Nokia Unveils Six New Product Names

Nokia has unveiled six new product names for developers who make applications for future models.

Nokia has a service for developers, called Remote Device Access (RDA), which makes developers able to test applications on upcoming phones.

According to our site has multiple sources reported that six new models from Nokia have appeared on RDA.

In the case of product names and we know at this stage whether there is hiding real products behind the names. So there is only talk about model designations!

The new product names are:


RIM Gets Giant Fine-More May Be on the Way

RIM has lost a major patent case, and is now sentenced to pay a large amount, but more million may be on the way.

RIM, which stands for Research in Motion, has been sentenced to a million fine for having broken Mformation’s patents.

The fine sounds at eight dollars per unit which violate the patent, and according to the judge, it has been decided to the whole of 18.4 million units. (more…)

Nokia Ready with DLNA Application

Nokia is now ready with their DLNA application called Play To, which makes it possible to stream content from your phone to the tv.

It is about three months ago to Nokia’s Play To application came in beta-version, and you can begin to look forward to getting the DLNA functionality in its Nokia Lumia phone.

But now the wait is over, and the application is ready to be downloaded, the only thing it requires is you have a Nokia Lumia 610, 710, 800 or 900.

To download the application you must open marketplace on your mobile phone, and find the Nokia section, here is the ready to be downloaded, it is write our site.

Once you have downloaded the application and have linked you on the same network as your other DLNA-equipment is on, so is duklar to stream music, pictures and movies.

Microsoft Is Helping to Keep Nokia Alive

New figures show that Microsoft pay Nokia more money than vice versa, which can be said to be helping to keep Nokia alive.

The latest figures from Nokia has shown that the company is still suffering economic, earnings have fallen, as well as to their phone sold per share earnings stand with red numbers.
But it could have been worse if not for Microsoft said of Its economy, for good enough pay Nokia money to Microsoft, but there will be emailed more the other way, it is write our site.

Microsoft pays for Nokia in the surrounding area of 1.9 billion dollars each quarter, while Nokia pays only 1.55 billion kroner for the same period.

This means that Microsoft is the one who pays the biggest chunk of the Nokia-Microsoft cooperation, on Windows Phone devices.

Rumor: Apple Has Battery Issues with the Next Generation of iPhone

Reports suggest that Apple is having problems with the battery in the next generation of the iPhone, to be on the market in the autumn.

One of Apple’s suppliers seem to have problems with the battery for the next iPhone.

The rumor comes from the Chinese website.

Market analyst Brian White from Topeka Capital Market has in a memo to investors estimated that only 30 percent of the supplied batteries live up to Apple’s standards.

The battery manufacturer is unknown, but are supposed to work flat out to fix the problem, writes our site

It is assumed that Apple’s next iPhone will be presented in September, although several rumors suggest that it may already be happening in august.

Brian White is, however, confident and have confidence that Apple can reach a few tabs on the battery the problem before September.

The new iPhone is expected to come with a 4 “screen on 640×1136 and with the 4 g/LTE. (more…)

Congratulations to Spain with EM-Gold

Held you with the Spanish national team yesterday against Italy so you can celebrate the triumph with different apps for your smartphone.

Spain won sovereign of Italy yesterday in the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP final, the entire 4-0 was the result and the Spaniards played the Italians of course.

To celebrate Spain’s triumph, as now both can call itself the world and European champions, we have found a few fun applications that pays tribute to the Spanish national team in football.  (more…)

Nokia: Our Most Coveted Units Ready in Spring 2013

If we are to believe Nokia comes their 2013 models to be their most sought after products on the market.

Nokia is out with big words right now, where in an interview has just been reported as clear out their PureView technology very soon comes to Windows Phone platform.

But that was during the interview with our site, space for more concessions.

Richard Kerris, Chief of Nokia’s developer-relations was so happy to talk about Nokia’s future that he had mentioned, that there are new Windows Phone products on the way this fall.

But also next year’s mobiles was briefly named as being products “people will throw themselves over”, and they should be ready in the spring of 2013, according to Richard.

Thus is Nokia up to an exciting future where they will “innovate themselves out of their current market position”, concludes Richard Kerris by saying in the interview.

Windows Phone Has 33 Percent of the Market with Finland’s Largest Mobile Carrier.

New figures from Finland’s largest mobile company shows great progress for Windows Phone.

Finland’s largest mobile operator Elisa has just published their sales figures for June. The figures indicate that Windows Phone and Android are now equal on Elisha’s network, writes our site.

Windows Phone and Android both have 33 percent of the market share, while the iPhone must make do with just 15 percent on Its home turf. (more…)

Box Decorated with Crepe Paper

An original and easy way to decorate a box is using crepe paper because, by its texture, can give us a checkerboard effect. It is one of the simplest crafts with crepe paper.


