NBA: King of The Court, Dominates The Virtual Courts through The Geolocation

After months of negotiations, and to the delight of many, including a server returns the NBA. The major sports events often bring, and attract, environments to these alternative business models. The best Basketball League is no exception and we have for Android a pretty interesting and fun game.

NBA King of the Court It is a somewhat curious combination between augmented reality, geolocation and social network game. The objective is to search our location near virtual baskets and write down everything that we can in a given time. Done this, and following the rules of Foursquare a little, will be the Kings of those courts. (more…)

Amazon Gift Today Enforcement of The Acclaimed Board Game Carcassonne

Today is to talk about the offer of a game table in its version for tablet, considered one of the best board games of all time and the most addictive thing that can be. We are talking of Carcassonne, that today you can download free from the app store from Amazon already received our praise a couple of years ago.

It is an occasion like no other for been queh one of the most successful games in the sector of European Board Games, that make the wit and logic a factor more important than luck. It is also a very faithful version that plays to the original graphics of the pieces of the map, all lovers of this game. (more…)

Kairosoft Us Proposes to Manage a Farm with Pocket Harvest

Some time ago that Kairosoft not translated one of his management games, fairly valued and with very many loyal to this company. After several months without anything new, the latest being the soccer game Pocket League Story 2, which is linked to its range of free to play games.

Recently have returned to bring its Android plays into English, language with which we have to settle for this. This time it’s the management of farms game Pocket Harvest, that will have to ensure that our farm is a success, and will not just be an easy job. (more…)

The Seventh Edition of The Humble Bundle with Android

I think that for many will not make them lack explanation about what the Humble Bundle, worse if there is someone that this is your first bundle, isn’t is more explain it so that those who have not enjoyed these offers. We can quickly tell that you offered a lot of independent games and that you can put the price that you see fit you.

As usual, you can put the price that best suits you, but the more pay more rewards you can receive. If you exceed the dollar deliver you besides Steam keys to register the game, and if you exceed the average, add more games, as well as add more within a week that nobody knows is exactly what. (more…)

Final Fantasy VI Come to Android and Could Continue Her Final Fantasy VII

Despite using some slightly strange methods for their games, Square Enix is companies that are more betting by Android for investing in this platform. Either-based ports of older games in the series or spin-offs with a more fickle quality, Final Fantasy It is a constant in this company for smartphones games.

So far they have managed a more than remarkable list of games, mainly by commented ports of games from Final Fantasy, that by the time reached the fifth installment, just at the gates of considered larger than franchise games. These are who understand VI to X, being of the most loved by the fans to reach one greater story depth. (more…)

Android Is Set Aside by The GTA V Game

Today is a very important day for the video games industry. Today, September 17, goes on sale the game Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA V for friends of acronyms. It’s the game with more spending history, beating many Hollywood films in one of the biggest projects of entertainment ever created and loved to our colleagues from Kotaku.

The game could not stop side the importance that are taking smartphones in daily life of the people, and to take advantage of it decided to launch an application for smartphones and tablets, called iFruit. With this application you can customize cars and train a dog that helps us in some missions of the game, making it much easier moving forward in the history. (more…)

Play Cookie Clicker Prepares to Come to Android

There are a lot of rare games, inexplicable and game that, as much as you explain, you fail to understand that they have been so successful. One of these games is Cookie Clicker, a game without many pretensions that has finished taking a success notable, despite a not very well known game remain outside the sphere of the indies game fans and surreal.

The game, which for the moment is only in browser, has a simple premise but not be able to: make cookies. For this we must click a cookie and a cookie will be created. These cookies you can buy all kinds of things that will help us do more faster cookies, from grandmothers to time machines. And this game is going to end up coming to Android. (more…)

11 Bit Studios Offers Four Android Games for The Price You Want in a Humble Bundle Weekly

The Humble Bundle formula is more known than many readers, which could be summarized in a treatment unique users and a price like any other policy. Between their offer occasional, appear without that no one can predict when or which games will come out, and less if you are leaving on Android, have left space for other offers.

