9 Fashion Gimmicks to Avoid

While new stylistic gimmicks more or less happy or “realistic” appear each season, they seem to be systematically acclaimed – for better or for worse – by professional fashionistas. Small passage in review of “tips” fashion season we will be careful not to adopt…

The peplum pants (see here)

The concept of good come from Miu Miu, this does not mean that we should be appropriated eyes closed. To have a chance to avoid a stylistic misunderstanding, the skinny peplum – which can give the impression of having placed his feet in a plastic bag – in fact require a good dose of self-mockery coupled with elongated figure (and even then success is not guaranteed). In other words, better to go his way…

American Vintage

It almost makes you hot, 15 ° C with rampant on the hexagon… We want fresh, light overlays and sweets, all of course trendy, trend… so the Directorate of Abu Abi Bazar shop 125, rue Vieille-du-Temple, where we can finally find the famous claw “American Vintage”!

No this is not yet another brand from the USA, it was born in France, specifically in Marseille. At first only a few shops willing to take pieces of the collection on consignment. But given the speed at which they leave, buyers have quickly felt the wind!

Moreover, the stand of the brand at the show Who’s Next, was packed… The reasons for this success?  (more…)

The Pearl Necklace – Trends 2016

If for several seasons pearls do not hesitate to venture on paths less conventional than usual strand (thanks to designers who are not afraid to shake their worn chic), this is really only recently the pearl necklace began to reconnect with a DNA mixing excess and extravagance…

Paris, March 8, 2016. On the podium Chanel, few beautiful parading without a pearl necklace. Worn in multiple rows and a diameter more shock than chic, these expensive fire fireworks Gabrielle Chanel then evoke both a mala for chanelophile a digression vermeerienne. Here we are in fantasy excessiveness in the funky-chic gadget in the bauble remastered; revised and corrected by Karl Lagerfeld, the pearl necklace is here to décasualiser seasonal denim toilets and provide eighties dimension version of Madonna with darker looks.  (more…)

How to Wear Blue Vertical Stripes?

Straight from the trend “pajamas city,” blue vertical stripes have been monopolized this locker rooms of those nothing better than loving surfing the zeitgeist. And if one might have expected that this graphics bulimia leads the fashion cosmos straight to overdose, it was not counting on the addictive side of this male printed easily distract…

At a time when the thermometer in the capital continues to flirt with 30 ° C and then in New York, Alexander Wang parsema blue stripes of his spring / summer 2017, it would be wrong not to grant the “blue stripes “our fashion was an extension. It remains to know how to wear them in urban areas, the idea being to combine now on a more autumnal than seaside. (more…)

Marc Jacobs

Comeback to Karl Lagerfeld, snook institutions, daring and creative hair dye delusions barmy… Marc Jacobs can all afford, as his talent is great. Up at Louis Vuitton, we owe him the facelift over a Speedy, sharp artistic collaborations and a line of ready-to-wear innovative, while the side of his own label he continues to make and unmake fashion…

The famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs was born in New York in 1963. His father died when he was only 7 years old, a disappearance that will mark him deeply. He then lived in Teaneck, New Jersey with his mother, sister and younger brother. His mother remarried three times, and each time the family moved.  (more…)

Collections Pre-Fall 2015, Highlights

More pragmatic than the spring collections / t and fall/winter, the opus of mid-season have a knack for deliver inspiring and portable silhouettes, but also IP these ind deniable fashion appeal. Review of the highlights of the latest res collections pre-fall…


The silhouette (see here)
In order to accompany the seventies of the moment boots, the Carven only: site studio not convene on the m me short shorts look, revisit and vichy polo tennis sweater. EPS these issues of fields different lexical who, in is telescopant, give birth a photog outfit Mo’Nique, the casualness e shooting four studs. (more…)

Manolo Blahnik

Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and even the priestess of fashion Anna Wintour herself: all swear by Manolo Blahnik. The mystification of these ultra-sexy shoes such as “Manolo” has become a common noun, denoting luxury shoes, perched high and fanciful. With models to die, the shoe designer was able to take a special place in the world of fashion…

Recently shelf, a book called “Manolo Blahnik Drawings” traces the evolution of designer shoes through the drawn sketches of the master, commented by John Galliano, Sofia Coppola and Bianca Jagger, among others. Through four periods, Blahnik 25-year career are revisited. The opportunity to dip our turn. (more…)

Apple Loses in Patent War on Samsung

The lawsuits between Apple and Samsung are many – and Samsung has just won one of these.

