Memjet Printer Want the Printer Market to Shake

The Australian company Silverbrook research is planning a revolution: Memjet printer should combine the benefits of both traditional printing technologies – the excellent print quality of ink printers and the print speed of laser printers. This is done through the new Memjet printing technology. Theoretically all sounds very promising, whether the technique can enforce, remains at zuwarten. According to my information, this new is printing technology for more than 10 years developed and wealthy entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia serve as donors.


Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1, a Multimedia Player with Android That Climbs to The Range Premium

Sony refuses to abandon to their fate to media players, a few devices suffered from the emergence of smartphones to disappearing almost completely from the market.

The Sony Walkman forever changed the world of music, and a few weeks ago that it was fulfilling its 35th anniversary. It is an iconic brand, and perhaps for this reason Sony does not want to let it fall in the ostracism, occasionally throwing devices such Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1 Today we present.

It is not the first media player Sony Walkman, nor the first that uses Android, but It is the first of its kind that chooses to fight in a more elitist market, betting on upload to premium range and seeking to compete directly with the iPod Touch from Apple. (more…)

Learn How To Use Heels

Maturity comes to us all in different ways, but through the wardrobe is the most common, simply becomes a day in which you know that you can not leave the House in Sweatshirt or may be you prefer to buy in the adult section of Zara instead of the TRF, however change your clothes start overwhelming at the beginning , What should I buy?, what styles?, in which color?, would don’t have a synodical indicating me to do?. (more…)

NVIDIA Shield Tablet, The Information

After about year and a half since the CES 2013 Project Shield, already we were waiting with open arms a renewal of this product by Nvidia. Today has come, but with a twist to the original idea, in a format somewhat more versatile to suit more amount of applications

It is of the NVIDIA Shield Tablet, that gets cut into two parts. One will have an 8-inch dimensions tablet quite reduced. On the other hand, a wireless controller to play whenever you want, without bindings. (more…)

Costumes-Special: the Big Costume Trends

What would be a nice Wiesn Dirndl without matching accessories?

The right costume jewelery, the perfect handbag and the cool traditional hat make the new favorite dummies really only complete and contemporary!

So that this year at the Oktoberfest you will be able to show off in trendy costume fashion, I have put together the most fashionable Must-Haves 2014 for you – so perfectly styled you can be sure of envious looks! I wish you lots of fun! (more…)

My Band, Quantification Is Not So Expensive According to Xiaomi

Yes, we resist calling with its new name – my – Xiaomi. We don’t want to create confusion and it is not a new signature, so at the moment we are still using the old nomenklatura of the successful Chinese manufacturer.

Today the people of Mi, or Xiaomi, has presented to the world its new terminal star the Mi4, that surprise has not only reached the market, but do it accompanied by a wearable, It could not be less. It is of the My Band, a cuantificadora bracelet that will change many concepts. (more…)

Bike Shed Lights

See and be seen are two concerns of those who practice the bike all year even when the night comes quickly in winter. Today many solutions from the simple “loupiote” powered by a dynamo on your bike down to the real “flagship” drunk of lumens that illuminates as in daylight.  Cyclists to usher outfits of reflective inserts can no longer escape from the brushes of car headlights. Whether you are “thinking” or “enlightened”, it will be necessary to remain perfectly visible.

… Assets and liabilities…

Cyclists you will be ‘active’ by emitting a beam of light that will allow you to see and be seen. If one are a ‘thoughtful’ sportsman you will be ‘passive’ in other words, you will wear clothing or accessories that will reflect the light that will illuminate them. The best way to be visible will be to combine the two modes. Necessarily you will need lighting to make progress in the night and to indicate your presence to the rear. But you also need a contribution of these reflective devices to be seen from all angles.


Leica Adds Fully The Rangefinder In The Digital Age

After a M8 mid-tone, Leica offers finally a telemetry device full size and starts to dream.

There’s something on the side of the Germany, and particularly to Solms, where sits the factory of the Leica brand. Also the X1dont we already spoke, the German manufacturer announced indeed a new box of his legendary M series: the M9. After a M8 says jokingly of the fact, among other things, a sensor APS – C, infrared filters problems and a certain limit in low light, the M9 will be widely reviewed and corrected version. With, as a clincher, the presence of a sensor 24 x 36 mm – full size-to take advantage of the origin of the optical lenses. Or how the happy owners of these optics will finally be able to repurpose fully their wide angles.


