The Wide Short Pants, the Moment the UFO

Lately, fashion has a tendency to grow. It is true that there are countless classics are declining in oversize format. After the overcoat, pants clips and denim jacket, thus now the turn of the gauchos to shake his wise kind adopting a XXL volume…

Preview notably at Celine and The Row, the wide gauchos of already being done swoon with envy all those wishing to rub the new fundamentals of minimalist silhouette. I must say that this UFO- Unidentified Object Fashion – is enough to generate interest…

Week Tokyo Fashion

If fashion was a laboratory, it would fall without fail in the Japanese capital. This is what we had proven the Spring-Summer 2007 fashion shows that took place in Tokyo in September. For besides the fascination and ownership of major Western brands by Japanese fashionatas addition to their perfect and detailed knowledge of fashion and the classics, the new Japanese designers have managed to create collections with their own style, a claw before -gardiste, inspired extravagances of the street, her cosplays and other characters surlookés’s trendy Tokyo.

The week of parades was illustrated perfectly this typical Japanese fascination for Children Revisited manga: a sour taste in the back sour taste… It is exclusively oriented towards the preteen collections, to the hesitation between the world of childhood and first love, who invaded the Japanese podiums. (more…)

Net1-Test of Mobile Broadband in Outermost Denmark (Product Tests)

TEST: Net1 offers mobile broadband where others do not cover. But it works and is the price right? We have tested the Net1 deep in the Woods and in peripheral cities.

Net1-if the name is not just ring a Bell with you, then you are certainly not alone.

Net1 is far from then known as the big four competitors our site. Net1 is actually the fifth telecommunications company that offers 3 g mobile broadband in Denmark, and the company is slightly different than the other four. (more…)

Wanted: a Large Black Dress

Nothing like that simplify the daily basic pieces, light and easy to live, capable of changing appearance depending on how you accessorize them, like a good white shirt, a well cut jeans, a male white shirt or a perfect dress shirt…

Chosen in a carbon finish (in order to give a touch “casual rock” in the figure), the perfect shirt dress should be neither too short nor too long, while being provided with sleeves easily “roulottables” on the shoulders .It also sports a large volume and a cutting tall, so as to avoid the “tee-shirt too.”  (more…)

Trends Fall / Winter 2015-2016: the Silhouettes

Between seventies look uninhibited, sweet quickdraw, Victorian reminiscences, comfortable and unusual puzzle Jansenism clothes, women’s winter 2015 confirms certain trends and initiates other…

Seventies fusion

If she had hitherto merely flares jeans and fringed suede jackets, one that swears for several seasons as the suave charm of the seventies now allows all fantasies. And even if her outfits seem more intended for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Disneyland as urban pavements: it mocks in, sating with passion and greed his love for beads, fringes of all kinds, ponchos and officer jackets. However, it is only when it moves away from the caricature silhouettes in favor of retaining a certain subtlety that really reveals convincing. We think of the proposal that Dries Van Noten, bartering Native American aesthetics against the Mongolian style, offering a credible alternative to the ethnic aspirations of our addict seventies.
In everyday life, it likes to glide in long burgundy dresses and floral quilts to detail (Burberry Prorsum), warm up in the pit of military jackets, ponchos or even jackets in shearling, when not in love a marine blue officer’s jacket. (more…)

Essentials Winter Fashion 2016

Between military-inspired jacket, sweater in red brick, faux fur and funky pants, small review of “essential” parts to successfully infuse a trendy twist to their winter wardrobe…

A sub-pull

Having long played second fiddle, the sub-pull (see here and here) wins this season acclaim by winning as an essential part of the dress code 2016. Admittedly it – via its ultra side molding – is unparalleled to slip into the high waist skirts and pants at the time, to give a sweet seventies touch to blazers and pants ⅞ other or to allow half-buttoned shirts avoid colds . Can be declined in many shades, it also serves to punctuate the silhouette of a splash of welcome color. (more…)

Wanted: a Slip Dress Medium Long

Trend for a few seasons now, the dress pants – that the nightie – continues to fuel the desire of fashionistas. It must be said that the emergence of the nineties as highly recommendable stylistically decade is no stranger to the insolent longevity of this light dress and satin…

