Lgre Zara Dress

Time of the envy of relguer our winter jeans in the closet in favor of attire more lgers is a more and more pressing, difficult to resist looks delicate in this little dress “twenties” currently proposed to Zara…

In re dress spring re, rare are the mod managed r combine reasonable price and pure romance. Challenge however brilliantly record by this little dress nich e d to the ray from Zara TRF, which, with its sheath retro and finishings lingerie, appears ideal for bring subtleties and l g ret our looks of the moment. (more…)

The Denim Overalls: Attention Danger

Under its paces of pi this easy living, the denim overalls is in reality one true case-t you stylistics which is difficult to take advantage. A State of fact recently illustrated by Diane Kruger, known for its irreproachable looks…

Everything had started well for the young actress on a spree Los Angeles: between toe ballerinas, overalls e roulott on the ankle and fedora straw, beauty was once again on the trail of the “z ro lack of taste”. (more…)

Cape and Poncho – Trends-2014/2015

For the autumn/winter 2014-2015, there are many creators who have chosen to imbue our silhouettes of ouat comfort and protective using retro capes and ponchos in all genres. Focus on these two pi these strong season…

The poncho

At Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Bailey r heats up his silhouettes through wide pleas to the flat colors g om mtpy. Pretty first degree, these are used as a cover for squaw cities coming r heat long chiffon dresses and jackets in shearling. We note in passing the possibility to embroider his initials : a good way to provide a little extra lying to me these s carr mixing cashmere and lamb wool. In practice, you don’t h sitera not associate this kind of throws a camel trench, a raw denim jacket or a sweater in very big mesh. (more…)

Muses Street Style: Who Are They?

If the seasons their faces and silhouettes we have gradually become familiar, it remains often difficult to put a name to those that attract the flashes of photographers at every fashion week. A review of some of these enlightened fashionistas to look bankable …

Ursina Gysi

Nationality: Switzerland

Occupation: Assistant Camille Bidault-Waddington (fashion editor and photographer)

Muses: Shelley Duval, Lauren Hutton and Hope Sandoval (more…)

Pumps + Socks, Operating Instructions

After a few seasons of absence, the gimmick of the sock e gliss in shoes is recently back in force on the catwalks of Chanel and Saint Laurent. Between effect “Clueless” and “editorial look”, however it is not certain that this modus operandi for Frisky fashionistas reaches itself on the urban spav…

If those having followed closely the last wire d be certainly in the mix “pumps + socks” a duo highly trendy, others may as they fort remain banned before this association ch re Miuccia Prada.


Dress Babydoll + Sweater = the Right Mix

the opportunity of fall 2013, nighties and sous-pulls d decide to join forces in order to escape from their condition of slot – clothes and try to go out with dignity…

By making the babydoll dress hand whole on the parade Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2013-2014, Marc Jacobs-the fashionista place before a messy problem me stylistics: how to adopt the combination thin straps without seeming to get out of his bed, nor pass for a young woman to Vice lresg? (more…)

NN14 by Louis Vuitton Bag

Guest star of the campaign Louis Vuitton spring / summer 2014, the bag the claw to the Monogram NN14 seems left to win quickly as a must-have iconic…

Used to deliver each season a multitude of containers all different from each other, Marc Jacobs a prfer for his ultimate collection focusing on a single mod the to more strongly mark the spirits.

Version e revisit of the No (a bag cr in 1932 and initially con u so can carry l attractively five bottles of champagne), the NN14 is d cline in two sizes – PM and GM – two degrees of sophistication, with act of the pi these relatively “simple” with leather cuffs and tails reproducible fantasies in sd series, and on the other the “extraordinary”, the mod the exception to the mati res ultra work are. (more…)

The Felt Hat

Less warm but much more style hat, felt Hat comes this season within the wardrobes of fashionistas sharp, r heating their fashion looks more “both me rock” as “cocooning”…

While many fashionistas have d s the first frosts pl biscit port CAP, others – probably little s attracted by the “finger in the socket” effect g nr by the static electricity of the said Cap – have pr f r opt a strand for a headdress more glove. Between wide-brimmed hat and fedora, there are indeed more beautiful with succomb to the felt Hat boho charm. (more…)

