Tablets Sell Well-But the PC Is Still

There is massive growth in tablet-sales. But Pcs still sells well.

In the second quarter of 2012 were worldwide sold 25 million tablet computers, which corresponds to a growth of 66 percent, compared to the same period in 2011, it writes our site.

PC sales went back in the first half of 2012, compared with 2011. Sales of portable computers has stagnated, while desktop PCs have gone two percent back.

A forecast from IDC Denmark shows a progress in 2012 on five percent of the PCs, and the sale is expected to end around 382 million units sold. Sales of tablets are expected to round 107 million units this year.

Apple’s iPad is sitting on 70 percent of the market, while Samsung has 10 percent.

Perhaps Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III on August 29

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean announced perhaps officially for Samsung Galaxy S III in late August.

Samsung holds Wednesday the 29th. August event Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 in Berlin. It is two days before to the our site trade fair opens.

There have been rumors about the launch of Galaxy Note 2 with 5.5 inch screen at this event, which would fit nicely with the fact that it is just over a year ago, that the first Galaxy Note was revealed.

But now the rumors that Samsung officially presents their Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S III, at this event. If the date is not known, but keeps follows the case.

In addition, there are released a video out on the Web that supposedly shows the official Jelly Bean on S III together with Samsung’s TouchWiz customizations.

Warning: New Type of SMS Fraud

A new type of Australian SMS scams trying to delude people into thinking that they are going to get killed by an assassin.

You wonder sometimes over networks and telephone svindleres creativity, and other times disgusted one of their cynical behavior.

A new Australian SMS fraud belongs to the last category.

Thousands of Australians have received the death threats via SMS or email from people pretending to be paid assassins. It writes our site. (more…)

The iPhone Is One of the Safest Units

Have you started in secret communications, so is the iPhone one of the safest vehicles on the market.

If you use your mobile to any communications that do not withstand the light of day, so you should immediately have an iPhone in your pocket. It is according to the magazine our site one of the most secure devices in the world. It writes our site.

Back in 2007, when the first iPhone came on the market, it was criticized for failing to protect users ‘ data well enough, but Apple has since then been working on, among other things, to introduce encryption and enhanced password protection. (more…)

Application Our Site Has Got New Features

An update of Android application, our site, has featured a bit of new features. Read more about the update here.

Price database our site in “silence” this summer has got its very own Android application, which can be downloaded for free in Google Play Big.

The application has just been updated to version 1.2, and the new update offers code optimization, as well as the ability to do advanced searches.

In addition to the news, you can continue to search for mobile phones, tablets, gps and accessories in General, both based on the manufacturer, model, price and with/without subscription. Just like you can also find links to reviews of the various products from our site.

If you have not downloaded the application, so it can be done for free in Google Play Large and otherwise, just make sure to update it in order to get the latest version.

To SUGU-Like Play Wordfeud without Words

New mobile games follows the trend with Scrabble-like challenges. This time it’s just with symbols instead of letters.

The inspiration is clear. Wordfeud and other Scrabble-like mobile games have been highly popular in recent times, and now comes a new bid on the trend-to SUGU.

The name to SUGU is inspired by the Japanese word “tsugu”, which means “putting together”. And it is just what the game is all about. In short, it is about putting your pieces-which are symbols, not letters-in the formations that give the most points.

In the first place is to SUGU developed for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), but versions for both Android and Windows Phone are in the pipeline with the expected release in the autumn.

To SUGU is free to download in the App Store, and the developer promises an ad-free experience.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Revealed-Watch It Here

Samsung has been good at keeping the Galaxy S (III) hidden, but new Galaxy Note 10.1 is now revealed – watch it here.

Samsung has been out and declare that they are the 29. August launches a new Galaxy Note unit, the rumor has sounded on a 5.5 inch device, but perhaps a 10.1 inch unit also is on the way.

The device has previously been showcased during the Mobile World Congress, but Samsung believed specifications were too poor, and has since changed the specifications. (more…)

Network Error with Our Site Is Solved

Our site started the day with operational problems in Jutland and on Funen, which is now resolved.

