can easily and quickly find a restaurant, pizzeria or café with “food out of the House”-menu.

The application is available for both Android and iOS and can easily show you the nearest restaurant, out from several different search criteria.

You can try to order the evening’s menu through the application by downloading it for Android via Google Play or for the iOS via the App Store.

Consumers Can Be Wins Patent Case

Samsung’s defeat in the disputed patent case has consequences in several ways in the future, but it can benefit consumers.

The consequences for Samsung for the defeat in patent case against Apple, is not especially large in the short term. Compensation of around six billion dollars is not a problem for Samsung, and it is only two of those products, which, according to jury violates Apple’s patents, which still is in the deal. It is products the Nexus S 4 g and T-Mobile Galaxy S II. It writes our site. (more…)