Future MOM 2013: the Dress Code

Kate Middleton Kim Kardashian Kristen Bell, many are famous young women wait for a happy event for 2013. The opportunity to observe how these professionals of the representation combine maternit and dress code…

At five months pregnant and despite having some difficulties control her weight gain, Kim Kardashian will continue exercise his power of production. Probably e advised by her boyfriend Kanye West, which follows a strict food diet and multiplies sport sessions sports so a regular basis outfits very remote are of the classic wardrobe of the future mother. A stylistic Audacity also commendable that p rilleuse… Our t c, if we don’t hesitera not wear one little black dress skin-tight esurmont of wise perfecto, a slim white r heat of a long camel Cardigan or a ample sweat mix a slim leather, we ravaged to try the Devil by adopting a pencil skirt too serr e, a total white effect look magnifying, a long Slinky dress to the printed gommtpy little flatterers or even a pants l Leopard belt p plum…


The Shirt Ray, Operating Instructions

If she rode on the runway for several seasons, there had nevertheless expected the fall of 2014 to see the shirt e ray access truly to the status of must have…

Hteroclite and fanciful, the street-style of the last landscape res fashion week will not r v l of trends, if not the new app tence of the fashion crowd for the shirt (see here, here and there). And if mod white and printed are currently popular, this is unquestionably the shirt e ray who receives this season the most votes. (more…)

The Gladiators Tom Ford Waders

As talented as is, Tom Ford is in book not less this season a singularly re pair of waders Gladiators, including the dimension well too first degree pushes a regular basis fashionistas Hollywood commit of regrettable fashion missteps.

Climbing high on the calf, enclosing the knee the way to a genouill re for modern-day Gladiator and assuming a style sexy shot of heels and straps feet, the waders of t are designed by Tom Ford have all madness fashion high risk. It is true that for now, none of those with tent to tame their complex DNA is able to find a dress code right… (more…)

Swimwear Was 2013-5 Favorites

If the world of swimwear is subject – as well as the ready-to-wear – to waltz trends, choosing the one that will supposedly sublimate us on the beach do not fall under any of the before shot of heart. A review of the five models that particularly caught our attention this season…

Bikini We Are Handsome tabby


Known primarily for its printed kitsch from pop culture, the Australian label We Are Handsome never stops seducing beach girls willing to inject a little humor to their quickdraw Naiad. And if at first, offering Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers came down to a handful of suits a room, it was the seasons expanded considerably, both in print that the proposed models . This summer and fall for this triangle model, with tiger stripes and big cat affixed to the buttocks, manages to merge brilliantly, sexiness, playfulness and tendency. (more…)

Blue Sky, Operating Instructions

Is it if avre generally harder handle that the timeless Navy Blue, sky blue is lived not less plbiscit by creators during presentations fall/winter 2013-2014.Review of the different ways to wear the blue layette, the goal so many succeed do forget his nature “childhood” in favor of a more adult look…

This season, the black is r v be the best alli of sky blue (read: our advice on th me “How to wear the blue dress?”). Associated with this essential “UN-color”, the latter will be more classic effect and therefore easier incorporate within fall outfits. To get the best from this equation, it will dial our 80% black and 20% of sky blue dress, to conf rer a subtle touch of “up-to-date” our total looks r slides (see here and there). (more…)

Dries Van Noten 2014, the Dress Code

To offer her wardrobe a small renewed vitality, just sometimes observe the magnifying glass styling of some d s thread, in order to borrow a few details that might refresh our looks. Focus on the collection of Dries Van Noten fall/winter 2013-2014…

Far from merely to design IP these to the more than perfect tailoring, Dries Van Noten also chic to develop the silhouettes to the dress code sophisticated and inspiring. A stylistic grammar which should be not h siter inspired on a daily basis.


Trends Spring / Summer 2013

Between back of the nineties gimmicks, overexploitation of transparencies, wink Catholic discipline, sweetness e affirm, no – s production, tribute to the YSL Tuxedo and wearing fur, the trends of spring / summer 2013 are multiples, playing with the codes of the minit f on the nuances of textures, patterns alliances and combinations of colours as well…

  1. Silhouettes

Beautiful day


Turning codes of classic wardrobe in order to instil a new love, the beautiful falsely chaste looks have literally invaded summer catwalks, C line Valentino via Giambattista Valli. Experts in the art of blowing hot and cold, these ladies followers knee length skirts, school hairstyles and heels height reasonable don’t h require not alt rer the smooth surface of their look through tops to HARLOTS transparencies, underscoring the ambiguous implementation… (more…)

Wanted: Leopard Zara sandals

If color pastel, tinted tallis m’re, trays and aesthetic tick mule soles currently have the wind in its sails in the shoe Department of Zara, this is a mod the Sandals l Leopard more timeless than 100% trendy that today attracts our attention…

The seasons pass and the desire to wear the Leopard rest l. Difficult it is true r sister call at tawny good ex cut, able to roar discrete treatment slims delav s or sweaters Navy Blue. And this all the more when that it marries a design d delicate (but not goofy), divinely timeless to give birth of sandals wildly and subtly original f Affairs… (more…)

Street style of 2014

While the fashion weeks man affect their end, it’s time to take stock of the pi these strong, dress codes inspiring, emerging trends, mix and match effective and other accessories d unwanted captured in recent days by street photographers style…

The sportswear trend continues of is d decline in mode first degree: comma after the socks, it is now the turn of Christopher re sport sereduce the fashionistas (see here and there).