Between the rock grunge Hedi Slimane imaging and streetwear reminiscent of 90’s clothing from collections, it is clear that the mood is more than ever a dress code Kurt Cobainien laced with influences Courtney Loviennes…

In other words, the rags we definitely thought buried with our 1993 class photos resurface today, marked with the seal of the hype: baggy plaid shirts, jeans 501, denim jackets slightly oversize and other DHL t-shirtsnow monopolize the wardrobes of trend-setter.  (more…)

Sarah Jessica Parker

It was inevitable, inescapable, short we dreamed and we were expecting a little… Indeed, it was likely that Miss Carrie Bradshaw would turn sooner or later in an inspired designer. That was a few days ago in New York that SJP presented during a private party, the first collection of her brand Bitten (which means “bitten”)…

Carrie Bradshaw, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, has become in a few seasons of the famous series Sex and the City “The” ideal woman (maybe not for the male who sometimes difficult to grasp the subtlety of his looks and understand his passion for Manolo Blahnik stilettos). (more…)

Trousers Time, Risky Trend of the Moment

If fashion had already annoyingly tend to recycle the non-recyclable, this phenomenon has increased markedly with the arrival on the front of the fashion scene Demna Gvasalia (Balenciaga DA). After the jacket sportswear and Juicy Couture jogging, thus now the turn of the spindle pants move from a highly tacky nature an aura much hype…

1985 For some reason (that only trends offices would be able to explain), time pants popular with riders and skiers invite themselves within the offer ready-to-wear. The playgrounds to the pages of magazines, stretch material in these pants, carrot cut and ending with a “bracket” elastic (to soft pants and said to avoid it goes back to the ankle) are now everywhere. And even if they tend to swell the upper leg and confer draws unflattering silhouette…

Marithe + Francois Girbaud

Partners in creation for over thirty years, Marithe + Francois Girbaud have joined forces to change the classic blue jean experimenting with washes and softening techniques that have revolutionized the industry.

Regularly injecting a good dose of innovation in the production of denim, the brand Girbaud is the origin of some styles of jeans among the most sold in contemporary history.

Marithé Bachellerie was born in 1942 in Lyon and François Girbaud in 1945 in Mazamet. They met in 1960 and began importing uniforms American cow-boys to Paris. By easing raw denims using cardboard emery, they invent the “stone wash” key industrial process today. (more…)

The Wide Triumph

Hard to miss the return in force of wide within the fashion landscape: in recent months, oversize volumes are everywhere. And if one could doubt initially on the ability of these to massively seduce fashionistas, it is now clear that the stylistic grammar dear to the Olsen sisters infused every stratum of the fashion cosmos…

Celine collections for Tumblr to, via the fast fashion and street style reviews (see here , here and here ), the wide unanimous. So much so that some diehards do not hesitate to ignore the first commandment dictating the dress code loose parts – that always involve large volume and narrow volume – totally drowning in their figure in looks XXL 100%. What wonder about the origin of popularity among trend-setter of a trend priori hardly able to showcase their yoga addict plastic…


The Perfect Navy Blue Duffle Coat

The good basics are the wardrobe of fashionistas that the organic market is the chef: indispensable. Impossible to imagine happening in the spine that is also indestructible that timeless these parts. On the menu: the perfect navy blue duffle coat…

Discovered at age 13, the film “Dead Poets Society” was born in me many obsessions: to cross one day the way a French teacher extraordinary, live 100% the famous “carpe diem “dear to Mr Keating or to slip in a duffle coat similar to those of the students of the academy of Welton.

Trends Literally: The Library of Fashion

The temple of fashion has just opened its doors in Paris… Quickly run it, but I warn you there find the shoes or purse trends or must-have bags…

This place will soon become a must for all those who work in fashion but also for those who wish to take it all a little closer, and those who want to try to decipher future trends. It is 120 m2 which are dedicated to the design, fashion and all the pointed press, high-end and avant-garde; Gap Japan, View, Wear, Bloom, Collezioni or Provider … No need to go rue Etienne Marcel to unearth these wonders … (more…)

What’s New in the Windows Phone 8: Pay Directly in Applications

With the introduction of Windows Phone 8 also comes with several new features. Including in-app purchases.

