Nokia 808 Pureview-Camera Phone You Don’t Have to Buy (Mobile Test)

Mini test: Nokia’s camera monster with 41 megapixels camera is great, but you should not buy it. Read here why.

This is not a traditional test, but there is also not a traditional cell phone. Nokia 808 Pureview is more a statement than a true consumer product.

At the mobile Conference Mobile World Congress in February 2012 closed Nokia mouth on the world press, as the out of the blue, launched Nokia 808 Pureview with a camera at 41 megapixels.

Steve Jobs Touted as Influential American

Steve Jobs has been touted as one of the 20 most influential Americans of all time by time Magazine.

Steve Jobs is still a topical name, although it is almost one year since his death, this time it’s with a tribute to the man who total Apple up from the dust.

Steve Jobs is, in fact, been named by Time Magazine as one of the 20 most influential Americans of all time.

A status only persons as George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein and other evolutionerne people have gotten over the years.

Here’s our site magazine’s description of the persons who are present in the book.

-“TIME 100 Most Influential People of The book All Time, which profiles spiritual icons, leaders, explorers, visionaries and cultural titans throughout human history.”

LG Maybe on the Road with Android 4.0 for Optimus Black

A picture shows that LG apparently is getting ready with Android 4.0 for Optimus Black.

LG already at the end of 2011, promised that they would come with Android 4.0 to the Optimus 2 x, as well as the Optimus Black, since, however, there has been a part as far as the Optimus 2 x.

Now there are in the meantime come a picture that might indicate that the Optimus Black is by being ready to receive Android 4.0 update.

The image below shows an LG Optimus Black wrapped in original, unopened packaging, where there is a leaflet or label into the wrapping. On the label it says “Upgradable two Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich”. (more…)

Masks for Children’s Parties

The games are essential in children ‘s parties, and if you accompany with toys how are you masks will undoubtedly be a success. Here is one craft for you to make your own masks.


  • Color foami
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • molds
  • Elastic tape
  • Markers


  1. Cut the pieces of foami according to the mask you want todo, use the molds.
  2. You use the colors you want to combine and decorate masks.You can use figures foami and markers.
  3. Make a hole on each side of the mask and tie one side of the elastic band on each side.
  4. Do not forget tomake the holes for the eyes. Then glue the pieces of these crafts for children ‘s parties.

This is a very funny idea that children will love. You can give away the masks during the party to play with them, or as a souvenir at the end of the party.


Facebook Users Are Increasingly Mobile

A long-term development are now seeing a drastic increase, Facebook users are becoming increasingly more mobile.

Facebook’s users are in a new measurement has become increasingly mobile, it shows a new report from Facebook.

The report shows that Facebook’s users often fail to check the service through your computer, and only use your mobile.

Out of 543 million monthly active users on Facebook, visit the entire 102 million social service alone via the cell phone.

It means a strong increase of the entire 23 percent since March, where there were “only” 83 million users who only visited the page via your phone, it is write our site.

This development means that Facebook’s biggest advertising platform, namely via the PC, will be less visited and thus goes the social service missing out on advertising revenue.

Mob Rule Moves to Facebook-What Do You Think about Our Site-Case

Discussion paper: Our site got a singing slap in the face of angry Facebook users last week. What does that say about Facebook, and had really deserved a game of kicking butt Our site?

Our site came in last week into something of a stormy weather on Facebook. Some might even call it a century of tempests, for rarely has seen a similar reaction. But what happened, and why did our site as much bad publicity, in the course of such a short time? (more…)

Beware of the Smart Phone at Festival

Smartphones are one of the Favorites for thieves, which haunts at various festivals. Take good care of the smart phone, since insurance does not always cover.

Skanderborg Festival or Beautiful celebration, as it is called colloquially, is well underway. And you must use the weekend on the festival site, so please keep extra well stuck in your smartphone. Since smartphones one of the most popular thefts. (more…)

Video: Samsung Shows Something thin and Light Is on the Way

Samsung has published a video that shows a thin and lightweight device with an S-pen is on its way – possibly Galaxy Note II.

