Plus Size Ballerina is Famous with Videos on the Web

Plus size Ballerina is famous with web videos for showing that even though outside the standards imposed by the society to be a professional in the dance, she can sway a lot and show that you can be good at what you do regardless of what others think to your respect. There are many videos that she made showing your moves and always dancing too, with a degree of difficulty that no beginner in the subject could overcome.


How to Avoid Cramp at Exercise Time

If you pedal often, it is almost impossible that you have no cramp episode to tell. She arrives without warning and, because of the pain, leaves us prostrate, often in the middle of the road! That’s what happened to me in a training session on the traditional”Estrada dos Romeiros”, which is in the interior of São Paulo, and that left me unable even to walk to the support car that accompanied us. Have to go loaded! A shame that only those who know what I’m talking about…


Clothes that Can Not Miss Your Plus Size in Summer

Clothes that can not miss in your plus size wardrobe in summer 2015 will help you stay feeling good with larger curves. It’s not enough to be thin to be beautiful, since thinness isn’t synonymous with beauty. You have to feel good about yourself first of all, and overweight it is something that is part of your reality, you do not see a problem of being away from the fashion standards.


Sale of Tickets for the Olympics Continues Until 6

You Can Apply For Admission To Brazil With An Additional 18 Years

Those interested in buying tickets to attend the 2016 Olympics have won an extra time, until May 6, to register and participate in the draw. The announcement was announced on April 30, on  the official page of  the event. The reason for the extension was the definition of Arena Itaquera as headquarters for football in São Paulo.


Holiday Clothes

Ten Tips To Choose The Looks Of The Children: Comfortable, That Dirty Little And Do Not Knead

Holidays with children are a delight. Or rather, it may be, in case you have a powerful cleaning army at home to handle so much dirty laundry of the little ones in this period.And you have to switch the puppy for swimming, to the playground, to grandma’s house for the tour at the mall… The risk is you end up living in a regime of semi-slavery between washing machine and iron to pass To make everything clean.


Legging Little Foot

The come and go fashion brought back yet another piece that was forgotten a few years ago. A legging foot or fuseau pants arrived in full force this winter. “The piece made the most success in the 80’s. They are super easy to match and the detail of the foot makes all the difference in style,” comments the visual and merchandising assistant of the Option, Camila França.


Female Sawary Jeans Jumpsuit

The roll-up is one of the brands of jeans most famous in our country all that was won with a lot of creativity and sensuality that involve the pieces. Speaking of sexy Sabrina Sato has accompanied the brand as poster girl since the beginning of 2008 when the hype of the brand was to display the new pants with a super bold cut that promised to lift the butt, the campaign was so successful that even today the brand makes the most success with every piece that throws. The roll-up has also parts for men the difference of brand is that all their products seek to have the best possible fitting on the body of who wears without losing comfort.


Meet the Jeans Ideal for Your Body

Meet the jeans ideal for your body, that is, the model of pants which offers comfort to the look and who values their curves. In this area you will clear all doubts and learn how to choose the perfect jeans.

The jeans is an irreplaceable item of the female wardrobe. She may even adopt new models over time, but never goes out of style. This piece is comfortable, versatile and helps to compose casual looks.


Wholesale Jeans

The jeans had your origin in 1872 in France. Back and forth the fabric passed through the most varied shapes and colours as dictated fashion, yet never left like people. Everyone has that simple jeans or more crafted combining with different types of pieces. And are appropriate to any situation or place. So if you want a profitable activity, look for jeans wholesale SP and make a profit on sales.


Pictures of Jeans Saruel Pants-Female and Male

The pictures of jeans saruel pants-female and male inspire looks modern and comfortable. This piece allows many combinations for the day-to-day, in addition to has a fit that leaves the body comfortable.

The sarouel pants has become a fever between men and women, and is considered a modern piece able to help compose an alternate style. The model is very different from any other, but has gained the preference of men and women.


Pit Bull Jeans: Pants Women Models

Relatively new brand on the market, the Pit Bull jeans doing very successfully, between women and men.Their models are modern and feminine, very sexy, valuing the woman’s body. The Pit Bull has been around for 15 years and was born into a multi-brand type store, in 1998, on Petrolina (PE). Its owners-the brothers Marcello and Márcio Torquato–had the dream of creating your own brand and performed, choosing the city of Goiânia.