It has long been possible on other platforms like iOS and Android: buying services and extra features directly in the applications on the phone.

And it was perhaps only a matter of time before users of Microsoft’s Windows Phone got the same opportunities. With the introduction of Windows Phone 8, it is now possible to make purchases directly in applications, writes our site.

It is now possible to purchase additional content, upgrades and media content via an integrated tool.

The function was demonstrated as part of the new “wallet-feature” that protects you against accidental purchases via your phone.

Windows Phone 8, there is the new generation of Windows Phone was unveiled Wednesday.

The Perfect Khaki Shirt

If the khaki has long been one of my favorite colors, I curiously enough has few clothes in that color. I must say that I have a clear idea of the kind of olive parts I need and that few of them have thus far proven to my taste…

When I started looking early April a khaki shirt, I knew that the task would be daunting. No way indeed for me to succumb to a model adorning frills fantasies (such as beads or studs), accumulating military details or bohemians, or seeing treated too feminine note: the perfect shirt khaki should be sober, carved in a good cotton twill and infused with a khaki ideally located between the hue lichen and green bottle.  (more…)

Wanted: a Finely Tea Romantic Pink Dress

In recent seasons, Mango has a knack for designing dresses fashion unifying appeal, like the small peplum dress slightly loose proposed in his new collection…

If the time of the season is approaching and with it the flow of jeans, loose pants and blazers other officer, it is possible to extend a strand summer by wearing for a few weeks little dresses merging aoûtienne twist and lightness city romantic.

We will not hesitate to abandon it for the ultra short dresses with spaghetti straps, transparent models, necklines Bardot and other colors immaculate who made the honey from our summer vacation in favor of products that can adapt without difficulty mode urban life.  (more…)

Leaf Greener, the Right Style

Consultant, stylist, former fashion editor for Elle China and founder of the magazine WeChat Leaf, Leaf Greener catches the eye with his pace mingling printed clashes and bold accessories. Always surprising, which handles fashion and fantasy playfully has indeed no equal to impart a healthy dose of elegance to its unusual stylistic mix and match. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding the dress code of the young woman…

Building on small printed pieces to mix graphics and appease all via a monochrome piece (see here and here).

Telescoping folk fabric and technical matters (see here). (more…)

Anatomy of a Bestseller # 1: the Teddy Saint Laurent

Overview in the countryside Saint Laurent spring / summer 2016, then on the back of many influencers such as Marc Jacobs, Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian or Keith Richards, the teddy “Black Palms At Sunset” is today out of stock. The opportunity to question the reasons for his insolent success…

A familiar casual model

Nothing like a classic to afford a bankable chair rail: by taking a known volume and an iconic style, Slimane ensures good readability in its seasonal creation.


Ann Demeulemeester

“Fashion is like rock: Always find a rebel base”

Always inspired by her friend Patti Smith, pagan poet and punk princess if any, Ann Demeulemeester is a creative that is not afraid to express his feelings. In fact, it’s the same because of his work and why it has many very loyal fans today.

Born in 1959 in Belgium, Ann Demeulemeester studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Antwerp where she graduated in 1981, member of a promotion soon to be known as the “Antwerp Six”. She launched her own label in 1985 with her husband Patrick Robyn. (more…)

Streetstyle – Fall 2016

Between bold volumes, engineered materials, male tiles, complex overlays, inspiring color harmonies and unusual stylistic gimmicks, quick overview of the landscape street style of the moment…

Redundant unless a Dionysus, the Gucci sweaters are the new fad of fashionistas. Often colorful, they indeed correspond to the idea that there is a bestseller, ie an identifiable product, portable and original (see here, here , here and here ).