Apple has just lost a patentretssag in the Netherlands against the Korean Samsung. Koreans obtained an injunction in that Apple has violated a patent that Samsung has created.

Skridspunktet was the way smartphones and tablets connects to the Internet. It is not yet clear how much Apple will pay the Samsung for having broken the patent. The final amount will be based on the number of iPhones and iPads, which are sold in the Netherlands, writes our site.

-“Samsung is pleased with the Court’s decision, which confirms that Apple has turned heads on our technological innovation,” Samsung said in a statement to the BBC after the Court’s decision.

Too Long Fringe Strips + = Good Mix


And if succeeding in taming the hair of his models through a few bars flat, Antonio Marras had finally found a solution to the “bad hair days” related to the fringes that push too fast?

In terms of experience hair regrowth fringe is hardly a very exciting time. Both too long for beautifully sweeping look and not enough to be slipped behind the ear, the fringe “j + 60” has every good idea gone bad.

A fact that we can still avoid drawing the hair overview code during the parade I’m Isola Marras Spring / Summer 2015. Treated as a fringe to keep on the side via some flat bars, the long locks barring nonchalantly forehead beautiful conferred them indeed look a “schoolgirl manga” more unifying, giving almost want to be too long bangs to tame…  (more…)

The Backpack, the “It” Bag of the Season?

Praised by Karl Lagerfeld and adopted by the models, the backpack could quickly dethrone in the heart of the 13-18 age-old Vanessa Bruno bag Longchamp bags and other…

There are about thirty years, high school students still carried their books and notebooks in leather briefcases, which were often their entire school. Then, in the late 80s, the binder is ringardisa, leaving room for backpacks “sportswear”. Soon, the American brand Eastpak has emerged as the market leader of “containing cool”.  (more…)

Coats – Trends Fall / Winter 2015-2016

The cloak to the generous volume shearling seventies through the outrageously retro coats and other coats longuissimes, overview of major trends “outwear” fall / winter 2015-2016 …

Caban XL

Classic of the classics, the pea coat was recently revisited by oversize fashion ( Isabel Marant , NLST). Slightly oversized, it will come and warm chunky knit cardigan and overlays / sub-pull without hindering those that try to, while giving them an undeniable comfort. Down mid-thigh, the pea coat XL appreciate being worn with boots with heels, but also with waders (which see their sexy quickdraw softened by casual aura of that reefer). To meet its pigments unisex, we will not hesitate to add a gold key (pin, shoes or hair-cuff). (more…)

Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela is the quintessential fashion designer and, in this case, this banal cliché is quite justified. Unlike any other designer, he produced a work which is akin to a distinct form of “MetaMode”: indeed, his clothes speak primarily clothing. His particular vision and well defined has become one of the most influential fashion designers and the most iconoclastic that emerged in the last 15 years.

Born in 1959 in Leuven, Belgium, Margiela studied at the Royal Academy of Antwerp and is part of the first wave of new talent in the city. Between 1984 and 1987 he was assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier; in 1998 he founded the house Martin Margiela in Paris and presented his first collection for Spring-Summer wife the same year. (more…)

Jogging Strips, Manual

Fashion has the gift to bring back unusual items – even slightly prohibitive – the sartorial heritage of past decades. This season it is the bands jogging, so prized in 80/90 years by fans of hip-hop and other young men in jeans allergic…

If we thought for a time that DNA 100% sportswear bands would jog away from the fashion success, I was wrong about the trendsetteuses, who do not hesitate to grant a touch of comfort as soon as air time allows them to leave their slims. We remember especially the incredible success in 2009 by jogging in gray flannel, who lives in a few months – thanks to Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant – homewear its kind to win its ready-to-wear braids.  (more…)

