Irina Lazareanu

Kate Moss stopped his choice, she found the mod which would perfectly embody his collaboration with Topshop: Irina Lazareanu. With his rebel bangs, her eyes of DOE effarouch and rock inspirations and roll the top and friend of Miss Moss, seems to have been created to wear the clothes of the twig.

Et, nothing in the d part was earned for this young Romanian who d boat in casting the age of 16. Because it arrives on the market of fashion in the middle of the Gis the Bundchen wave… Her porcelain complexion and her bangs sixties do not suit the crit res aesthetics ticks of the moment. (more…)

Overlays/Associations of the Fall/Winter 2016-2017

If each season brings its share of “it” as desirable items and off prices, it also gives rise to moult new overlays – or associations – to sprinkle our wardrobes with an air of suspicion time. Be careful though to distinguish those that can be tested without fear and those we win to leave the Stakhanovists trend…

Mix based Victorian gown

With its funnel neck ruffle cuffs and sometimes with the same artifice, Victorian blouse is conducive to moult stylistic collisions to adapt its kind “19th” to the tastes of the moment. It is thus not hesitate to marry an Irish sweater, as the contrast between the rough mesh of the latter and the delicacy of that goth gown will prove delightful (Isabel Marant), but also in a sweatshirt, which may choose either monochrome or sophisticated (Burberry). (more…)

When People Draw Fashion…

We knew that H & M liked create commercial buzz by inviting renowned stylists in his wings… We remember the euphoria the collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld and then by that of Stella McCartney and finally breaking flash stock of wedding dress designed by Victor and Rolf… It’s nice that helps hold together the small budgets and big names in fashion… besides all parts regardless of the year were good and really interesting.

But here I have a little trouble understanding… because it’s Madonna who created this year a collection for the famous Swedish brand… Madonna is neither designer nor designer… but it’s a star and ” curiously, “it gives a certain legitimacy in style. Expected in March 2007, the style is already rated “timeless, unique and always glamorous…” (more…)

The Return of Minnetonka

Prohibitive for some and completely mythical for others, Minnetonka boots moccasins are preparing this spring to make their comeback in the wardrobes of the trend-setter…

Created in 1946 by Philip Miller and delivered to date in 2007 by a handful of followers stars of boho look, Minnetonka boots are regularly acclaimed by the cream of fashionistas. And if the undivided reign of Birkenstock made them considerably from the shadows in recent seasons, the current comeback of the seventies – between hegemony of suede and rise of Native American influences – may well give them a new desirability.

Trays Sandals: Beware Danger!

Since summer temperatures have invested the capital, it is not unusual to see young women who succumbed to the fashion of the plateau sandal. The opportunity to see how the latter is far from flattering…

Fashion is sometimes bad counselor. To keep the infernal pace it imposes, it indeed often sacrificed aesthetics trend, as they return to the summer of 2015 the concept of the medieval “pint”, ie a shoe soled evenly balanced to avoid the mire of the streets (an idea that gradually fell into disuse over the centuries, before being resumed in the 40s when the Shoes began to manufacture thick wooden soles to alleviate the shortage of leather).  (more…)

Lily Allen Loves the Dresses!

New look was not mistaken choosing to invite the English to young irreverent design a mini collection for the brand. For Lily Allen is the musical event of the moment, and the personality of the girl is not foreign…

Lily Allen won the piece for a long time: perfect pop songs sung and arranged with generosity, innocence and evil heard texts made her the darling of British radio.

One could expect that a career “out of control” on the part of a girl who attended no less than 13 schools. Far from being a wise and studious child, Lily advantage of these years to meet the Kooks and scribbling down songs on his notebooks. (more…)

The Eytys Sneakers, Unavoidable?

At a time when the Stan Smith continues to be pervasive in both courses that schools in urban paving, the fashion intelligentsia began gradually to abandon the best-selling Adidas for the benefit of Mother Model the young Swedish brand Eytys…

Between thick white vulcanized sole, sober and simple lacing, the Eytys flagship product is very similar to a merger between Vans and Keds. Yet despite its rather plain appearance, it is not least managed to seduce the massively hyped gent since its launch in 2013.  (more…)

The Timeless Charm of Tricker’s

At a time when fashion does not stop losing the north and where the very concept of trend is slowing, it is time to return to basics and to anchor in the real opting for safe values to ‘timeless aesthetics and top quality…

In terms of shoes, there are two schools, with one side those who are constantly looking giddy novelty and on the other those that rely on a solid traditional skills and abandoning my face the must-have seasonal in favor of a foolproof sobriety.