Summer dresses flirting with the calf attempt to skate their look “pretty lady” in contact with massive boots.

The little white dresses jugulent their love by partnering with slip – on iridescent (see here and there). (more…)

The Maxi Scarf

After the dredon Maison Martin Margiela for H & M coat, it is now the turn of Louis Vuitton to we protect from the cold via an accessory more “linen” “pr-t – wear”: the plaid scarf…

If he was ut aper repeatedly during the parade Louis Vuitton Man fall/winter 2012-2013, then enveloping Werner Schreyer on the publicity associated with campaign, plaid Louis Vuitton – wear as a scarf – had no less so far of the in-joke e fate stay cantonn e to the series lifestyle magazines. (more…)

Vika Gazinskaya Stuffed Foxes

PI this tront of the lf elegant of the 19th century, particularly fox fur is part of these glamorous accessories fashion revisits regularly. After Miuccia Prada, it is today turn to the creative Vika Gazinskaya to seize, injecting him in passing a good dose of second degree…

More than ever, the last d s wire fall/winter 2013-2014 were an opportunity for the clutches in vogue to flood the catwalks of a draft of luxurious furs d. A somewhat questionable choice time o the fake fur of quality has nothing more envy the real. And if PETA activists don’t h require not shock for d convoked this fashion through, any other rent using lot more subtle weapons: humor and the second degree. (more…)

Street Style – Fall/Winter 2014-2015

This season, they were or trends of the moment, or the “it” bags who rent focused the most attention within the different annuities street-style magazines, but rather the harmonies of colours and the different ways to wear this or that pi this. Overview of the most inspiring…

With its sheath casual and its micro fringe, Michela Meni shone by its e studied simplicity and his very personal style. Mainly compositions are PI these vintage, her outfits respir rent the authenticity, ann are light ambient “branding” (see here, here and there). (more…)

Jr Shoes Me Dreyfuss

Appr of fashionistas for its organic leather handbags and urban flavor, Jr far me Dreyfuss is appreciated you today extend its range of products through a collection of shoes available from the e back 2013…

After appended – 2010 – the codes of his claw on a handle of leathers, J r me d decline Dreyfuss is currently trying this m me Charter aesthetic tick in fashion shoes.

Adidas Stan Smith, the Return

Fans of the famous Stan Smith of Adidas can rest assured: after to have stop marketing in 2012, the German claw has announced return to shop his legendary basketball…

In re of sneakers, he makes not good touch to the pillars of the genre. Present on the market since soon 50 years, Stan Smith poss of indeed of many fans, who did not really enjoy this updated their check mod closet in 2012. It must be said that the latter has long been part of the urban landscape…

The Superposition of Jackets

If every new season brings usually a lot of pi these “must have”, happens also to suggest to new dress code likely twister our looks of the moment, like layers of jackets aper Siu on the podium of Haider Ackermann…

Usually more inclined deliver cutting-edge silhouettes for actresses on a binge at the Cannes Festival that looks ais lying transposable in our daily lives, the creator of Colombian origin offers today a trick that is simple and effective to boost our look. (more…)

The Body Is Adopted or Not?

After having known his hour of glory in the ann are 80/90 gr that Jane Fonda, Cindy Loper and consorts, the body is today a revival of int rtauprs fashionistas, who appear to be well decided are to exploit its “lingerie of outside” dimension…

Forgotten style sportswear and showy lycra “Flashdance”: the body of 2014 d let the sweat of the fitness rooms in favor of a subtle code Pierrefonds skin flower dress.

Just take a look at the last d wire Louis Vuitton or coverage of last September’s Esquire (o Kate Moss placed in translucent body) to realize that highly cheesy background of said body a permit the place an aura much more fd minissime Liberator. (more…)

Baroque Necklace: How to Wear?

Baroque, falsely precious and often impressive, necklaces of the moment does the eate nor on the volume of their junk jewels, or the foil of their allure. Trinkets fantasies that you will take care to mix a loose rock and nonchalant attire, Mani re avoid to flatter their d sheath first degree…

More rococo than our nly a linen collars that can be currently found at Zara or J.Crew claim a certain pr ciosit. A pr ciosit who must be s seriously skate, otherwise you may be a bit too kitsch.


Julie Sarinana, the Right Style

Professional blogger, darling of the Teen Vogue website and g series claws Club Monaco and S zane, the Californian Julie Sarinana (of Sincerely Jules blog) feeds since 2009 the Web of looks also ptillants fd operators…

SeGorg of good California waves, the outfits of the solar Julie Sarinana slow pi these fast fashion, nonchalant coquetry and little extra lying to me aesthetic tick with a formidable efficiency. Served by an irresistible caramel Tanirr and a sublime pair of legs, they oscillate so between love my etris, fra summer display, d sheath boh me and wink tomboy.  (more…)

Music Festivals, the Dress Code

While the music festival season comes just of shot, it’s time to take stock on the avoid looks and pl bisciter associations, in order to succeed mix comfort and style without too much effort…

The combination intgrale in matire swimsuit is r server to the clsbrit in lack of visibility.

