Perfect Dresses for Reformation in

Ultra feminine, slightly retro and finely in tune with the times, the dresses of the California claw Reformation monopolize the fashion spreads and the delight of street-style muses. It must be said that between sensual quickdraw casual and eco-DNA, they have it all really…

Occasionally a search for our News section, I recently made the discovery of the Reformation brand, launched 6 years ago by Yael Aflalo. I usually cultivates a style rather boyish, I was immediately seduced by the allure of proposed dresses and especially their fallen, their fabric and cut.  (more…)

The Worst Looks of the Oscars…

Yes no one escapes the bad taste, the Caesars gave us a generous glimpse Saturday night… and we looked forward to the top five direct from Hollywood. It’s done !

5 / start with fifth place and be indulgent, it is not major and certainly could not choose her dress herself, or maybe if just what was she who chose, but in this case there, damn it is not major, while adults do?

For Barbie Doll version of OCD is not the best taste… But as I have said we will be lenient because the mischievous little face of Abigail Breslin redeems everything and more the young lady missed the statuette then…  (more…)

Streetstyle – Fall 2015

Between assumed fancy, oversize lengths, bare shoulders, learned deconstructions of inspiring colors harmonies, seductive mix and match and unusual stylistic gimmicks, quick overview of the landscape street style of the moment…

Navy blue and sky blue go well together (see here and here).

Gray sweatshirt proves to be the best ally of the sequined skirt (see here).

Boots and dresses 7/8 mix well (see here).

Sailor stripes and leopard spotted merge for better (see here).

Worn conventionally, hairy Gucci loafers become almost possible (see here). (more…)

The Orange, Manual

Increasingly popular with creative gent and gradually adopted by Stakhanovists trend, orange might become – after years of ostracism – a color like others …

Despite its symbolic positive (where there are particular notions of enthusiasm, joy and warmth), the orange color tends to unseat the fashionista. It must be said that Halloween pumpkins, utility uniform and the signaling contacts have greatly overused that shade, reducing it to a gadget and flashy colors devoid of stylistic interest.  (more…)

Rain Time: 15 Lessons from Glastonbury Festival

While the weather on the Hexagon continues to be capricious, rain boots base looks beautiful on a spree at the Glastonbury festival deserve more than ever to be analyzed, making the distinction between what is may borrow them on the spot and which should remain confined to the muddy alleys of southern England…

Among the things to try, we note:

The rain cape or translucent waterproof to focus on keeping it covers (see here and here). This will slip into a mini orange dress sixties and continue to benefit from his aura and joyful even under heavy rain.

The long light parka zipper unzipping are both at the top as the bottom, thus providing the opportunity to unveil a mini shorts once last downpour (see here). (more…)

H & M x Kenzo: the Parts to Shopper

As Miuccia Prada recently said in an interview that she never would work with the fast fashion (she does not like bad copies), H & M has unveiled the contents of his umpteenth masstige collection by calling this time the universe nerd / street / cosmopolitan DA Kenzo…

When filtrèrent on the canvas last September the first looks Kenzo x H & M, we say that this album might be the last of its kind, as the figures presented aped by almost grotesquely Kenzo style already difficult to take on the catwalks. A few weeks later, and while the collection was unveiled in its entirety since, it seems, however, that parts could easily once worn separately participate in some tasty stylistic exquisite corpses. (more…)

Alber Elbaz

Behind his round glasses, silent and attentive, Alber Elbaz observed women. He guesses fulfills their desires and wishes. It creates elegant but practical clothing, “to make women happy,” and that men fall in love with them. No wonder he is now the darling of her ladies…

It is often called the Woody Allen of sewing, extravagant but lonely, sparkling but modest, complex personality and endearing. All eyes of the fashion world are set on him since he gave Lanvin second wind full of sweetness and glamor, reinventing a modern and sensual Parisian. Yet it is Israel that we came from. (more…)

Nokia Offers Navigation to All 8-Smartphones

Nokia Drive is no longer exclusive to Lumia-smartphones. All Windows Phone 8-producers will have the opportunity to include Nokia navigation.