Shoes – Trends Autumn/Winter 2014-2015

This season, the flat shoes are the pav, ballerinas permeate their allure, the boots are the step heels require between micro height and ergonomics experimental, while new gn ration and other boots ‘pretty lady’ Marlboro challenge fashionistas: overview of main currents “shoesesques” of the fall/winter 2014-2015…

The as you l Leopard

Perfect camouflage of autumn tints alli, the l Leopard printed intends to infuse a d work f line our shoes. Difficult however to nest a mod him combining design l glove and good t… We think especially of moccasins Isabel Marant (whose homebody ergonomics ruin the perfect pattern), pumps Gianvito Rossi (of which the printed lack natural) or to the ballerinas of the claw Chlo (whose childish allure ICES gure to the suavet). Yet in this last is the right match of season: between sober d tail dor, mind chelsea boots and t irr irreproachable, the boots of the Parisian House reached without difficulty on the first step of the podium.
We note that in shoes l Leopard, the print is as important as the ergonomics (we’ll therefore take care to avoid shoes with a glamour too first degree).

The Single Earring

Forgotten luxuriously punk ear jewelry and other trees perl are redrawing the outline of the Pavilion: this season, the single earring stands out as a must have essential…

If the first Nicolas Ghesqui re at Louis Vuitton show was an opportunity for the creator to prove – via a wire to the rac lines are and the mati res insolent -that he had lost nothing of his g denies creative, designer darling of Charlotte Gainsbourg also took the opportunity to deliver a number of gimmicks stylistic s destiny print save the silhouette of the fall/winter 2014-2015. (more…)

Soles Trays, Adopted or Not?

APER Siu recently on the most prestigious catwalks, soles trays offer currently fashionistas to make them a little height. Rest know if reconnect with shoes fetiches of the pop singers of the ann are 90 is actually a good idea…

Popularis are by the Spice Girls, then Blackburn are for a good ten years are, shoes soles Creepers or No Name type tops available in recent seasons real campaign of rehabilitation.


Holli Rogers, the Right Style

In love with sweaters in big mesh, admirer of the allure of Lauren Hutton and ballerinas studs Valentino fan, Holli Rogers – former Director of shopping site Net-a – our site – cultivates a personal style that pit his tier m d, manages only not to be totally cannibalis by trends…

Difficult, when one has a silhouette of a model and that you have access to all EPS these must-have of the moment, not to transform into easeptis fashion plate. Yet it is what is managed make Holli Rogers leaving the total looks in favor of mix and matches dress melant sweetness, glamorous and sporty wink. Review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding aesthetic grammar practice of young women: (more…)

Dolce & Gabbana

Real beating heart of Italian style, Dolce & Gabbana are to the 2000s what the Versace 90s Duo sulfur and dynamic creators, they are unquestionably imposed in fashion but in pop culture through their raucous energy and strolling player…

This success story is the result of an alchemy between two strong creativity that were found, and complétèrent. Stefano Gabbana was born November 14, 1962 in Milan, he is the son of a printing worker, and he will study fashion in Venice; Domenico Dolce, meanwhile, was born September 13, 1958 at Plizzi Generosa, Sicily and raised in this so dear to the two designers. His father was a tailor in Palermo, and teaches him to make a jacket when he was only 7 years. (more…)

Google Navigation Updated on All Android Devices

Google’s navigation software has just been updated to all Android devices with better traffic information.

Google Maps is one of the most well known applications on an Android phone, and one of the big selling points.

But Google Maps is not just a map, it’s also navigation software with turn-by-turn navigation, and for a long time, there has also been traffic-information in Google Maps Navigation. (more…)

Trends Spring / Summer 2015 Colors

Between warm colors, neoclassical pink, khaki and eternal reviewed and corrected sky blue season color palette contrasts fun and reinvents the nature of certain colors…



If designers do not usually hard to make us love the orange, the return of the seventies has nevertheless helped this season we deliver a more than desirable declination. Oscillating between brick hue and shade clementine orange 2015 seeks less to dazzle that blend harmoniously within the silhouette. Gucci, he married well to mix red knit melange / chocolate leather, while at Isabel Marant appears in small touches in a total look chocolate pulling burgundy. Not to mention the clever marriage between tiles tangerine and tawny bands at Miu Miu. (more…)

