Here Are the Specifications on Samsung Galaxy Note II

Will you read the dry facts about the Samsung Galaxy Note II, so you can find the total specifications here.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is in a category by itself.

Nevertheless, the call for the world’s most powerful smartphone, the Samsung with a brand new innovative S Pen that allows to use the screen without touching it.

The device is thinner than its predecessor and two grams heavier. Anyway looks designed more manageable out, while it is in many respects similar to top products the Galaxy S III.

Oister Drop “Speed Drop”

3s low-cost carrier will now have money for additional consumption of data.

As we have told, so there is a big difference between telecommunications carriers’ rules about overuse of the data in the so-called all-in-one packages.

When you have exhausted the amount of data included in an all-in-one package, so we assess some company per MB of data, while others have called a speed drop, where the data connection only neddrosles at low speed without additional costs for the customer. (more…)

Here Are the Differences on the Nokia 800 and 820 Lumia

Nokia Lumia 800 takes a stand against the new Lumia 820, who has the best specifications? See it here.

Nokia Lumia 820 is the new mid-range phone from Nokia which should take over the square from its predecessor Lumia 800.

Lumia 820 has received a number of improvements over its predecessor, among other things, the faster the processor, the bigger screen and the brand new Windows Phone 8 system. (more…)

Application Helps Young People out of Boredom

Boredom among young people can now be solved by means of an application that comes with suggestions for different activities.

A new application from We young people, to help teenage girls out of boredom. There is in the new application good tips and ideas to readers who are bored.

The application is called What2shake, and provides users with inspiration and good ideas for entertainment both alone and together with girlfriends. In just two weeks, the app has been downloaded more than 14,400 times and has been among the most popular free applications in Denmark. (more…)

The New iPhone Will Be 4 G LTE

Expectations: Sources in the industry tells us that Apple’s next iPhone will support 4 g LTE in Europe among others.

The next iPhone, referred to as the iPhone 5, will work on the fastest mobile networks all over the world, including the United States, Europe and Asia, sources familiar with the case tells. It writes our site.

iPhone 5 will not necessarily be able to take advantage of 4 g LTE with all operators, since the networks in the various regions and countries, are not equal.

Chinese iPhone-Competitor on the Way to Europe

Popular iPhone-competitor in China, is now on its way beyond China’s borders. Expected to Europe at the beginning of 2013.

In China is the hugely popular. Their response to an iPhone competitor. The phone is called Mi-One and is produced by the Chinese company Xiaomi. Into the now is sold in more than 3.5 million copies, and it is expected that the sequel Mi-Two will be even more popular. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S III Gets the Last Jelly Bean for November

Samsung has on their Danish Facebook page stated the dates of the Jelly Bean for both Galaxy S II and S (III) see them here.

Are you sitting and are eagerly awaiting the update to the Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S III, so you must hold your breath a little longer, for there is still a month or two until it is ready.

According to Samsung Danish Facebook page, so is the tentative date for the Update October or November month.

Also Jelly Bean for Galaxy S II stands illuminated on the update list, here stands the abandoned to be rolled out to users in the month of November.

Samsung, however, writes on Facebook that all dates are provisional, meaning they can change for the better or worse side.


Samsung-Defeat Sent Nokia for Tops

The decision in the proceedings between Samsung and Apple infected very positive on Nokia’s share price, which rose by over 10 per cent.

It can get Nokia for good, that Samsung-in the first place-has suffered a defeat in a patent war against Apple.

That was the clear message from investors during Mondays, where Nokia’s share price, according to our site rose by more than 10 percent to $2.75 euro. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note II Comes to Denmark

Samsung Galaxy Note II with powerful processor, huge screen and S Pen has been confirmed for the Danish shops.

Samsung has presented the new Galaxy Note II, with 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 5.55 inch HD Super AMOLED screen.

Together with Galaxy Note II follows S Pen, with brand new features and completely new forms, only 8 mm thick and with improved grip.

Galaxy Note II comes with Android 4.1 out of the box, and with Samsung’s own TouchWiz user interface.

The new smartphone-hybrid has already been announced for the entire 128 countries in the month of October, and Denmark is among the countries.

When Galaxy Note II lands in stores, it will be for a suggested retail price of 5,000 NOK.