Entirely handcrafted and based on an experience of over 170 years, the products of the English house Tricker’s are certainly part of the second category. It must be said that their boots brogues and other conspicuous by their humility and their classic undeniable force. Originally designed to fit the landowners of the early 19th century, they are also thought to cross elegantly years and bad weather.  (more…)

Shoes Were 2016 Anti Wishlist

In terms of shoes, there is one side those we dream to see the end of our tanned legs and on the other those who, by their awkward eccentricity, their inconsistent price and / or aesthetic little convincing, we leave entirely of marble. And as it is less frustrating – and more enjoyable – to take stock of seconds rather than the first, here is a list (not exhaustive) of shoes, sandals and other boots that we will leave no regrets this season take dust Colette…

Mooch Amina Acne Studio (520 €)

At a time when the mule itself as THE shoe of the moment, Acne Studio goes further by appropriating traditional slipper and transforming this Moroccan slipper “it” shoe . To copy hype, however we prefer the original, which, besides being much cheaper, is produced in Marrakech (and thus sustains the local economy). (more…)

Kris Van Assche

We talked about it, there are still a few days, negotiations between Hedi Slimane and LVMH were still ongoing… Today the choice is stopped, Slimane left Dior and it is the Belgian designer Kris Van Assche successor.

Stupor and tremors in the fashion world… Slimane left Dior who is leaving some Tom Ford Gucci and Jil Sander and Helmut Lang who separate short, it’s a dream ending.

Since June negotiations between the two parties were stormy, indeed Hedi Slimane seriously considering creating its own brand and wanted complete control. The friction that agitated the top of the fashion house tended to destabilize all the teams. (more…)

Check Coat, Manual

Tartan, Prince of Wales, grid this season, tiles fun of their nature tradi / preppy / chart from dress to dress coats male dared code. The question is how to translate the styling of grammar podiums ready-to-wear…


At Prada, the coat checkered Prince of Wales wants long and adorned with utility pockets. Its near a military nature fades in contact – unexpected – a loose lacing corset and a pair of long woolen gloves. The duo woolen tights / shoes with heels open ends to heat the hot and cold on this elegant silhouette emancipated. (more…)

H & M and Ecology…

And H & M has done that… I told you yesterday of some cheesy collection dedicated to recyclable materials and eco momentum of the elites of the hype sphere of fashion… well here we are with giant urban fashion, trend and inevitable that sticks to it and it’s on you will love…

In fact it is more for us to make the choice: green or not… the signs are it for us and that’s great! Fact: for spring H & M brings in its stores attractive and compelling collections as usual, but what changes is that line of garment woven entirely of organic cotton. In March 2007 sale of any H & M in the world! The designer Margareta Van Den talking about the collection in these words: “These are the trends of the moment rooms available in green tissues. They therefore combine the latest trends in fashion and environmental awareness. So you feel both inside and outside…” (more…)

Nokia 808 PureView Lands Now in Denmark

Nokia 808 PureView is described as a true camera monster, and with its 41 megapixel is now on the way to Denmark.

Nokia 808 PureView is the new camera flagship from Nokia, which must take a stand against all other producers who believe they have the best camera phone.

And the phone is indeed a true monster, in this article you can see or revisit a long series of pictures taken with camera phone. (more…)

Alexa Chung, the Right Style

Having made a discreet bit of late, Alexa Chung returns this season to the front of the stage. Lookée still good, the beautiful seems to have lost nothing of that famous sense of style has made her the “brit girl” the most revered of fashionistas…

If Alexa Chung can disturb its excessive thinness, however difficult to miss his ability to take ownership of the times by component looks both personal and attractive. A review of the main gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling the current dress code of the young woman. (more…)

Overview: Such Was the Galaxy S III Kept Secret, the First Impression of iOS 6.0 and Follow the OLYMPICS on Your Mobile

Microsoft is over with a lot of attention the past week, but there has been a lot of other things. See what’s here.

John g. P, editor in Chief at our site, among other things, had to admit he was wrong about his predictions on Apple would present a new iPhone and a new version of the new iPad.

We also looked closely at iOS 6.0 Beta 1, and looked more closely at some of the new features. You can read our review of the upcoming update to Apple’s devices — iPhones, iPods and iPads. (more…)

The 50 Commandments Summer Fashion 2015

Between trends to be tested, it girls discover, printed to mix and stylistic gimmicks to adopt small passage reviewing some rules to follow – or not – to spend a summer fashionnement proper…

A maxi bag cord thou shall offer (Zara).

With your mini denim dresses and flat sandals rising shalt bear (see here).

Within the new shop Inès de La Fressange your sneakers you shopperas.

In your denim overalls of Calvin Klein underwear you mixeras (see here).

Your love for Adidas you take personal (see here).

