Isla Fisher: a Nova Rainha Do Riso

Isla Fisher is the star of the film The Consumer Delights of Becky Bloom, where she lives Rebecca Bloomwood, a charming young but incorrigibly consumerist. She just can not stop buying designer clothes.

Ironically, she gets a job in a finance magazine and finds herself giving her readers economic advice while she herself does not control her budget. The talented Hugh Dancy plays Becky’s boss, Luke Brandon, who falls in love with her, though they seem to have nothing in common.

Based on the best selling books by Sophie Kinsella, the film was directed by PJ Hogan and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Also participating in the cast are consecrated names such as: Kristin Scott Thomas,

John Lithgow, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, Krysten Ritter and Leslie Bibb.

Isla, 33, was born in Oman and grew up in Australia, where she began her career as a TV commercial actress at the age of nine. His first novel was Home & Away and his filmography includes: Scooby-Doo, Huckabees – Life is a Comedy, Good Spout Penetras, The Lookout and Three Times Love.

Dazzling, full of style, with red hair hanging from her shoulders, smiling Isla reveals herself in this humorous chat.

What did you feel when you faced your first protagonist?

It was amazing! And I enjoyed every minute of it. When I heard that I had gotten the job, I was electrified and only then did I think of the responsibility that would have to set the tone of the film. I also worried because I was playing Becky Bloomwood, a character who is loved by millions of readers around the world. Sophie Kinsella’s books are great hits.

How did you get the part?

I was pregnant with my daughter when I went to a meeting about the role with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director PJ Hogan. I explained that I was a big fan of books and talked a little about Rebecca Bloomwood and what I found interesting about her. I remember thinking the meeting went well, but when I left the office and Jerry’s secretary said to me, “Wow, did you stay there a long time?” I thought, “Oh, really.” And I got the part.

Jerry describes you as the new Lucille Ball.

I found it very nice of Jerry to say that, and also a bit terrifying the responsibility of being compared to Lucille. But, wow, I adore her, she’s very funny, she’s fantastic. I grew up watching the show I Love Lucy on TV.

“It’s amazing to be compared to Lucille Ball. I grew up seeing I love Lucy!”

How do you analyze Becky’s attitudes?

She is shallow in certain respects, with all that craze to buy, but I have also focused on the positive qualities she possesses, because Rebecca is very charming.

You like shopping?

No. I shop poorly and rarely. But still I can understand the sense of wonder Becky feels about the stores.

The costumes in the film are fabulous.

Did you get any of those pieces? I did not have any of the clothes. I thought secretly: “I hope to win some of these models ??”. I did not win. But in the end I was happy to say goodbye to it all and feel that I had fulfilled my mission.

Was there a favorite outfit?

I loved the pink Prada skirt that’s on the movie poster, with a pink Prada T-shirt and a fur coat and gloves. I found it quite classic but also unusual and sensual.

How would you describe your own style?

What I like is comfort first. But I think you can be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Short boho style shirts, jeans, sneakers and sandals.

Do you like getting dressed for the red carpet?

It’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot of pomp on the red carpet. You have to do your hair and make-up, people adorn you. They make artificial tan. Hire a stylist who brings a macaw to beautiful dresses and you try everyone and choose one. I always try to gravitate towards Calvin Klein and I adore Stella McCartney.

“I always try to gravitate toward Calvin Klein and I love Stella McCartney.”

Do you see yourself primarily as a comic actress?

No, I was mostly thinking of myself as a dramatic actress and focused on dramatic, serious roles until Sacha, my partner, told me: “You’re so funny, should you do more comic roles?” I then called my dad and asked him, “Dad, do you think I’m funny?” And he said, “I think. Are you the family clown ?? ”

Is that why you made Becky so comical?

Becky might be a fool and I always felt at ease with my idiot side. I do not care. I really like physical comedy. I also like to get an idea and suggest to the director. For example, there is a scene in the movie where I do a dance with a fan, in order to seduce Luke. The character thinks that the dance is very sensual, but, in fact, it is ridiculous! I suggested this to PJ and he included the dance in the film.