Chromecast Already Allow Mirroring in a Small Selection of Devices Android

Google has just announced the launch of one of the features most requested by users of the device Chromecast: the option of making mirroring from our devices to send the entire contents of our Android screen to the TV, including the sound.

The application of Chromecast Android will be updated starting today to the version 1.7 to add the expected choice of mirroring (reproduction in mirror), but it will not be available for all devices. This new option is currently in pilot phase and it is only available to a small number of devices with Android 4.4.1 or above, currently limited to some Nexus, Samsung, HTC and LG. (more…)

Types of Filling For Sleeping Bags

It is important to understand that in a sleeping bag is not any heating element, i.e. it does not heat. Its function is to achieve an optimum temperature to sleep in a nice position, thus preventing the heat generated by the body itself escaping abroad. It is basically an insulating element which should ensure maximum possible isolation, even in the most extreme environmental conditions. For this reason, according to the place in which it is to use the sleeping bag, the requirements will be more demanding. It is not the same to sleep in a tent in the high mountains that sleep in a shelter, make bivouac or use the sleeping bag at a campsite at the level of the sea. (more…)

Maserati Time: Fashion And Luxury

Elegance, design, impressive architecture and luxury is what we see in the Soumaya Museum of the city of Mexico, so this was the perfect setting to discover the new collection of watches Maserati arriving in our country, each clock reflects the sophisticated design, innovative solutions, and the attention to detail that Maserati models inspire, this becomes in the features of the new collections of watches.


Bike 360 Would Multiply by Two The Price of The First Clocks Android Wear

The recent Google I/O 2014 brought with it the start of a new generation of wearable devices, and is that although we already knew Android Wear enough before the annual fair of Google, it finally we could see the new smart watches with Android in live, running and immediate market arrival.

Those who have broken the ice have been the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, already available in Google Play España for purchase, although everyone expected to know more about the bike 360, an attractive smartwatch formatted classic watch that has raised expectations since Motorola taught it for the first time. (more…)

Huawei P9: Pre-Orders | Photography Courses and Guarantee Hi Care Giveaway

Depart officially today and will continue until April 20 pre-orders of Huawei P9 and D9 Plusonline, on, and in the main specialized retail outlets and stores phone operators.

To all those who decide to order the new devices during that time will be reserved for a workshop on “street photography”, which will be attended by National Geographic photographers. Or you may opt for the National Geographic Photography by Joel Sartore consisting of 24 lessons in 8 DVD.

Both P9 both P9 Plus ViP Service can be applied, the most advantageous commercial warranty service provided by Huawei. From the date of purchase, regardless of the legal warranty of two years provided by product retailer, Huawei has on the same product its 2 years guarantee, plus 1 additional year if the commercial guarantee is activated within 1 month from the date of purchase on the app Hi care. (more…)

What Will Be Possible to Have with Android Wear?

Little more than one week ago Google officially announced Android Wear, its platform to enable manufacturers to create wearable devices. We already know the models of LG and Samsung, although it appears that many are waiting for Motorola to release soon the bike 360.

We know that Google this time will be less permissive with manufacturers and will not allow, for the time being, customizations in the interface. Now well, do we really know all its possibilities? There are many possibilities and, as they tend to tell Anglophones, sky is the limit. At the moment we have only seen a small part of it. We are going to do a review. (more…)

Multi Colored Cardigan Sweaters

Here for you a new leader to add to your collection of knitting. It is acardigan worked grilled with multicolor cotton yarn. The end result is much effect as you can see in the photo. Materials needed: 500 grams of multicolor cotton yarn, the needles number 6 and a metal hook closure. Make a sample of 14 mesh and 18 rows in stockinette stitch using the knife number 6 and should risultarvi a portion of 10 cm square.Here is how to work.


Pressy, Thoroughly

After many months since its launch on Kickstarter, by end users who support the Pressy project are receiving the product and you can describe how it works.

There are already many copies of Pressy in the market, Some inexpensive. But who had the original idea was really Pressy and I believe they deserve recognition for having managed to launch this new product. Despite the problems that have been with the production and delays, they have managed to take the project forward. (more…)