Golden temporary tattoos you indulge and abuse. (more…)

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of the main figures of minimalist fashion. Its so unique style epitomizes the sportswear to the US, between luxury and casualness. But Calvin Klein is also a provocative brand, which regularly creates scandal with ad campaigns often sulphurous…

Calvin Klein was born in the heart of the Bronx in 1942 to immigrant parents Hungarian Jews. Sensitized to clothing by a mother and a passionate grandmother, he learned himself to cut the fabric and sewing. He practiced as early sewing, but also drawing, which led him to enter the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. (more…)

7/8 Length (and its Derivatives), Manual

If we should keep one thing the New York street-style landscape, it would certainly be the advent 7/8 lengths and their different variations, which require new silhouette stylistic equations. Reviewing the various “do and do not” dictating the trend…

Classic capris, prefer straight jeans backhand well wide (and cut raw edge), so as to reveal a naked and tanned ankle (see here and here).

One should avoid mixing hot pants and sandals beach spirit, otherwise turn into small fishing towns (see here and here). Unless said sandals are very sophisticated (and again…) (see here and here). (more…)

Ana Gimeno Brugada, the Right Style

Drawing a part of her wardrobe in the male wardrobe, Ana Gimeno Brugada cultivates a stylishly androgynous style where shades of colors, classical pieces and massive shoes have the spotlight. Insolent alchemy that gives this Italian consultant with a unique allure and a mysterious strand whose streetstyle photographers are fond. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling its dress code…

⅞ combine pants and brogues with thick soles (see here).

Telescoping gingham shirt and blazer sailor (see here).

Reheat casual / male held in contact with a folk shawl (see here). (more…)

Mary Seng, the Right Style

Ex-nurse became in a few years blogger star, Mary Seng – creator of the blog Happily Grey – is one of those rare elected who built a fashion dream sized thanks to the magic of the net. Although with his wild blond hair, his sculpted plastic in gyms and style too much or not enough sharp mixing bohemian inspiration, twist and minimalist sportswear inclinations, the young woman from Nashville was enough to draw attention of the fabric. A review of the main gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling its stylistic grammar…

Succeed to unveil a maximum of skin without falling into vulgarity through parts of both bare and covering (see here and here).

Bohemian Twister draws an ample robe by associating male shoes a conceptual strand (see here).

Tie the bottom of his robes to break it sometimes fell a little too classic for the latter (see here). (more…)

London Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2017

Between resolute styling, gossips and emerging trends, overview of what to remember the fashion week in London…

With its romantic-poetic-conceptual creations, Simone Rocha is one of the few designers who still dare today actually question the mode. A positioning that allows him to confidently move forward in a fashion world full inquiry, convinced that the magic of the cuts, the always renewed inspiration and thwarted sensuality are more carriers than the “See Now By Now” (see here).

The black polished boots combo / English lace is expected to pass immediately from the podium to the street (Simone Rocha). (more…)

Fashion Second Life

Dior Joaillerie just there to launch its showroom, American Apparel was the first to be there this … Second Life is a parallel universe that attracts more and more followers. So much so that the big brands see it as an economic issue…

It all started in 2003 when Second Life out on the Web, then this is a 3D role playing game where you create an avatar (character) and where do evolve… there is neither seeking nor mission. The concept is to give players the opportunity to live a second life. The player can do it, he can make money “the linden dollar” and from there to buy what he wants, exactly as in real life, shopping session, etc… (more…)

Our Site after Million-Compensation: Something Nonsense

A compensation of 10 instead of 58 million shows that there should not be concern about competition in broadband, according to our site.

Our site has been sentenced to pay ten million dollars in compensation to our site because of illegal broadband methods. Yet consider the group does not matter, as the big defeat.

-“If you hope to get 58 million kroner, and you get 10 million, so we can discuss who is coming out of the case as the biggest winners here,” said our site’s Director of law and regulation, Miriam White, to our site. (more…)

Essentials of Spring 2015 Fashion

Between suede skirt, flare jeans, fringed bag and military jacket, small review parts “essential” to successfully inject a little trendy twist to its spring wardrobe…

A red dress

As one of the leading spring colors, red offers strength and charm to the little dresses of half season (see here and here). Short dresses (see here) that is accompanied by polished black boots, gray suede boots / blue or pointy ballerinas (see here and here). Wear with Wayfarers licorice and a high ponytail. (more…)

Long Sleeve: How to Wear in Summer?

It would be wrong in early summer store too quickly shelved our classic long-sleeved shirts. Once processed chic and nonchalant fashion, they have indeed their place within our looks of the moment…

If our summer boyfriend shirts usually have no trouble swapping asphalt for the beach is open on wearing a barely dry bikini, long sleeved shirts of our wardrobe for their part, tend to take a long vacation June to September. Admittedly face a camisole boho, a T-shirt cropped or romantic blouses, their lack of fashion appeal and summer pragmatism seems obvious. And yet …  (more…)