Navigation through the so-called Nokia Drive-app has been reserved for the Finnish mobile manufacturer’s own Windows Phones, but the strategy will soon be changed.

Nokia announces in a blog post that the company-in connection with the upcoming Windows Phone 8-operating system-opens the door ajar for other manufacturers who want to offer Nokia Operated ‘ turn-by-turn’-navigation.

Preliminary has been presented three other Windows Phone 8-partners in the form of Samsung, HTC and Huawei.

In skrivene while reporting the story do not know anything about the extent to which the other producers will be interested in using Nokia’s offer-or how licensing may be screwed together.

FynBus Ready with New Ticket Application

People now can quickly and easily buy the ticket for the bus. FynBus is ready with a new ticket application.

Back in 2008 launched FynBus SMS-ticket, and now they are again ready with a new offer to passengers, as nuhurtigt and can easily buy the ticket for the bus, via a new ticket application.

-“SMS-ticket showed us to the easier and more logical we can do things faster takes your customers new technique for themselves. Mobile ticket is based on logic and intuition and, therefore, many users find it really easy to use, and it has been very important in the whole development process,” says Director, Selvakumar to TV 2 Fyn.

So are you a resident on the island of Funen, or come over during the summer, so remember to download the application “FynBus Mobile ticket” in the App Store, Google Play Big or on – it is free.

The Perfect Cuff Bracelet

Crowned by a mysterious aura, the delicate Pentagram bracelet Pamela Love appeared to me during a trip in a Parisian department store as the perfect jewel to raise the brightness of my white T-shirts, denim shirts and other marcels loose…

To celebrate the beginning of the sales, I decided yesterday afternoon to go take a look at the jewelry department of the Bon Marché (I prefer at this time to avoid ready-to-wear rays, not wanting to face the disappointment of not finding my size, mass hysteria face an ultimate skirt Isabel Marant or the temptation to splurge on a particular proposed piece -70%). (more…)

Dries Van Noten

That was 20 years that the designer had presented his first women’s collection, and from Paris to him it was a real love story … This is why the shop (dock Malaquais) opened in late January in the capital seems to be the hyphen between awaited Dries Van Noten and the French.

Among the young designers of the Antwerp Six who landed in London for the 1986 collections, Dries Van Noten, through its culturally eclectic style, is one of those who met with more success. According to the distant culture that inspires for the season, embroider and bead his scarves and saris inimitable folk using traditional techniques from India, Morocco and Eastern Europe. (more…)

Wanted: a Pair of Lace up Boots

If the shoes are still out of favor in the fashion world, the arrival of autumn does should nevertheless see the boots and booties to upstage the famous pristine sneakers. No such effect in a pair of boots or character seventies boots (which we choose and black lace) to face the seasonal trends…

Imagining liquorice boots combines gentle flare and daring with ties to the skin, Clare Waight Keller gave furiously us want to fit high laced boots perched able to remain portable despite strong stylistic bias.

Yes but now, Chloe out of reach of most exchanges, remained therefore to find a pair of lace-up boots relatively accessible and whose ergonomics would beat our heart a little faster.

After successive searches in Minelli, Jonak, COS, Mellow Yellow and Robert Clergerie (where these boots proved very photogenic, but unfortunately too expensive and not enough fine to stay in the idea of femininity Chloe model), it is ultimately & Other Stories in the crush occurred.

It must be said that between wide enough heels to avoid being too classic, thin soles (but still present), subtly pointed ends and male mountain boots lacing, these boots falsely classic offer an undeniable modernity to their quickdraw 1900. Not to mention their ability to support looks to very different styles.

In practice, we will be able to wear them with:

This wide and short jean + sweater black turtleneck worn the collar place + this jacket .

This blue long dress navy + this mid-length black jacket + that black bonnet .

This spirit pea coat + gross slim ankle + trailer on the sub-striped sweater + this ear jewelery.