There have long been rumors of a sequel to Samsung Galaxy Note, a hybrid between smartphones and tablets, also called phablet by some media.

Galaxy Note according to Samsung themselves have sold in their millions, and other manufacturers such as LG has seen the light and even developed an opponent to the Galaxy Notes.

But now is a sequel is apparently on the way there are thinner and lighter, it is write our site

In a newly released video of Samsung, which can be seen below, they show a product with an S-pen like we’ve seen on previous Note products from Samsung.

iPad Pulls off Android Tablets

New analysis shows that Apple’s iPad pulls quickly from Android tablets, Apple almost up on 70 percent market share.

Apple’s iPad is popular, which also can be seen when comparing sales with Android tablets. A new analysis shows that Apple’s iPad will achieve higher sales, faster than Android does.

Second quarter 2011 Apple had sold 9.3 million iPads, while Android manufacturers had sold 4.4 million tablets, a difference of “only” 4.9 million units.

The analysis shows that Apple in the second quarter of 2012 has sold 17 million iPads, from 7.3 million Android tablets in the same period, a difference of 9.7 million units, representing an increase of 4.8 million units in difference.

Apple iPad was sitting in the second quarter with a market share of 68.3 percent against Androids 29.3 per cent.

These figures are global sales figures and market figures, compiled by the research firm our site.

Skyline-Customers Will Get New Problems

Some of the former Skyline-customers are once again gripped by a supplier, which has given a new headache.

Some of the former Skyline customers still are struggling to find decent broadband connections, while others have got a vendor that provides new problems.

The company has got more of our site the former Skyline-customers, and now they have under their operating status on the website written:  (more…)

TuneIn Radio App Gets Update

One of the most popular radio applications, has just updated their application and added new features.

One of the most popular radio applications for the iPhone (Android and Windows Phone), TuneIn Radio, has just received an update on Android and iOS platform. This applies to both the free version and Pro version. The latest version is now called version 2.8 on iOS, and 6.4 on Android.
The update offers the same changes on both the free version and Pro version of the application. (more…)

Crown Princess with Plastic Bottle

This is one of the crafts with plastic bottles favorite of young girls, it is very easy to do and probably will have a great time with your daughters.


  • Big plastic bottle
  • permanent marker gold or silver
  • Glue
  • Diamantina
  • Painting
  • Scissors
  • Cutter


  1. Cortho bottle into three parts, so detach the nozzle, the bottle body and the base.
  2. In the body of the bottle mold trace your crown with the down and cut it . You can guide you with the image that we present.
  3. Spread glue and decorate with your favorite color diamond. You can decorate as you like, use rhinestones, glitter and whatever you want, you can help your daughters, surely will enjoy it a lot.

This is a very nice and simple craft making, will serve your daughters to play and will also make it fun and a moment that will always remember.


HTC Withdraws in South Korea

Mobilprooducenten have realized that they cannot beat the competitor Samsung in South Korea and pulling out of the country.

HTC has been the competition to brand, and that means now, according to the website our site, to the pulling completely out of Samsung and LG’s home country of South Korea.

According to our site, however, it is after HTC’s own announcement to “streamline the business” and “it has been a tough decision”. (more…)

More than One in Four Smartphone Be Purchased in China

The Chinese have so taken smartphones for themselves, and thus also tilted United States out of the world’s largest market.

China has overtaken the United States as the world’s largest smartphone market and is particularly Android mobiles sold. More than one in four smartphone sold worldwide will be sold in China right now.

There were a total of 158 million smartphones sold in the second quarter of this year, and the entire 27 percent of these were sold in China. It is primarily the major Asian brands that end up in the pockets of the Chinese customers. It writes our site. (more…)

Apple’s Smart Cover Might Be Even Smarter

A patent search Unveils that Apple may have future plans for the popular Smart Cover for iPad.

