These Colors Come the New Nokia Lumia Phones in

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 comes in several colors when they land on store shelves, see them all here.

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 was recently presented by the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, and although they are trying to catch up for lost time this year on the smartphone market, they are not afraid to stand out.
As with the previous series, so comes Lumia 920 Lumia and 820 also in a wide range of beautiful colors, some of them are even brand new in Lumia-series.

To Lumia 920, there will be five choices of color, you can choose between yellow, red, gray, white and black.

Nokia Lumia 820 comes in several colors, yet it will be as available in the colors red, yellow, gray, cyan, purple, white and black.

See pictures of all the colors as well as both devices in our small gallery below.

Immediate Ban on iPhones, iPads and Galaxy Products

A court in South Korea has banned the sale of both Apple and Samsung products.

While waiting for a decision on the lawsuit in California between Apple and Samsung, are there at the other end of the world with immediate effect, a ban on selling iPhone, iPad, Galaxy-Galaxy phones and tablets. It writes our site.

A court in South Korea has now determined that both Apple and Samsung uses technology as the other party owns.

Our Site Want in on the Tablet Market

Apple and Samsung will get a new competitor in the tablet market, as it is expected our site unveils a tablet aimed at children.

It seems that Apple and Samsung will get a new competitor in the tablet market, as it is expected our site will unveil a tablet aimed at children. The price should be around 150 dollars allegedly. It writes our site.

-“It is our strategic position to offer products that you can’t find anywhere else or comparable on price,” said Troy Peterson, who is Deputy Director of the our site, to the Wall Street Journal. (more…)

Referee: a Ban on the Sale of Apple and Samsung Products

A court in South Korea has with immediate effect banned the sale of multiple products from Apple and Samsung.

While the lawsuit in the United States was about to be completed, said a court in South Korea that it should be banned with immediate effect to sell iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S II, Tab 10.1.

It is not the latest models, but still products that perform well in sales. It writes our site. (more…)

Free Wi-Fi for Android Users

Google is sponsoring free Wi-Fi for Android users in the United States.

Google app store, Google Play, has expanded cooperation with Wi-Fi hotspot vendor Boingo. The company writes in a press release.

Boingo provides access to more than 4,000 Wi-Fi hotspots all over in the United States, and the company usually takes payment for access. Cooperation with Google Play is a so-called reklamefinanseret partnership, where Google is sponsoring free Wi-FI for users of Andoird phones/tablets, as well as users of Windows/Mac computers.

Boingo’s Wi-Fi is available in a number of major u.s. cities as well as on a number of so-called “high-traffic locations” such as airports, hotels, shopping malls, cafes and underground stations.

Provisional offer applies only to the end of September and, unfortunately, only in the United States.

iPhone 5 Name Confirmed by the Search Engine at Our Site

Website should supposedly have found out that iPhone 5 will be the name. It was supposed to be turned up in a search on our site.

The time is approaching for Apple’s big event, where it is expected we will have the new iPhone presented. There has been a lot of guesswork on the name, but it is mentioned most is iPhone 5. However, this was also the case last year, but now joins the website our site that the more places have seen pages on, as delicious “iPhone 5-name”.

The pages are, inter alia:

In addition to an iPhone 5 displays search results also that there should be featured a new iPod Touch and iPod Nano model in the evening during the Apple event.

Site our site have on Apple’s side found several pages that shows it seems that the new iPhone will be named iPhone 5.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 a Professional Windows 8 Tablet

New pictures of Windows 8 tablet from Sony, shows a professional layout and a Surface-like actions.

Previous images of a Surface-like tablet from Sony now re-emerges in new detailed images that shows Sony goes the professional way.

The device that is pictured is, according to our site, Sony Vaio Duo 11, a tablet with a backlit keyboard as an accessory.

The specifications are very limited, but there will be guessed at that screen size is 11 inches, as well as to the keyboard are additional accessories to the device.

We bring, of course, more details on Vaio Duo 11 as soon as they arise, until then can press images of the device are explored below.

HTC Desire X Is Official

Desire has been one of the most successful phones from HTC, now they are ready with a new one. Meet the Desire X here.

HTC has just today unveiled the HTC Desire X at this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin.

Desire X comes with a 1 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and S4 integration with Beats Audio.

The phone has 4 inch Super LCD WVGA screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a 5 megapixel camera with a number of features. (more…)

Sony Mobile Hit by Hacker Attacks

A group of hackers, who call themselves Null Crew, has attacked several servers at Sony Mobile and left a message.