Long Skirt + White T-Shirt = Good Mix

In town, the long skirt is not easy to master. It must be said that the long skirts that are found within the fast fashion offers have unfortunately tended to denigrate the figure. It would be wrong therefore not to build on recent street-style magazines, which offered the long skirt a dress code casual out one strand of the ordinary…

Too often, the bohemian nature of long, wide skirts summer sees himself flattered by the addition of a top hippisant. Yet nothing worse for the pace of displaying a uniform look in style too: to live the silhouette and inject a twist photogenic, better telescope genres.  (more…)


A Paris fashion has always figure institution… but since 1997, with Colette, among others, the city’s influences are diverse. The boutique Colette has changed the conventional view of the French on the way and opened the microcosm of fashion for more ambitious ideas atypical. This allowed the creative Parisian slowly but surely to establish their reputations in the field of graphic design, music and art.

“This is a store-magazine, analyzes the consultant Jean-Jacques Picart fashion, renewed weekly showcase fact cover office and each department is like the section of a newspaper.” (more…)

Jean: The New Stylistic Gimmick

After the ultra-destroy denim and slim at edges, here today jeans low cut asymmetrically. Seasonal detail that must be the claw Clothing, highly popular since its founder was named head of the house Balenciaga…

Between almost anonymous creators, bold communication and cloakroom margielesque underground, collective clothes (finalist of LVMH 2015) arouses curiosity of the fashion world since its creation in 2014. It must be said that the brand – which is described as skilled, anti-fashion, anti-conformist – has all of the hype treat for fashionistas connected disappointed by Galliano at Margiela and tired of the sterile posturing Rick Owens.  (more…)

Wanted: a Pleated Skirt Twelve O’clock Lamé

With its potentially mémérisante length and pleated lampshades reminiscent of our grandmothers, pleated skirt twelve o’clock did not seem destined to become the new fad of fashionistas. And yet…

With its looks “50 years”, noon skirt needed to be somewhat twisted to expect to spend the cabinet of gilt cards to dressing for fashion trotting. And if at first the designers tried to dust off the the declining leather, it will be Alessandro Michele (Gucci) and models metallic , iridescent or fancy for this famous skirt get “officially” status must have treat.  (more…)

Lauren Hutton, the Right Style

With his mischievous smile, his laughing eyes, her slender silhouette and high cheekbones, Lauren Hutton did, 70 years ago, lost none of this will be devastating who made her a full-fledged fashion icon. Dreaming browse Africa when her peers thought only Hollywood, preferring to jump rather than wisely put on the lens of Richard Avedon, refusing the dictates of cosmetic surgery and cultivating a style mixing with natural quick draw tomboy and subtle sensuality Lauren Hutton is one of those women “bigger than life” which we like to emulate. A review of the main stylistic and other clothing equations gimmicks that fueled – and fueling today – his personal grammar… (more…)

The Myth of the “Real Woman”

After long sought to break away, it seems that the fashion world is increasingly fascinated by the concept of “reality”, especially by that of the “real woman.” A new obsession that gives rise to initiatives that may have what to leave perplexed…

The context

The omnipresence in the landscape mode (+ magazine advertising campaigns) young and very thin models raises increasing tensions. Accused of encouraging anorexia, complex the “normal” women and promote physical “unreal”, women’s magazines and fashion brands provoke the ire of readers, and more broadly of consumers. And when they try to adapt by delivering a handful of “round special” editions, “black issue” and other special issues dedicated to some type of physical, it happens regularly that the models are still considered too smooth, too perfect or not quite round. This suggests that the problem is here more related to the status of “professional model” of women posing in magazines and their type of morphology / physics.
A message apparently received 5 out of 5 by some magazines and fashion houses. Titled “The Real Issue (a model-free zone)”, Vogue UK November and does pose only “real” women in his number. For its part, the Italian label Dolce & Gabbana multiplies incursions “in the real life”, between pictures of “real” workers posted on her Instagram account and campaign shot in the streets of Naples in the middle of onlookers… (more…)