Telecommunications company our site had Tuesday morning operating problems, which gave the challenges with the mobile internet, as well as voice and video calls.

It was the customers with zip codes 5000 to 8783 as were affected. The network running again.

-“We were in the air again 9.24 O’clock. It was a mistake on a central in Kolding, which created the problems. After a reboot, the network is back in operation, “says our site to

Customers who are still experiencing problems are invited to restart the phone.

The bug also affected low-cost carriers like our site CBB Mobil and Bibob.

Our Site Nordic Will Compete with Netflix

There will be competition on the Nordic market for streamning TV now will OUR SITE Nordic also entered the market.

Our site (Home Box Office), which produces a range of Premium content in the U.S. market, now come to the Nordic market with Service our site Nordic, which is launched in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It writes our site.

Thus, it appears that there will be competition, since it also has just been published that Netflix will be available before the end of the year on the Nordic market. (more…)

How to Win You Friends in Subway Surfers

Tip: We have written a guide on how to get started with the successful Danish game Subway Surfers, and WINS over friends.

The Danish success full game Subway Surfers are highly addictive, which you probably will give us the right in if you’ve tried to play it most recently our editor in Chief. been so mad at the game that he on his blog called Subway Surfers for piss-annoying.

The two Danish companies, Sybo Games and developer Kiloo Games, should be commended for having created a game where one should not carry exactly the same course each and every time to start all over again, which encourages the desire to try again. (more…)

LG Optimus Breasts Comes to Denmark

Samsung came last year with their Galaxy Note, and LG unveiled in February their Optimus breasts, which is now on the way to Denmark.

Back in February, announced LG their competitor to  Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimus breasts. It has until recently only been available in Korea and Japan, but now comes the also to the rest of the world.

LG writes in a press release that it will be launched at “select markets” in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America from September of.  (more…)

The Media Writes about Mobile Today-Tuesday

OVERVIEW: LG Optimus 2 x Android 4.0 and ASUS does not get ready with full accessory Pack for Nexus 7. Tuesdays are underway.

Would you like one of the cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S (III) on your Android device, so we wrote yesterday how you can quickly and easily be able to get it. “we are talking about is that you can play the video while you navigate around on your phone.

Day yesterday also welcomed the news that VISA has chosen no longer to support credit card solution iZettle. It is already from the 1. August it is no longer possible, to receive VISA card with iZettle in Denmark, among other things. (more…)

Android App Removed without Warning by Google

The application from the Danish Games can no longer be downloaded into Google Play Great – Google has removed it without warning.

Google, unlike Apple, have been known to allow most of their application store Google Play Big. But with Danish Game is now another matter, because since the 1. August Nestle Android application has been banned in Google Play and been removed.

Danish Games launched the application for more than a year ago, and now is the reaction come from Google without notice. (more…)

The App Helps with the Use of the Blue Health Insurance Card

The European Commission collects information about the blue card in a new application for smartphones. What can it be used for?

The new application “European Health Insurance Card” gives an overview of how the European blue card can be used in the 28 EU member countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

With the blue card gets you access to public health care in case of illness or accident, as well as the temporary stay in the 31 European countries. (more…)

Facebook Is Full of Fake Accounts

About nine percent of all Facebook profiles are either fake or wrong believe they themselves.

955 million active users have the social network, but according to the our site assesses the company even, to just over 83 million of the profiles are fake or flawed.

The majority of the fake profiles are duplicates, where a user has more than one account, which is in use. Other accounts belonging to companies, organizations, pets or children who cheat with age.

There are also accounts that have been set up in order to spread spam or other unwanted material.

Facebook, however, has other problems, since the BBC has found (via a cheat firmaside) that many clicks on the advertisements came from fake accounts. It is lavish on advertising statistics and thus also Facebook’s ad revenue.

Pictures of Sony Tablet Leaked

New pictures of the upcoming Sony Xperia tablet leaked. View them here.