In particular are the Humble Weekly Bundle, which are offerings such as the Humble Bundle, although reduced to one week, but with a constant supply of games at the price that we want. And this time we will be able to enjoy four games that can be played in our terminals Android, all of them by 11 bit Studios. (more…)

4 Trends In Swimwear For This Summer You Should Know

We are in the spring, but they sure like many you’ve already started thinking about the long-awaited summer, and especially something fundamental in the face this summer, bathing suits.Although the boys do not tend to have a big difference from year to year, in the case of girls trends evolve to unsuspected limits so you can go have a model of the year model that no one will be in just a matter of weeks. (more…)

Krazy Bears, Bear Escapes Barry Based Chameleon Jumps

Krazy Bears It is the first title for Sumalab Android, independent group with origin Spain. In it are the startled Chameleon Chamy and we must escape from the crazy bear Barry and his friends based on color changes.

Dynamics is quite simple, select the right color to jump to the next platform and camouflage we on it as soon as possible and without mistakes. Overcoming timestamps we position high in the ranking. Of course, the thing is complicating with leaves that change color or are several at the same time. (more…)

10000000, Entertaining Mix of Puzzles and RPG

Puzzle games have not innovated much despite the flood of creativity that are assuming independent developers and the mobile games. Luckily, there is always a game that manages to stand above others, as it is the case of the game 10000000, or Ten Millions, getting to unify in a very original way the puzzles with RPG.

In 10000000 we will be trapped in a Dungeon and to get our freedom, we will have to get a score of ten million points in only once, making points that accumulate in different games are, because only the highest score is taken into account. Luckily, as we advance in the game, we will get more points and we will be stronger. (more…)

A New Tablet Samsung Passes FCC, Are You, Galaxy Tab S3?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

The summer months tend to be a little productive time where new releases are concerned, but lately Samsung does not rest nor in the middle of August. A week ago the company announced the expected and archi-filtrado Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and expected to launch more devices at the IFA fair at the end of month.

Although the summer is shaping up interesting to Samsung, it was usually the time chosen to renew its range of more advanced tablets. During the past two years, Samsung has chosen the hottest months to announce the Galaxy Tab S, but for the moment there has been movements by brand. This could change soon, and is that a mysterious Tablet Samsung has received FCC certificate, and everything indicates that it is the Galaxy Tab S3. (more…)

The Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S Stays without Marshmallow

Already missing very little for that Android Nougat be present and yet, still known terminal that they are receiving or will receive prompt Marshmallow. In the times that run seems that some manufacturers are putting the batteries in this aspect, something that especially benefits users.

Unfortunately, on this occasion we are talking about a terminal that will not receive Marshmallow: the tablet Samsung Galaxy S Tab, whether your version of 8.4 inches or 10.5 inches. Both tablets came to the market around last year and two years ago because they received their update to Lollipop. (more…)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2016 to Reach Spain, The Information

Samsung tablets catalog has welcomed a new model within A series. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) comes to Spain on full format with a 10.1 inch screen. According to Samsung, tablets around the 10 inch occupy 80% of the market, although it is also available in a 7 inch model that was launched in March.

The Galaxy Tab A 2016 improves the model of last year in key camera, processor and battery. Your screen increases size and resolution. It also has functions of software like kids mode, user or Samsung Smart Manager accounts. (more…)

Wolder MiTab Colors 7 “And 10”, Tablets Low-Cost Costume-Changing

The Spanish manufacturer Wolder returns to the fray with a new series of tablets which adds to its extensive catalogue. They are the new miTab Colors, a pair of very affordable tablets with 7-10 inch screens who are committed to a regular feature in mobile: the possibility of exchanging the back cover.

The miTab Colors put special accent on design to offer the possibility to choose the color of the back with one of the three interchangeable shells included in the box. They are two tablets of input range, with a very basic technical profile which is offset with a price that will certainly attract many looks in the window. (more…)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Presentation Poses for The Camera before

Samsung celebrates two events Unpacked every year, principles that announce the shift or Galaxy S flagship and the second towards the end of summer for series one Note. In the middle of these two dates marked in red on the calendar, Samsung leaves room for its range of tablets Tab S and the Galaxy Tab S3 they are the next in line.

And that would be a presentation without having leaks? So far the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 had not much sounded in the uncertain world of the rumors, but now that your presentation is coming We can already put a face thanks to a supposed image of filtered press. (more…)