New Tender: Windows Phone 8 Get Premiere 29. October

FIR should a memo unveiled a 1. October-launch of Windows Phone 8. Now brings another source a new date on the course.

The release of Windows Phone 8-Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system-the reminder still closer, but the official date lets even wait on it.

There are already come several bids, and now we can put even one of its kind in the deck for the 29.October.

A source “with knowledge of Microsoft’s event plans” for example, our site, tells that this particular date will “become the official ‘ launch ‘ of Windows Phone 8”, and that one event will take place in either San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The day after starting Microsoft BUILD the 2012 Conference, where developers can get on the pitch.

The software giant did not wish to comment on the information.

Is This Apple’s New Earphones for the iPhone 5?

Apple is, according to the new video on the road with a new set of headphones to the upcoming iPhone, view them here.

The rumors about the upcoming iPhone is so many that there daily could be written several articles about them all together, today we have chosen a reasonable likely rumor, for a new set of headphones.

It is a Vietnamese website, which has previously shown rumors that has kept that now shows a set of earphones that are believed to be for the upcoming iPhone.

The kit is designed a bit special, and seems to be in-ear headphones that are designed to direct the sound more directly into the ear canal. It writes our site.

In the video below shows the Vietnamese home page the new earphones progress, and compare them with the “old model”.

How Do You Think the Future of Mobile Must Be?

All experts has an opinion about what the future of smartphone should contain. But what do you think?

It is pouring out from the factories with new smartphones every day, but often lacks the phone “lige” to be absolutely perfect.

And although you might have a 41 megapixels camera packed into a smartphone, it is not always that it is quite enough to satisfy your needs.

But now we ask: What would you you of future mobile phone? We at would like to have your views on wishes and expectations for the future.

Together with our site have we through our site Trend application for iPhone, Android and web, set up a market study. Here you can get with your opinion. You participate via the application.

Later, together we write the results to a, hopefully, exciting article.


Here Is the Difference Between 900 and 920 Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia 920 is the company’s brand new top model, but how does it against its predecessor, see the differences here.

Nokia Lumia 920 has recently been presented at a large press event held in New York. And here came the Nokia with their brand new top model.

The new range-topping, Lumia 920, featuring on a number of improvements over its predecessor, but how does the Lumia 900 in direct combat. (more…)

Apple Suppliers Have Gotten Better Working Conditions

Foxconn’s factories have been much maligned for their working conditions, but now is working conditions improved significantly.

Apple went after massive criticism of their Chinese suppliers, with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) in in January. At the same time invited the Organization to visit the factories.

This is now reflected in that FLA has issued a new report that tells working conditions at Foxconn factories has improved considerably. It writes our site.

Back at the end of the month of March showed a second report from FLA that Foxconn factories in breach of its own rules and the Chinese legislation on working hours. Then came the workers up at more than 60 hours a week. Like more than half got so little in wages, that they could not pay for basic necessities, as well as overtime were not paid.

Apple and Foxconn promised at that time that there would be corrected on the relationship, which is already well underway. Working time is, for example, now at 60 hours including overtime. (more…)

New Apple Patent Can Disconnect iPhone or Features

A new feature can turn off the iPhone or disconnect functions if it enters in a particular area. A problem of democracy and freedom?

Apple has been granted a patent on a function that can interrupt our site an iPhone or certain functions when it enters an area where mobile devices may not be used.

Such a function will be happy our site cinemas, which in some places are suffering from Pirate recordings of the films, writes our site.

Politically, a “kill switch” on the iPhone have an impact, as one can imagine, that Governments can prevent iPhone owners in taking pictures of, or record demonstrations.

Several recent revolutions have received widespread attention, since everyone has could filming demonstrations and violations, which has subsequently been made available on the Web.

Apple Wins Big Lawsuit over Samsung

One of the largest patent litigation cases between Apple and Samsung has just been settled. Samsung copied Apple.

One of the largest patent litigation between U.s. and South Korean Samsung, Apple has just been decided by a court in San Jose, California.