Wanted: an Ocher Robe Coat

It is not uncommon that the arrival of autumn is synonymous with new desires, between hot chocolate orgy, battle leaves, scarf and winding XXL quest for the perfect trench. Regarding me, looking for a tan velvet coat eclipse this year all my other autumn whims…

When I saw for the first time this photo Hanne Gaby Odiele, his look called me especially. At first, I did not know what to make of this curious apparently unsuitable robe coat to life outdoors. Nevertheless, I felt strangely it would not take much for me as I falls madly in love (a feeling ambivalent approaching that which, in college, I could do “hate” a girl that would end a few weeks later by become my best friend…). (more…)

Donna Karan

We owe him the uniform of the New York working girl and a certain image of chic to the US… Donna Karan is one of the few contemporary designers who created a true lifestyle around his claw, while the one thirty years, during which it has lost nothing of its modernity…

It is October 2, 1948 in New York was born that would become Donna Karan. Donna Ivy Faske was a model mother and a tailor father, who died when she was only three years. Like his mother, his stepfather (Harold Flaxman) works in the world of fashion, which is very likely the cause of the entrance of the girl at the Parsons School of Design in New York (in order to will learn the stylist profession). (more…)

Towards the End of the Destroy Jeans

After long makes the street-style in twistant pi looks these wise and high heels, torn jean has recently lost its fashion appeal. I must say that being forced to push the slider to the “destroy” in the red, s hole jeans are now more of the “pr-t flap – wear” that IP this mode subtly rebellious…

Spearhead of the nineties revival denim d surgery 100% grunge is likely to undergo as serious setbacks in the months to come. It seems that after having consumed up to the s exc of John Lake r, fashionistas are today pr your move. A turnaround widely anticip by cr creators (Nicolas Ghesqui re t you), who have in recent months given the Virgin raw denim of any scraping to the taste of the day. (more…)

Sonia Rykiel

The color she prefers? Red, a symbol of drunkenness, which reminds him of the poetry of a poppy or a just dress unbuttoned, open to let the hand. Sonia Rykiel, flamboyant shows alone a vision of Parisian chic.

Known for its legendary small knitwear and her red hair arrogant, it is the image of a liberated sophistication of French elegance. It’s pregnant she starts making by carrying clothes she could wear throughout her pregnancy. Her sweaters and dresses are distributed in a small Parisian shop “Laura”. Given the enthusiasm aroused by his creations, four years later she founded the company and Sonia Rykiel opened her first boutique in Paris Rive Gauche. (more…)

View Navigation on iPhone 4S Speak Danish

Web TV: iOS 6 have door-to-door navigation on iPhone 4S. Here you can see it in action. We’ve tested the feature. Came with us out to run.

Apple has together with our site updated Maps application on the iPhone 4S, to have real door-to-door navigation, as known from, among other things, Google Maps Navigation.

From the autumn will iPhone owners could get help from your phone, to find their way to a destination.

The language of the map program is Danish, which is also the voice that supervisor is. There is even more information from the voice, than just “right” and “left”, among other things, the exit numbers on the freeway.

In the above feature can you come up with on a drive, and experience Apple’s navigation “in action”.

Sunglasses – 2015 Trends

Zeitgeist well be drenched fragrances seventies, this is not the butterfly sunglasses that currently hold the upper hand, but instead of merging patterns playing with the aesthetic codes specific to solar. Small pass review of the major trends of the moment…

sophisticated frames


More Baroque to the most contemporary, many seasonal glasses to opt for sophistication studied via fantasies details accentuating the design of the glasses. Thus at Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana, the upper outer corners glasses are being particularly worked. For its part, Anna-Karin Karlsson did not hesitate to exaggerate by asking a leopard sprawled on the left side of its frames, causing a “raised eyebrow” artificial…


The Sailor, Again and Again!