Group of hackers claim that Sony has a notoriously lax security. That is why they allegedly hacked into the eight servers and left a message on Sony Mobiles website:

– “Sony, we are dearly dissapointed in your security. This is just one of eight sony servers that we have control of. Maybe, just maybe considering IP addresses are available. Maybe, just maybe it’s the fact that not even your customers can trust you. Or maybe, just maybe the fact that you can not do anything technologically correct. ”

The message from the hackers briefly goes out on that Sony has a poor security, consumers cannot rely on Sony and Sony can’t do anything technologically correct.

Over the past two years, Sony has been hit by more hacker attacks. Worst of all it went to, when hackers managed to attack the PlayStation Network and stealing more than 100 million users’ information and credit card information, writes our site. (more…)

Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL Comes in Fourth Quarter

Huaweis top model Ascend D1 quad XL comes on the Danish market in the fourth quarter.

At the end of august confirmed Huawei our site, opposite to their Android top model: Ascend D1 quad XL coming to Denmark.

Huawei today via his Danish facebook page stated that we must wait until the fourth quarter watching top model on the Danish market.

Huawei Ascend D1 quad XL is an Android phone with Ice Cream sandwiches and Huaweis own battery saving timeout that supposedly was going to cut up to 30 percent of the phone energy consumption.

The battery at 2,600 mAh sheep according to the manufacturer, hence up to 15 hours talk or 500 hours of standby.

Huawei announces at the same time, the price has not yet been determined.

The Danes Have for Bad Facebook Codes

Computer criminals have easy games, when we use the same bad passwords everywhere — even on facebook.

Many Danes are today active on a social media as our site. Facebook or twitter. This makes them according to a new report from Norton, the possible target for computer criminals.

We know very well that we should not open anything on the Internet, or click the main loosely on all link in an email. But one of the biggest problems is our ability to choose the wrong passwords, and often the same codes for many different services, including mail and facebook. (more…)

Super Phone by LG Gets Hefty Processor

Qualcomm has confirmed the processor in the new super-phone, LG Optimus G-expect quad-core processor with slide in.

The recently leaked phone LG Optimus G, must be said to be able to impress with its existing specifications, and is now blurred the promise of further interesting information.

The preliminary specifications called 4.7 inch IPS True HD screen, quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, 2 GB Ram, 4 g-LTE and LG’s own user interface in version 3.0.

The new in thing is the four-kernede processor, which now has been specified by the manufacturer thereof, it is write our site.

Quad-core processor from Qualcomm, and of the all-new kind of, namely a Snapdragon S4 processor.

And the new processor from the manufacturer is not to be trifled with, in an earlier article could read about how much faster it was than earlier processors.

4 g: Samsung Invests Heavily in 4 G LTE

Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and Note 10 on the road in new versions that can take advantage of 4 g LTE network in Denmark.

During the fourth quarter of this year will have a number of Samsung 4 g LTE products on shelves in Denmark.

Samsung confirmed at the end of august, opposite, the new editions of the top model Galaxy S and Galaxy Note II, III will come to Denmark.

In a press release Samsung now repeats the statement, adding that also Galaxy Note 10.1 when to Denmark in 4 g version.

The products will reach store shelves during the fourth quarter. What prices will be is not yet lit.


LG Optimus G Specs Confirmed

LG now confirms the existence of Optimus G, and reveals at the same time, additional specifications on the new top.

Recently it emerged that LG is on its way with a new top model called Optimus G, shortly after it was confirmed by Qualcomm which processor should pull the device.

Now confirms LG even their product, as well as new specifications therefor, which only makes the product more attractive to get a glimpse of. (more…)

Apple’s iPhone 5 Is Official

Apple Has Tonight Unveiled Their New iPhone: “iPhone 5”.

At a large-scale event in San Francisco, Apple has presented their new iPhone – iPhone 5

The event has been surrounded by much secrecy, and it has for the last been uncertain just what would be presented.

Now it is here: iPhone 5

The next-generation iPhone will have a display at 4 “with a resolution of 1136×640 with 326 ppi (pixels per inch) (more…)

EverNote Comes with Smart Notebook

The popular internet service and application, Evernote, will revive the old paper-notebook–in digital form.

EverNote has great success both on the Internet and on their applications, but they are ready with several services. It has just published on their annual “Trunk Conference”. It writes our site.

The most interesting news on the Conference was collaboration with Moleskine, which manufactures paper notebooks. They have together developed an intelligent with Evernote notebook. It makes it easy to transfer handwritten notes from the notebook to the digital application from Evernote. (more…)

Gain Control of the SMS in the Car with Sony

Sony has just unveiled App Remote, which helps you to hear text messages via the car’s stereo system.