This skirt + that black sweater + a + a high bun maxi light brown scarf.

Street Style – New York Winter 2016

Between wind, snow and desire to be photographed, the guests at the fashion week in New York gave pride to the heterogeneous overlays, funky fur coats, cozy gimmicks, unexpected colors and other strong parts. A brief overview of the landscape street style of the moment…

To protect themselves from bad weather while unveiling photographers its entire look, waterproof translucent PVC proves ideal to create interesting textures games (see here).

Viewed including Leandra Medine , Pernille Teisbaek and Emily Weiss , the Febbe coat from Saks Potts has attracted considerable attention. Too bad it is not synthetic fur…

In terms of pants, the mood is undoubtedly the extra large! (see here).

The hoodie is proving to be an ally of choice for winter layering (see here). (more…)

Street Style – Summer 2016

While the week of Parisian haute couture is now behind us, it is time to focus on the looks of those who recently captured the interest of street-style photographers. A review of what we may borrow wildlife fashion, and what we will leave him without regret…

The gimmicks which one might draw

Marriage attires “classic / casual” and imposing jewels, the idea being to use the aura of a wise than to exalt – glamorous – on the other (see here and here).

Combining the same green look duck, water green, burgundy and gold key (see here).

Soothe the disco of an embroidered piece of sequins will by mixing it to a model of opposite nature, such as a wide trench khaki, a large men’s jacket (see here and here) or a bomber . (more…)

Rei Kawakubo, the Priestess of the “Anti-Fashion”

While the game of musical chairs has taken Carven and Consuelo Castiglioni has announced his departure from Marni, the announcement of the retrospective by the MET to creative Rei Kawakubo has the merit to shed some light on the fashion current events. The opportunity for me to look into the reasons why this creative fascinates me so much…

A mysterious woman

In the age of Instagram accounts creators and selfies all kinds, the one that never salute at the end of his shows and that has not made photographed “officially” since 2005 makes figure of real UFO. A reservation that does him honor and that, far from serving, helps to place above the fray.


Hussein Chalayan

“I’m not really interested in fashion.”

Hussein Chalayan (born 1970) is among the fashion designers the most original of Great Britain. Paradoxically, fashion does not interest as such.Chalayan’s designs focus primarily on how the body works in the world around him, both in terms of physical space, volume environment, not to mention the socio-cultural context that influence.

It is therefore not surprising to learn that Hussein Chalayan has almost become an architect. Besides his clothes are imbued with such technical rigor and such precision that they sometimes seem almost architectonic. (more…)

The Eno Design

“These are objects that help to illuminate your daily life and without the clutter” according to François Bernard, artistic director and co-founder of the brand. What is the common point between these three designers, each more talented than each other, Gijs Bakker, Arik Levy and Paola Navone?

Gijs Bakker graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, the Netherlands, and began his career at Royal VKB in the sixties. He is the co-founder of the famous group Droog Design and produced a wide work for many international brands.

Designer, creator, artist? Industrious, Arik Levy is an inventor: he that is in the singular encounter with matter, with its characteristics and sensitive qualities, the way to give body to light. (more…)

Total Denim Look, Manual

Straight from the 90s, the concept of “total denim look” has recently attracted the interest of creative gent, who does not hesitate for summer 2015 to increase the all-over that showcases the canvas jeans…

Hoping to offer a new desirability ensembles 100% jeans, some designers have tried to decline this season on a monochrome notes retro / modern. Thus Stella McCartney devised a set mixing indigo ample skirt and fitted jacket, Frida Giannini breathed his officer will seventies jacket duo faded / jeans wide 7/8 (Gucci) and Karl Lagerfeld mingled spencer unstructured, carrot pants and polo (Fendi).  (more…)

Google Reader for Android Is Updated

Google Reader has come in an updated version that specifically cater for tablet users.

oogle has just posted an update to Google Reader for Android, which is Google’s feed reader tool.

The updated application is out in version 1.1.5 and is available via Google Play.