Through the decades without a wrinkle, the sailor continues this season to inspire designers in vogue. To the delight of fashionistas, who never tire of seeing their favorite piece to soak up the times…

In more pragmatic original aesthetic, the sailor belongs – like the trench or military parka – of these basic utilities that fashion has appropriated over the years. Thus appear regularly alongside the classic version of the garment sailor (see here and here) iconic models imbued with the air of time, like the feather dress designed by Jean Paul Gaultier 2000 of the sailor sweater from the famous Balenciaga collection A / W 2007-2008 of the smock stepped in sequins at Balmain (2008-2009) or of those fur signed by Marc Jacobs (see here and here).  (more…)

Miroslava Duma, the Right Style

Co-founder of Buro 24/7 digital magazine, Miroslava Duma cultivated for many years a sophisticated look of micro Russian doll worth it to be considered a real street-style icon. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding the dress code of this young woman much smaller than most of her peers…

Choose a coat stopping above the knee and wear the cross and belted high waist (see here).

Choosing the right pants, ⅞ and very tall, so as to lengthen the silhouette (see here). (more…)

Hello KittyHello Kitty

She is 5 apples tall, love making cakes, and collect all the little cute things. She has lovely parents and lots of friends, with whom she loves to play and cycling. Her name is Kitty White and she capsized the heart of the fashion world…

The famous little white cat was born in 1974 in the Sanrio company, Japanese company specializing in creating cute characters that illustrate children’s products. It is the designer Ikuko Shimizu who draws it, and it is far to imagine that Kitty will become a fashion icon. (more…)

Viviana Volpicella, the Right Style

Long inseparable Anna Dello Russo (of which she was the assistant to Vogue Japan), the lanky and smiling Italian Viviana Volpicella has since proved that it did not need anyone to draw attention. It must be said that between folk pieces, casual attire, color shots printed and joyful, eclectic style which now contributes to the success of the online store LaDoubleJ (dedicated to vintage) not unattractiveness. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding her hippie grammar boyish…

Associate Bardot gingham printed in caramel tones (see here).

Soothe the flamboyant character of a full skirt ethical printed by marrying a casual top (see here).

Associate a pastel hue to her twin available in a brighter tone (see here). (more…)

Trench Coat, Manual

Coat of excellence by mid-season, the trench coat is the epitome of the classic play totally timeless. That said, as timeless as it is, its dress code did not evolve less depending on the whims of creators. A good reason to make a point about the different ways to treat the trench coat in early autumn 2016…

If one believes Demna Gvasalia, the trench should be worn hanging from the belt or tipped back (to widely expose the shoulders). Poorly adapted to life everyday, these gimmicks should remain confined to the happy few operating in the high strata of the fashion sphere. (more…)

Angela Missoni

Synonymous with elegance and bohemian dress code in the Italian label Missoni seduces women eager racy sensuality and authenticity. masterfully led by Angela Missoni, this claw (known for its colorful graphics) became custodian multiple lines drawing its lifestyle…

Angela Missoni was born in 1958 in Milan. She is the third child and Ottavio Missoni Rosita Jelmini and therefore from birth intimately linked to the history of the great Italian fashion house Missoni. His parents, who met at the 1948 Olympics in London, who married in 1953, created the same year their company specializing in knitwear. For forty years, the couple will make technical innovations, experiments on abstract patterns and combinations of bold colors. The multicolored prints, zigzags and stripes will quickly become the characteristics of the brand. (more…)

Street Style – Winter 2015

If the s wire d men are often rich in stylistic gimmicks steal the male species, their surroundings are either of interest. Passing in review of the looks and other details aper us at Tommy tone and others…

Pantyhose colors are trying to rebuild a virginit hype (see here and l).

Cap veil continues to reduce. We choose it in a sober style, in order to marry him funky accessories.

For the cold winter weather, the hot plate are in order. We think wear on the side in order to escape the “blanket” effect.

The jean jacket falls a handle of sequins tone on tone. (more…)

Giorgio Armani

13 factories, 4,700 employees, 500 stores in 46 countries, 8 lines of clothing, turnover is approaching 1.3 billion euros, and every year thousands of articles published … At the head of all this, there is only one man: Giorgio Armani. At 75, the richest fashion designer in the world is at the head of a colossal empire that he built himself.

“I am the first employee of my house,” say like Giorgio Armani to anyone who will listen. And for good reason: CEO and sole shareholder of his teaching is he and he alone who wields a master hand the company’s daily management, while keeping the commands of style. Transformed by a mysterious energy he creates, decides checks, and relentless advance. His credo? “Always be more demanding with ourselves than with others.” And that’s what took him from his youth. (more…)