Monkey Jumpsuit Fashion Jeans, Trends, Models

Fashion Overalls And Monkey 2015: Jeans, Trends, Models And Pictures

Nobody can stay indifferent to overalls. The models which have destroyed in 2011, 2012 and 2015 now, came back with everything. The fashion trend 2015 promises have the piece in looks with a vengeance, with models even more incredible than before. In the summer the monkeys will make the joy of women leaving the legs out.


Biking and Canoeing Routes will Open this Saturday

It will be held this Saturday (09.05), the inauguration of the new sections of cycling and canoeing in Cuiabá and Várzea Grande. To begin the routes, the State Government, through the State Department of Cities (Secid-MT), is organizing an event that will integrate both practices. The launch of the sports routes is part of the celebrations to 267 years of Mato Grosso.


Plus Size Models Contest in Rio

Are you aware of the plus size models contest in Rio? Nowadays the dictatorship of thinness has weakened from the moment it appeared the concept plus size. The plus size fashion is the fashion for women that has weight considered above average and that’s why they’re not less beautiful or happy. Plus size campaign crossed borders and is known around the world, with models deemed “fatties” and with impeccable beauty.


Second Stage of CIMTB Levorin Defines Programming

The Competition Will Be Held At CTAN, In São João Del-Rei, From May 15 To 17.Organization Opens Press Accreditation

The second stage of Levorin International Mountain Bike Levorin Cup, which will be held at the Tancredo Neves Campus of UFSJ (Federal University of São João del-Rei), the CTAN, from 15 to 17 of this month, has the programming defined. The first day is reserved for Sprint Eliminator free practice and timeouts.


Blue Jeans, Born to Die, Video Games and Lyrics

Surely you’ve heard of the singer Lana Del Rey. Born in New York on 21 June 1986 day is called in fact Elizabeth Wool ridge Grant and received a lot of negative responses of labels at the beginning of his career. Only in 2010 she moved to London and underwent a major transformation, adopting the stage name (inspired by the combination of the names of actress Lana Turner and the car Ford Del Rey) and changing the visual.


Plus Size Ballerina is Famous with Videos on the Web

Plus size Ballerina is famous with web videos for showing that even though outside the standards imposed by the society to be a professional in the dance, she can sway a lot and show that you can be good at what you do regardless of what others think to your respect. There are many videos that she made showing your moves and always dancing too, with a degree of difficulty that no beginner in the subject could overcome.


How to Avoid Cramp at Exercise Time

If you pedal often, it is almost impossible that you have no cramp episode to tell. She arrives without warning and, because of the pain, leaves us prostrate, often in the middle of the road! That’s what happened to me in a training session on the traditional”Estrada dos Romeiros”, which is in the interior of São Paulo, and that left me unable even to walk to the support car that accompanied us. Have to go loaded! A shame that only those who know what I’m talking about…


Clothes that Can Not Miss Your Plus Size in Summer

Clothes that can not miss in your plus size wardrobe in summer 2015 will help you stay feeling good with larger curves. It’s not enough to be thin to be beautiful, since thinness isn’t synonymous with beauty. You have to feel good about yourself first of all, and overweight it is something that is part of your reality, you do not see a problem of being away from the fashion standards.


Sale of Tickets for the Olympics Continues Until 6

You Can Apply For Admission To Brazil With An Additional 18 Years

Those interested in buying tickets to attend the 2016 Olympics have won an extra time, until May 6, to register and participate in the draw. The announcement was announced on April 30, on  the official page of  the event. The reason for the extension was the definition of Arena Itaquera as headquarters for football in São Paulo.