On the basis of a patent search go the rumors that Apple is working on a new Smart Cover for iPad. The new Smart Cover can act as the keyboard and tablet, and displaying an extra row of application icons or messages. It writes our site.

The patent application that are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office has the name “Cover Attachment with Flexible Display”.

The shapes that come with the application shows a Smart Cover for iPad, but with some very creative ways it can be used on.

Besides it looks like it will be a virtual keyboard for the iPad, so resembles the cover a little of it there is to the Microsoft Surface, which has physical keys.

However, it is not to know whether this remains a concept or it ends up being a real product. (more…)

The Media Writes about Mobile Today-Friday

OVERVIEW: View fictional screenshots from the next iPhone, which, incidentally, might not get a bigger battery. Here is Friday’s overview.

Mobile phone companies are scrambling to sell expensive smartphones on instalments, and it now gives Green numbers in the accounts, we wrote on Thursday – and TDC announced that they will stop with big price reductions on mobile Bill.

It also emerged that Boxer came anyway not to disseminate mobile TV via DVB-H, which in reality means the killing of TV on your phone in broadcast form. Users must henceforth concentrate on streamning services. (more…)

Tweet Cleaner-the Ultimate Tweet Deletion Tool

You must have deleted the tweet-so we have found the ultimate deletion tool for iPhone.

Do you have any embarrassing tweets that you must quickly find and delete? You just need a quick way to search through your tweet history? Have you ever wanted to start over on Twitter, without having to delete everything? With Tweet Cleaner lets you quickly search your tweets by keyword or date to delete your unwanted tweets. (more…)

Nokia 808 Pureview-Camera Phone You Don’t Have to Buy (Mobile Test)

Mini test: Nokia’s camera monster with 41 megapixels camera is great, but you should not buy it. Read here why.

This is not a traditional test, but there is also not a traditional cell phone. Nokia 808 Pureview is more a statement than a true consumer product.

At the mobile Conference Mobile World Congress in February 2012 closed Nokia mouth on the world press, as the out of the blue, launched Nokia 808 Pureview with a camera at 41 megapixels. (more…)

How to Enable ‘Knock on’ in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia

TIP: ‘Knock pa’ function does not exist in Windows Phone system and on Nokia Lumia, but can still be activated. Read here how.

The function ‘knock on’, which notifies you of a new incoming call, during the ongoing, does not exist as a menu item in the system on Windows Phone, and thus also not in Nokia’s Lumia phones.

But it can nevertheless be done to activate the call (call waiting) service.

1. go into the phone portion where you have the numeric keypad.

2. Key * 43 # and press ‘call’.

After a moment, the service is enabled.

To disable the function ‘call waiting’, dial # 43 # and ‘call’.

If you want to check the status of currently in service in this field, you can enter * # 43 # and ‘call’.

Different Opinions about Naughty Messages

Australian and American studies are not completely agree about young people’s use of naughty messages on the cell phone.

An Australian study shows that young people feel the pressure of expectations that they send raunchy pictures on the cell phone. It is peer pressure and the sexfikserede media, which is blamed for this.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne has just presented preliminary findings at a Conference in Australia, on young people’s use of mobilsex. It writes our site.  (more…)

Buy Your Next Car on Your iPad

AutoUncle for iPad helps you find your next car among more than 65,000 used vehicles-download it here.

Are you looking for a new used car, so there are a number of applications that can help you.

Now is AutoUncle comes with their application specifically customized for iPads, which makes it all the more clear and easy.

AutoUncle collects used cars from the whole market in one application, which makes it both fast and easy to find your next car.

There are approximately 65,000 used cars to search from, in addition, it is possible to see a price assessment on each car, as well as check the vehicle kilometre figures and residual debt through the plate.

The application is free and can be downloaded here AutoUncle via the App Store, the function only on iPads with iOS 3.1 or later.