Recently was leaked specifications of a Sony Xperia tablet, and now there are leaked three pictures of the device. It writes our site.

The images show that the tablet will get Xperia brand, and it has a two-color design in black and aluminium. The home screen also shows that it comes on the market with Android 4.0 and not the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It is expected that Sony will present this tablet at IFA EXPO 2012, which starts at the end of the month. Between the time you can enjoy the new leaked pictures of the upcoming Sony Xperia tablet.

“IPhone 5” Coming in October?

In September comes the next iPhone in the United States. Other countries get it in October, according to the rumor.

There are no official reports of Apple’s next iPhone. But the rumors from among others the site our site points to the fact that the presale of the new iPhone, starting on 12. September in the United States.

The sixth iPhone from Apple, which is currently referred to as “iPhone 5” will be in stores in the United States on 21 November. September.

In other parts of the world, our site here in Denmark must customers wait until the beginning of October – about 5. October, writes the website.

About the rumors keep time will tell. At our site, we are following the case.

Video: Hands on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Web-TV: Here is the first video with Samsung’s new tablet Galaxy Note 10.1. A powerful tablet in an unjust plastic wrapping.

So we’ve gotten turned on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and here you can get a small impression of how the new tablet is behaving.

Galaxy Note 10.1 has gotten several known features from Samsung’s latest phone Galaxy S III – among other things, it comes with Allshare, and the possibility of picture-in-picture. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Beam-It Is as Much Fun (Mini Test)

Web TV: Android smartphone with built-in projector, so movies and games can be shot up on a wall. We have tested the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Samsung Galaxy Beam is a different smartphone, which on the surface is reminiscent of an ordinary Android phone.

It runs Android 2.3, has four inch TFT screen at 480 x 800 pixels and runs at 1 GHz dual-core processor. In addition, a 5 megapixel camera and a front camera with 1.3 megapixels. (more…)

Apple Has Approved Patent Dreams

There goes a week without barely there has been a new patent breach. Now Apple has secured a patent, which can prove to be an advantage.

There is virtually not a week goes by without we hear about a new patent breaches, but it has not been an obstacle. Apple has just approved a dreams patent, which can prove to be a big advantage in the fight against its competitors. It writes our site.

The patent, which has now been approved, describes the method in order to display documents, lists, and many other things in the user interface on a portable electronic device. Included are, among other things. Viewing email, images, and menu.

In particular, the fact that you can navigate with a tap on the screen can offer new problems for Apple’s competitors.

Now You Can Give an Application in Gift

It seems that Google introduces gift cards and wish lists in Google Play Big in a long time.

Through an update file to Google Play Big, has been revealed to wishlists and gift certificates, are on their way to the service. It writes our site.

Rumour has it that it is the 26th. August will be possible to give gift cards to Google Play Great, and do wish lists at the apps store. Exactly how it’s going to work, is not yet revealed.

About gift cards come to be possible on both applications, books, magazines, music and movies in Denmark remains to be seen. Nor is it confirmed that it will be possible to use the new feature in Denmark.

These opportunities have Apple in their App Store had for a long time.

Twitter Brugere Blew Almost the OLYMPICS Bicycle Race

The Olympic authorities are asking people not to use twitter for problems during Saturday’s race.

Twitter get blamed too much, and now it has also been blamed for social problems during the race at the Olympic Games in London. The problem was that twitter and other data services such as FaceBook user mobile data in raw volumes, which gave problems during Saturday’s OLYMPIC cycling event. It writes our site. (more…)

Acer: Surface Is Destructive for PC Industry

Microsoft is soon ready with Windows 8, and now also the hardware in the form of Surface. This meets criticism from their partners.

One of the world’s largest PC makers, Acer, are far from thrilled that Microsoft is launching their own tablet computers. The accusation from Acer sounds that it is destructive for the entire pc industry. It writes our site.

-“On the one hand, Microsoft is our partner, but on the other hand, so does Microsoft’s decision, that they are not just competing against us, but with all PC makers,” says Henry Wang, who is spokesman for Acer.