That has not happened so much in this update. It is actually the small print with major improvements. There have been corrected a few mistakes, but on the other hand, the application has been optimized for those who use Google Reader via a tablet.

With Google Reader you can subscribe to your favourite websites and blogs, and get it all presented somewhere. Google Reader sync, so if you use Google Reader on multiple devices, you are always up-to-date on all devices.

The Christs Givenchy

After the canine, Disney characters and the Madonna is now the turn of the figure of Christ to be erected in print must have Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy). A choice that is likely to be controversial…

If it happens regularly to refer to the Catholic religion, whether in the Givenchy collections – including one thinks subtle minimalist nuns as well as his Madonnas of 2013 – or through his artistic work (Visionaire magazine 2011), never far Riccardo Tisci had not become too literally.  (more…)

Milk and Water Melanie Clémençon

This is the price “young fashion entrepreneur” that allows us to know this brand for the least unusual that won all the votes from the competition jury. The Who’s Next Exhibition Director is under the spell of the young designer who has just presented them extremely well led and file an original and unexpected collection!

The concept of Melanie Clemmençon: divert sweatshirt to make them dapper clothes, funny and very feminine, playful and yet “ready to wear” is the successful bet she did. (more…)

Gucci or How to Handle Color in 2016

If the offer is “it” seasonal shoes or the latest Chloé bag seen on all instagrameuses remains a real financial investment, appropriate air time by trying new color combos offered by a particular creator fashionable often not much and generally allows costs to get a result much more subtle and convincing…

After several years of brain “Celinian” minimalism, the time is now to fantasy “guccienne”. Forgotten and flint gray monochrome ensembles, shades of sand colors and other wise chromatic compositions: time is more than ever the cheeky color combinations.

In practice, we will not hesitate to draw on the latest Gucci collections by combining:

Essentials Fashion Spring 2016

Between trouser stripes, flowered dress, pleated skirt, track jacket, jeans of all kinds and tan pants, small review of “essential” parts to successfully infuse a trendy twist to its spring wardrobe…

A belt trousers

Halfway between jogging 3 bands and military ceremonial trousers, the trousers with one or more vertical stripes running along the outside of the leg on a roll this season. Sportswear merging fantasy and masculine elegance, it shines indeed by his studied nonchalance. Models to DNA not twisted enough, preference parts completely revisited, like the Chloe fluid jogging adorned with rainbow sky or lines pants off Alexander McQueen embellished wholesale grain red stripes.


Juicy Couture Tracksuit, the New “It”?

As unusual as they are, the collections of the clothing label does not infuse less regularly ambient aesthetics. After lie 15 centimeters good sleeves shirts Zara, Demna Gvasalia seems so recently set out to breathe new will be very “Paris Hiltonien” tracksuit Juicy Couture …

Syrupy forgotten the image of the “it” girl dressed all in pink velor tracksuit while shopping in Juicy Couture: having long been the preserve of American starlets, the Californian shoe seems now decided to swap his cozy girly bad taste against a more underground style. In any case that let us think the last show clothing, where we could see the famous short velvet tracksuit – key piece of the California claw – reviewed by Demna Gvasalia .  (more…)

Portraits Season Shoes Esques

Unusual, crazy or totally improbable, some shoes for the fall/winter 2016-2017 have given me want to try to imagine the contours of those to whom their creators intend them…

Multicolored Wedges Man Repeller

It has 4 copies of the best-selling Garance Doré (and offered to all her nieces), closely following on Instagram changes in BMI Ferragni Chiara, abandoned Iro leather in favor of perfectos Anine Bing determines its travel destinations based on those of Sincerely Jules, learned to apply makeup through tutorials make up Lisa Eldridge, dream of a destiny to Emily Weiss and tested recipe for tarte tatin with endives Mimi Thorisson. At 21, this young woman easy lives in symbiosis with its icons 3.0, who find in it an assiduous commentator, a premier fan and especially a more loyal consumer. Suffice to say that she is the ideal target for the offset rainbow sky Leandra Medina (see here). (more…)