Who makes you laugh?

Goldie Hawn is my favorite, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Peter Sellers, the Monty Python group and, of course, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Are you happy with the direction of your career?

I am very satisfied, very happy with everything: my family and the career that I have. I always felt a secret hope that I would achieve success. But now that I’ve got it, I can hardly believe it’s happening. I’m just as surprised as anyone else who sees himself in a poster, starring in this movie. The only disappointment is that with all this, I could not get even a little higher…

Fashion Plus Size Work: Tips, Trend

Has been effective investment in the creation of new and modern options for fashion for chubby women. OK changed that notion that people who are overweight should wear clothes that hide your measurements. Special brands emerged, betting your production in this audience. Several plus size fashion shows are held, each season, showing that the fashion world trends can be employed in oversize clothes. There are countless gorgeous models and super modern, intended for all kinds of occasions. We show here a few plus size trends for work.


The Royal Family | Kate Middleton Looks Pregnant

It’s not news to anyone that since Kate Middleton married Prince Willian, the news in British tabloídes revolve around the little girl and the events of the Royal family.

And of course speculation about the date of birth of the newest member of the Royal family could not be left out.According to the Mail Online, the baby’s due date to be born on the day 13/07, where curiously coincides with the holidays of the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.


Pregnancy Test: Nati and Balaram for Vivi Guimarães

5 December 2014 by Nati on Vozza Journals

I confess that I thought a lot before doing a pregnancy test. Had no idea formed if wanted or not, as they are not all tests that I like #sinceridade. One of my best friends did and remember loving her, not to mention in the new born of your baby, made by the same photographer, a while ago. I called her, I asked the photographer’s phone and I was super happy to score my test pregnant women with Vivi Guimarães.


Plus Size Gowns for Carnival

The plus size fashion not for releasing news and trends that conquer the most different tastes and styles. With the approach of the 2013 Carnival, the pieces are being inspired in this festivity, which is the most popular in the country. The abuse and blends color is one of the trends that mark this kind of clothes. You can find beautiful models in larger sizes, for those that use the plus size parts. The plus size gowns for Carnival 2013 are stamping store Windows throughout the national territory, including the internet. Check out a bit more about the subject.


Look of Pregnant Crochet Dress

I can’t believe I’m posting a look of pregnant literally! This crochet dress is already the darling of my closet and not for less, because modeling is perfect and you understand my need to be beautiful and comfortable at that stage so hot and complicated lol. The truth is that we think we don’t need “maternity clothes”, until you really need. Modeling the clothes of our closet are beginning to not “working” more (a shake, another has zipper over there, or so has sewing in the wrong place, and so on), we need some pieces which “understand us” lol.


Fashion Plus Size Work

Like other sectors of fashion, plus size is gaining that accompany each new trends. This type of clothing is made especially for the more fat they find difficulty in clothes of traditional sizes, after all, they are getting smaller. The plus size fashion came to bring comfort, beauty and elegance for those with a few extra pounds. Are not loose clothing and without any beauty, as many imagine. On the contrary, it’s the most modern in the industry.


Mothers with Pt-Francisca Pinto Ribeiro

Frances Pinto Ribeiro Pereira, 33 years old, pretty, radiates good energy, is a super mom, wife and professional. Is pregnant for the third time and about to have Juliet! She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese actor Ricardo Pereira) and recently launched a new project-My Intimate, a lingerie line in partnership with the Portuguese brand Cantê.

In this interview tells us about the pregnancies, the kids, your day to day and how you can do several things at the same time. And, of course, about the importance of family in your life!


Mothers with Paint Agnes Resende Fonseca

Many know the name Latitid, the brand of Portuguese bathing suits is making success! Inês, 28 years old, is one of the mentors and responsible for the brand. Super nice, gorgeous, full of paints and an immense good taste, is 37 weeks pregnant from Mercedes.