Veronika Heilbrunner, the Right Style

Forming with his fiancée Justin O’Shea – purchasing manager of the site Mytheresa – a couples street-style, Veronika Heilbrunner photographers ticheser mode for the German Harper’s Bazaar editor – assumes a more personal style than trendy, between comfort, fancy and sharp choice…

Formerly f Street d witch guisements res, vampires and other warriors am rindiens, Veronika Heilbrunner a childhood retained a taste for the pi made these unusual. Of the strong elements that she didn’t: site not skate in contact with pi these sportswear. Add this a no feigned nonchalance and an app jurisdiction for the classics and you will get a unique style funky flavor. Review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding aesthetic grammar practice of young women: (more…)

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor and Rolf are creators apart. Fraternal twins fashion became in fifteen years the best in the world of fashion, as their personalities to their locker room. Back on the course of Dupond and Dupont Dutch…

Twins, they are almost Viktor Horsting born May 27, 1969, and Rolf Snoeren 19 December of the same year. It’s 20 years later they meet as they explore both the Fashion Academy of Arnhem. Agreeing wonderfully and with the same artistic universe, it appears to them as evidence that they will join the after school. So that’s what they will do in 1992, after graduation. (more…)

WiFi Sharing on the Way to Nokia Lumia 710 and 800

The Windows Phone update which brings WiFi sharing for Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 begins soon to roll out.

Tango is the name of the update to Windows Phone, which opens the possibility of using its Lumia-smartphone from Nokia, as Wi-Fi hotspot computers and other devices can log on.

Back in March of this year promised the Nokia product manager Niels Kjelstrup, the update would reach out to users within the month of June, and the timing seems to hold.

The global rollout to Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 starts on the 27th. June 2012, says Nokia, but that are not yet published an accurate date for when Tango-update framework Denmark.

Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 will not receive this software because it is already installed on the units from the sales start.

Wanted: a Pair of Boots Python Effect

If this is still not the season that the leopard will lose its status as trendy animal print, python pattern could still make him shade. Well executed, print “Kaa” has indeed cause panic all those wishing twister their looks…

When, in 2011, Miuccia Prada decided to fit its model Mary Jane boots in python, few are following suit: too conceptual and adorned with artificial colors, those boots do not inspire strong trend. It will thus wait for spring / summer 2015 – and particularly the Gucci fashion show – to see the python to rise to the heavens print “must have”.

Decline in natural colors (or wise) and dressing of most shoe models of rather classical times, it then quickly slap in the eye of fast fashion, which will hasten to offer fashionistas an alternative to the sublime – but overpriced – boots Gucci and Gianvito Rossi. (more…)

The Perfect Black Wrap Dress

With a delicious Japanese breakfast, Lili tells me you madly want a white dress COS seen the day before on one of her friends. On hearing evoke the purity of the cup and the correctness of the choice of material, I realize that this is far too long that I did not make a turn at COS…

Once finished our lunch, so I line at 3 rue de Grenelle inspect the bearing of this high-end version of H & M. Ultra conditioned, the shop quickly proves conducive to linger. I run my hands and leaves on fabrics, raises here and there a piece of dress in order to perceive the volume and put my bare arm as close to an unexpected colors imagining what he would wear.  (more…)

Scarves, the Dress Code 2015/2016

Forgotten spirit Balenciaga keffiyeh scarves Max 2007 and brought forward the point: this season, the time is more than ever in bandanas and long, narrow strips of silk. The question is how to wear them only to look or a cowgirl jet laguée nor an addict seventies trend…

The bandana

Having been ubiquitous this summer, the expensive scarf Axl Rose continues this fall to the accessories in the air. This will wear as a necklace or braiding it to another scarf or by tying the low on the tips (in both cases it will be wise to associate with a chain crew neck and / or with a jumper, so as to bypass the first level of that dimension bandana).
Tied on the side and associated with an oversize sweater, it will create with it an interesting contrast, while attaché very near the neck and knotted at the front, black bandana – which is accompanied by a thin gold necklace – offer a cheeky twist ultra necked evening toilets.   (more…)