Sony has at the IFA trade fair in sleeve than other new phones, televisions and computers, they have also just presented a new App Remote.

With Remote, you can connect the smart phone App to the car’s stereo system and thus secure control over texting, music, and applications on the go.

Sony’s App Remote makes you no longer need to fear your attention will be derived from that you need to read text messages when you are running in traffic. Now seeking phone that they read up through the car’s stereo system. (more…)

HTC Desire X – All the Specifications

See all the specifications of HTC’s new Desire model, the HTC Desire X.

HTC unveiled yesterday their latest model in Desire series, which should live up to the successful HTC Desire and Desire S from 2010 and 2011 respectively.

In yesterday’s press release was the information about the specifications a bit sparse from HTC’s page by, but the full specification list is now ready.

HTC Desire X has as mentioned earlier, a 4-inch Super LCD display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, a dual-core 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera and S4 comes with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich as well as HTC Sense 4.  (more…)

Our Site: Users Think Again on Nokia

Faith in Nokia seems to be back. During the live chat by Nokia’s presentation, was that users on our site quite positive opposite Lumia 920.

During the live chat at the press conference today at 4 pm, there was enthusiasm to track users on our site.

There were comments like: “Fuck, Nokia kicks ass now. Take my money! “,” Iphone 5 may well pack up!:) “,” it is the fierce sexy in RED! “,” fuckin fat with a little contrast to the other producers! “and” Nokia should have respect for bringing their mobiles in colors other than white and black from beginning of. “. (more…)

How to Block You for Requests and Apps on Facebook

TIPS: are you tired of game requests and applications on Facebook? So read on here, where we help you block them.

The social network Facebook is good for, to create social relationships and keep its existing network.

It is also an excellent form of communication, especially when you’re on the go, here’s Facebook and Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android good applications to stay in touch, in addition to SMS, Mail and calls. (more…)

HTC One S Gets Huge Update

HTC One S owners may well enjoy a large Android 4.0.4 update is on the way out to their units just now.

Updates for Android devices is an infinite swallow, but nevertheless it is important information for many users.

HTC our site, HTC to Nordic tells to One S is about to get an update.

The update contains the gist of many of the improvements and optimizations, as HTC One X customers recently began to receive, in a similarly large update. (more…)

LG Teaser for the Brand New Optimus G

LG has intensified the focus on their next big smartphone in new video. View LG Optimus G here.

LG Optimus G got first leaked its specifications on the net, then went out and confirmed the processor Qualcomm in the new device from LG, and eventually there was nothing else for LG to do, than to nominate it as an official telephone.

LG Optimus G comes with some powerful and self-confident specifications, including a big screen, powerful processor and fast internet connection via 4 g-LTE.

In a new video goes LG “all-in” and promises Optimus G up on an increasingly unattainable pedestal. Consumers must still look far after a launch date, date, LG will announce in the near future.

Until then, enjoy the sight of in the latest teaser video from LG including.

So Much Translates the Telecommunications Organizations for Mobile Data

From 2010 to 2011, sales rose for mobile broadband with more than 30 percent in Denmark, and holds the companies’ revenue up.

Turnover on mobile broadband is from 2010 to 2011 has increased by more than 30 percent, the telecommunications industry’s economic figures, which were released by the Business Agency last Friday.

Last year was telecommunications industry’s turnover at 1.6 billion kroner on sales of mobile data access via mobile phones and portable computers. In 2010, the turnover of 1.2 billion kroner.

Despite the turnover of mobile data is upward, so was the total turnover in the telecommunications industry downward from 2010 to 2011, with a decrease from 40.5 billion kroner to 39.4 billion kroner.

This is probably due to the turnover on fixed and mobile telephony have fallen. It writes our site.

Instagram Is Turned into a Sex-Window

Instagram is gone and been a bit dirty after multiple takes advantage of the service, as a openly sex-window to the world.

Are you a user of Instagram, so do you maybe also it is possible to tag the same images, so that they can more easily be found by other users of the application, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times for iOS and Android.

These tags can be named anything between heaven and Earth, but a trend for sex-oriented tags are starting to subscribe to the service. (more…)

Cover-Industry Makes Ready for iPad Mini-without LED Flash

Chinese art-producers maintains the belief that Apple has iPad Mini ready in the wings.

One of the tech-industry’s more persistent rumors are an autumn launch of an iPad with 7″ or 7.85″ screen-also called iPad Mini.

An unnamed source from Samsung has previously claimed that Apple has ordered 7.85 “-screen panels, and it is precisely information from suppliers, subcontractors and factories, which cover producers often leans up ad. (more…)