About to meet the greatest love in the world, share with us tips on pregnancy, must hope chest, decoration; fears, hopes and desires of a first-time mother, very serene.


Mothers with Paint #6-Mafalda Pathik

Mafalda Pinto Leite

36 years, 3 kids, 3 edited cookbooks, pretty and super nice!

A mother like many of us, to reconcile motherhood with a professional design. Mafalda regularly sharing on facebook, and soon on your site, recipes and tips with the goal of encouraging people to eat better, to discover new ingredients and to understand the nutritional factors of food. I’m a fan! The practical recipes in a carefree style and refined at the same time, the crockery, cutlery, colors. The photos that accompany the recipes are wonderful and a source of inspiration.


Launch of My Wardrobe!

Geeente, who follows me on social networks, if you do not follow me enjoy the rock, you know that I was invited by the brand of clothes for pregnant and lactating women Ella to create Urban my own line!! Besides being super honored with this invitation, I was too happy to be able to create pieces that were really be useful, not only in pregnancy, but then also to breastfeed the baby. I also made the point that she had a great quality and fair price for worthwhile for everyone!!


Plus Size Fashion Winter

Some of the top plus size fashion shows are already happening, although many brands of the sector have not yet shown their proposals. Currently, has grown the number of investors in manufacturing clothes in large sizes. Until recently, it was a very complicated task to find larger pieces. With regard to the beauty of the clothes, the problem was even bigger, especially for women. However, this reality is changing gradually. The pieces have been created to serve women fatties, truly. Cuts, colors and models follow the world trends and adapt to the type of body that is part of the brazilian and world reality. The plus size fashion winter 2013 brings these features.


Candidates for the Miss Plus Size Sao Paulo: Photos

The most beautiful plump the State is charting in Miss Plus Size Sao Paulo 2012. The contest will take place this Saturday and promises to be pretty busy, since all the participants are beautiful and Nice.

The Miss Plus Size real women will be held for the second time and with the participation of 21 beautiful women. They will parade around with different costumes and will have performance evaluated by the jury.


Fortaleza – a Question of Education and Management

The Dismantling Of The Structures That Control The Traffic In The Capital Is

The City of Fortaleza announced in the last days the execution of two public policies of great importance for the Capital. The first concerns the relation of the city to solid waste (garbage). The second aims to attack the disorganized and irresponsible way that many drivers, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians relate in the everyday traffic. The two actions necessarily pass through citizen education.


João Paulo Firmino Faces Test Marathon in the USA

Athlete Scott Will Represent Brazil In Two Competitions In The Coming Days: The First In California And The Second In Arizona

The athlete Scott João Paulo Firmino traveled on Tuesday (13) to the United States, where he will represent the Brazilian cycling in two international level races. The first challenge will be the Sea Otter Classic this weekend in Monterrey, California. Then, between 24 and 26, the cyclist will go to Prescott, Arizona, where he will play Whiskey Off-Road.


7º Challenge Of Mountain Bike Lavras – Carrancas

For many it is the biggest mountain bike event in Minas Gerais. For everyone, it’s the best event.

As in previous years, the date will be on May 1st.

The event, although not competitive, has all the ingredients of a competition, ie  athletes of all levels, a course with a certain degree of difficulty, beautiful landscapes, full support to the participants and the satisfaction of finishing the 75 km between Lavras and Carrancas with the  sense of accomplishment.


Pregnant Bridesmaids Dresses: Photos

Getting pregnant is the dream of thousands of women from around the world. But in these nine months the body changes and all the clothes in the wardrobe began to serve more in the last months of pregnancy.Many don’t even bother with it. However, when it is called for a gala party and are in an advanced stage of pregnancy find dresses starts to get complicated. Not everything looks good and it’s hard to know what really brings your beauty. So, split up some tips for pregnant bridesmaids.