The bombers revisit mode fancy jacket offers a good alternative to the must-have denim jacket (see here, here , and l).

The sporty tops renew with dynamism the duo shorts jeans/blouse boh me, while the sweat three bands made the competition vest big mesh. (more…)

Nappy – 2013 Hairstyles Hair

Forgotten plates ramiques c, Brazilian and other time-consuming talky br lofts: in 2013, capillary mood is much less the hairstyle sophisticated to port “natural” hair…

believe the casual hair sd screwing currently in Alexander Wang, Balmain , or even Saint Laurentcampaigns, it would be now time to rest our hair and let her live as seems to him. Never in fact we didn’t see as many mannequins wear in front of goal lengths froiss, sentence s growth hair and mches Bourse lefa we jump out of bed… (more…)

The Everlasting Return of the Fringe

If the mode is an everlasting restart, hair trends are not less. It is that after having consumed the excest then have known a lightweight empty passage, the fringe today seems about to rena tre from the ashes…

Recently adopted by Michelle Obama and Karlie Kloss (carr frang of the model was also read “hairdresser of the year 2013”), the fringe Opera a return noticed on the last thread d s fall/winter 2013-2014. After having t e d permit several seasons in favor of hairstyles d against the face, it was indeed ple biscit at Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Pucci and even Christopher Kane. (more…)

Wanted: a Pair of Boots Seventies

Gorg effluvia seventies, time air currently leads us towards IP these flavor retro, like this pair of boots to boost lunch season lengths…

Nothing more difficult in dfire shoes esque that achieve d nest a pair of boots sober Rep. subtly the hrones seventies look. To operate, such boots must indeed to fly a certain number of details of precise, between high stem volume relatively narrow and heel carr nor too thin, not too thick.  (more…)

Keira Knightley’s Wedding Dress

While the actress Keira Knightley has said “Yes” to singer James Righton group “Klaxons”, many people wonder about the origin of the dress worn by the bride during the civil ceremony which was held this Saturday, May 4 for mayor of Mazan Vaucluse …

If Keira Knightley has recently confirm commitment the claw to the cam lia as Gabrielle Chanel in the last short m Karl Lagerfeld “Once Upon a Time” film, the g series of perfume Coco Mademoiselle is not for all confi making her dress of husband to the artistic director of the House on rue Cambon, settling for a simple wink Chanel in the form of a small immacul jacket. (more…)

Ponyrama Pierre Hardy Sneakers

If the offset sneakers are of Isabel Marant seem to have lead in the wing, it is assur lie the case of sneakers rising con Siu by Pierre Hardy, that attract new this season all covetousness…

Between color-block and design ergonomics street, unisex sneakers of Pierre Hardy clebrent today their 5 years and a sirabilit d intact. It must be said that these avrent well less copi’re than their marantiens counterparts and are subtly repens each season by Pierre Hardy. Not to mention the Edition limit streaming e of such mod, which their fast all botched prmatur. (more…)

LaContrie Bags

time o turnover collections seems to have reached its peak, the “it” bags display a duration of life for more and more limited and fast fashion o forget too often to be ethical, Edwina de Charette made the crazy bet offer bags semi-sur measure 100% made in Paris o quality, intemporalit and discreet twist are…

Hote by a luxury leather goods does not respect its promises, Edwina de Charette concluded in 2009 that the bag of their dreams – that would combine pragmatism, accessibility and high quality of range – does not exist on the market.
A conviction, which then push the capital looking for a craftsman leather goods likely to rcumer lay expectations. This will be a C line former who rel vera the challenge, passing it through the virus of the work done by hand. The as you personal then turns into a professional project: one to launch a claw of semi custom bags. (more…)

Coats – Trends Autumn/Winter 2013-2014

Between textures wise, tender colours, imposing stature and wink retro, autumn/winter 2013-2014 coats make every effort for success involve comfort and allure. Passing in review the main trends of the moment…

The coat pink


time o economy continues to sink into the d pressure, the cr creators have decided to offer their clients the opportunity to see life in pink by convening this chre to aficionados of the toys Mattel tint on their winter coats. Pink candy Carven one more dulcor at Miu Miu through pastel nuances at C line, the color of pr dilection princesses budding rhyme now with overcoat and oversize coats. (more…)

Chelsea Church’s Boots

Trends have beautiful to success der season apr s season, some pi these fashion landscape is no less appeal are last at beyond modes. It is particularly the case of chelsea boots Ketsby of Church’s, which the classic look and the british twist stainless promise him a long large living…

A pair of boots Zara here and a pair of ankle boots Jonak-l… shopper wrong and through force, it is not uncommon to end up with the EPS these that we don’t appreciate that half, and whose hoarding may eventually weigh heavy on our bank account. Not to mention our daily reports with the FT said these, which can quickly to reveal turbulent when these latest displayed a certain lack of quality… (more…)