The lawsuit, which Apple has adopted, covers over 700 points, in which Samsung allegedly should have infringed Apple’s patents.
Samsung has been convicted guilty, having copied several of Apple’s products, including the iPhone and iPad. (more…)

49 Countries Have Now 4 G LTE Worldwide

The number of 4 g LTE network is increasing strongly, and now there are more than 100 launched LTE networks in 49 countries.

It is not just in little Denmark, to 4 g LTE is a hot topic.Around the world have telecommunications companies scrambling to upgrade their networks.

Trade Organization 4 g Americas reports that there are now more than 100 commercially available 4 g LTE networks in 49 different countries. It writes our site.

Only within the last 12 months have been launched 67 LTE network around the world. At a time most networks in the so-called FD-LTE standard, while there are only launched 9 TD-LTE network. Read more about the difference between FD-LTE and TD-LTE here.

It is expected that at the end of 2012 will be launched 133 LTE network. Worldwide has about 440 telecommunications companies plans to launch 4 g LTE network.

HTC “Proto” Revealed as Desire X

According to several Swedish and Norwegian e-shops will the upcoming HTC-mobile codenamed “Proto” come to be called Desire X.

The recent past has featured several rumors and leaks regarding new models from HTC. This applies , among other things, the image of a black smartphone code-named “Proto”.

Swedish our site, however, has an offer on the model’s official name. Both Swedish and Norwegian webshops should thus call Proto-Mobile for HTC Desire X.

In the picture above, it is clear also that the expected release date is “2012-09-11”.

According to rumor the Smiths features HTC Proto/Desire X 4 “screen, among other things, 1.0 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor, 5 megapixel camera and a thickness of 9.62 mm.

Your phone can be presented during IFA trade fair, which begins later this week.

These Six Apple Patents Led to the Downfall of Samsung in a Patent War

Zoom, multi-touch and icons are among the reasons why Samsung is slated to pay six billion dollars for Apple. View the entire list here.

Samsung will not accept defeat in a patent war, but for the time being, the electronics giant, has been ordered to pay about six billion dollars in damages to Apple.

According to our site turned the decision of six Apple patents, which deals with everything from physical design to the user interface and features. (more…)

Our Site Supreme UC Headset-Good Sound to Good Price (Product Tests)

TEST: our site Supreme UC can be used for smartphones as well as applications like Skype and Lync on your computer. We have tested whether it is an interesting buy.

If you have to have a good headset for the smart phone, it’s almost always a safe choice, to take a from Danish Our site (GN Netcom) or Plantronics.

These producers are just with good sound quality, at both ends of the conversation. (more…)

View Nokia N9 Prototype That Never Turned into Anything

A leaked photo of a qwerty mobile with Nokia and Intel MeeGo system shows a sequel that never came to fruition.

Nokia N9 was Nokia’s bid on a smartphone that was supposed to compete with Android and iOS. But the success was very short, actually reached the not to be successful before the system was scrapped, in favor of Windows Phone.

Now there are cropped pictures up on the Web by a sister phone to the Nokia N9, called Lauta, there should have been launched in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The device is equipped with a qwerty keyboard, but looks like a completely ordinary Nokia N9 with Meego system installed.

The specifications should, according to our site, be very similar to those found in N9-model.

Below you can see a number of pictures of the phone that was never launched.

Here Are the Specifications for Motorola Razr Maxx HD

Motorola’s Razr-family has received three new members. Here you can read the details about the Razr Maxx HD.

Motorola’s portfolio of Razr-smartphones will be extended with three new models, and it applies, among other things, Razr Maxx HD.

There is actually talk about a big brother to the Razr HD, which also has just been presented. Most of the specifications are the same-for example, 4.7 “-1280 x 720 pixels with screen, 1 GB RAM, 1.5 GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera. (more…)

Big Jambox-Wireless Speaker with Animals Audio (Product Tests)

TEST: the compact wireless speaker from Jawbone Jambox Big sounds excellent, but has the price against themselves.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker looks like much. A square box with a length of 25.6 centimeters as well as height and width at 9.3 and 8 centimeters, make up your speaker, who, incidentally, only weighs 1.2 kilos.

Inside the box are in addition to the battery, an air-tight enclosure with neodymium drivers and two facing passive woofers. On top of it all are different controls for volume, change the song, play/pause, and a reply button. (more…)