  • Carton box
  • Crepe paper
  • Brush
  • Painting
  • Clear acrylic
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Rule
  • Pencil


  1. Cut crepe paper squares 3 cm.
  2. Glue one after another in the box. Make sure the “stripes” texture remain found, ie, a vertical cuadrito, another horizontal, then vertically and so on.
  3. Once the glue dries paint the box, you can mix the paint with a little varnish.
  4. It is normal for the paper to swell, the drying will return to normal.
  5. Finally, apply a coat of varnish to protect the work. And you’re done!

This craft is very simple and will give a new life and appearance to that old box you were for throwing. You can paint one or more colors to match your decor.


iZettle Ready for the Select Few Android Devices

Payment solution iZettle is now ready for a select few Android devices, but more on the way.

Mobile payment service now extends their iZettle service to Android users too, so they can receive card payments. The service is being tested right now in Sweden on Android devices, and supports right now only selected Samsung smartphones, exactly the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note III.  (more…)

The Three Ninja’er Is Back-See the Nexus 7 Be Packed out

A Nexus unit is not packed right before we have seen the three ninja’er try it. See here how the packages Nexus 7 out.

In connection with the launch of all Nexus devices have Patrick Boivin, who among other things make little animation film on YouTube, created “unboxing” videos of one special type of device for Nexus devices.

It started way back with the Google Nexus One, developed by HTC. Here made Patrick the video that went around the world, and on almost all technology pages. The can you see here. (more…)

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-All Features in One Place

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brings a host of new features with it, get all the official list from Google here.

Google has done much to raise awareness of the new functions and features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

There have been created a long series of videos, including demonstration of the more fluid user interface, introduction to the new Google Now, and a lot of other videos.

The latest from Google, however, is the complete list of what’s new in Android 4.1, everything from the user interface changes to new applications for new integrations and more.

To put it mildly, there are on Google’s official Android page, now put everything up about the new Android version 4.1, also called Jelly Bean.

Read the entire list and much more about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right here.

Do You Have Denmark’s Worst Telecommunications Company? Check It Here

A new study reveals the best and the worst telcos in Denmark, you will know whether your are among the best or worst?

Dissatisfaction vary greatly from telco to telco, but our site are the ones with the worst customer loyalty, as well as those who provide customers with at least value.

It beats a new study firmly drawn up from 3,000 Danish mobile customers’ replies in a web-form, by consultant House Loyalty Group, it is write our site. (more…)

Android 4.1 Contains a Little Surprise

Android is known to contain surprises in the software, and it is also the case with Android 4.1-watch it here.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the latest Android version that already for July when the first Android users.

But like previous Android versions, so contains Jelly Bean a little surprise.

In order to get the surprise forward on your Android device, you’ll need to go into settings – on the phone, in here it says some software information about your phone, among other things, “Android-version”. (more…)

Mobile Manufacturers Are Unclear about Android Jelly Bean Plans

Samsung has the most answers about plans for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on their products. The other producers are more hesitant when asked about the new Android version.

As soon as Google has introduced a new Android version, starts the race who first hit the road with smartphones on the new edition. And Android Jelly Bean is no exception. But mobile manufacturers are not very accurate when it comes to plans for Jelly Bean.

Google has on the press conference indicated that rollout of Jelly Bean starts in mid-July to the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, as well as Motorola Xoom. (more…)

Hugo Is Back in the New Game

The beloved screen Wizard Hugo is back in the game “Hugo the Troll Race”, which is a combination of the classic Hugo-style added action.

Hugo is once again ready again, and will try to live up to the success of Hugo Retro Mania, who at eight months is downloaded more than four million times.

The new game is called Hugo the Troll Race and combines the style of play which is known from Hugo Retro Mania with the popular autorun genre, also known from the Subway Surfers.

Apple Investigates Serious Security Flaw in the App Store

Security flaw in Apple’s App Store, meaning it is possible to make in-app purchases for free. Apple is currently examining the case.

The Russian hacker Alexey Borodin has found a serious security flaw in the App Store, which allows users to download the In-App purchases for free.

It should also be pointed out that it does not require just a jailbreak on iOS, but can be performed by anyone. (more…)

Greenpeace pushes Apple

Apple Squeezed by Greenpeace in a New Report to be More Environmentally Conscious.

A Greenpeace report from April, criticises the fact that a large proportion of the energy for data centers around the world comes from coal and nuclear power stations. The criticism is aimed specifically at Apple’s data centers, where 55 percent of energy comes from coal-fired power stations, and 28 percent are covered with nuclear energy. It writes our site. (more…)

It Gets You (Maybe) with Jelly Bean

Predictions: Google’s major event is approaching fast approaching, and the Internet flowing over with rumors and predictions.

It is expected with almost 100 percent certainty that Google tonight will present the upcoming Android version Jelly Bean.

After Google has put a statue up the Jelly Bean in front of the main office, so expect the majority of it is certainly now we get Jelly Bean presented today. Already back in the month of February for Mobile World Congress there was Jelly Bean taste tests on Google’s stand. (more…)