Pink invites in all styles and comes in every tone: satin , it offers an unexpected softness in khaki; bubble gum , it breathes a sweet pulls off leather pants; layette , he coaxes burgundy; graphic , it is cerebral; Oversized , it assumes a quickdraw conceptual boyish. (more…)

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren talks a success story in the US, where a young man out of nothing is found at the head of an empire of $ 3 billion. The logo small embroidered polo player became a status symbol, seen on Wall Street as in Harlem, who won thanks to the will of a self-made man…

In the New York district of the Bronx, in 1939, Ralph Lipchitz born, child of immigrant Jews in Belarus. Ralph’s father is building painter, and the family is struggling to make ends meet. Yet the young man quickly develops an obvious taste for luxury clothing, and he works as a teenager to buy costumes overpriced. He is already dreaming of a great destiny, since he changed his name when he was only 16 years, fearing that a Jewish surname impedes his social success: it will invoke Ralph Lauren… (more…)

Waders by Dior

After several seasons of reinterpret Dior archives, Raf Simons finally seems to take off at the last fashion show of Parisian shoe. Difficult indeed not to bow to its elegant silhouettes sheathed waders as maddening that bold…

By imagining a pair of waders second skin mingling square heel “scaffolding”, seventies colors and slightly rounded tip, Raf Simons managed the feat of freeing the duo strappy boots / vinyl vulgarity. Forgotten and the snapshot of Julia Roberts strolling in micro skirt and strappy boots on Rodeo Drive: here, the thigh has a new virginity with sweet retro accents. (more…)

Thinness Again and Again on the Podium…

The fashion world is in a dilemma; anorexia, exceptional metabolism, creative freedom, disease … Some are positioning themselves to the exclusion of models deemed too skinny, others protest against prejudice and controversy of thinness. Hypocrisy of the circles concerned marketing problem?

Some very thin models swear to have no food problem (must be aware that one of the symptoms of anorexia is denial of the problem by the person concerned).

Other models however not hesitate to say that if some girls can eat what they want without taking a gram, there is much more that period shows only feed an apple… Far from judgmental, do a little rundown of the different reactions of the fashion world about this… (more…)

Windows Phone 8 Devices Can Be Updated Wirelessly

Microsoft adds yet another useful feature in future Windows Phone 8 units – wireless update.

Android made it a regular part of the software several years ago, later also came the Apple on the bandwagon, and now it is the turn of Microsoft.

“Firmware over the air (FOTA) means that one’s updates to the phone comes wireless sent via telecommunications network.

This is a feature that all upcoming Windows Phone 8 units will have built-in to the delight of many consumers who no longer have to connect your phone to your computer to update their device.

With this feature, there will be also a special “registered enthusiasts” program that allows registered enthusiasts to get faster access to an update than ordinary users.

Audrey Lombard, the Right Style

With 92,000 followers on Instagram, Audrey Lombard (ex Sushi Pedro) can claim to be today one of the darlings of the fashion world hexagonal. It must be said that the fine has no equal for mixing and unifying casualness ultra desirable pieces. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling the current dress code of the young woman…

Skate sexy aura of a strong piece lace wearing with sneakers (see here).

Soothe a leather mini skirt by bilk there a masculine shirt (see here).

Mixer sailor stripes, leopard print and gold jewelry (see here and here).

Slide a slim leather in a wide and short black dress (see here). (more…)

Essentials Fall Fashion 2015

Pleated skirt between noon and smock dress pants 7/8, parts horizon tour “essential” to successfully inject a little trendy twist to its fall wardrobe…

A Victorian gown

Spotted at Altuzarra, Victorian blouse calls within seasonal wardrobes. And if the collar lined with a small strip of gathered fabric proves to be its most recognizable element, puffed sleeves (Givenchy), pleated chiffon, chest ruffle and other details in 1900 also make honey tops of the moment. In practice, one will think to mix this kind of play “romantic-goth” (see here and here) to a mom jeans rolled at the ankle or a wrap skirt 7/8 (or a mini trapeze). (more…)

The 45 Commandments of Winter Fashion 2016

Between test patterns, mix to plebiscite, to associate colors, places to discover and stylistic gimmicks to adopt, passing in review some rules to follow – or not – to have a proper winter fashionnement…

In a pair of glasses ultra glamorous dresses you pull your rehausseras (see here).

Boyfriend jeans and sweater “Irish” you mixeras (see here).

Your oversize cuffs folded shirt you’ll wear (see here).

Via a casual touch your neon – false – fur you dédramatiseras (see here).

The duo thigh suede / sweater dress plebiscite you continue (see here).

With opaque tights wide ⅞ your pants to wear thou autoriseras (see here). (more…)