The Khaki Jacket, Manual

If the military-inspired khaki jacket is more than ever in tune with the times, it remains a timeless that we can wear whatever the season or trends. Although with its organic and shade unisex look, it has the ability to participate brilliantly in many dress puzzles…

The moss green khaki dark through the olive and other colors mottled camouflage, khaki is unparalleled to infuse jackets combining spirit “military surplus” and pulls Saharan Africa.


Provocative Factor

New collection, opening several stores in the US: the sultry lingerie label decided disinhibit the planet. Playing again and again the map of sexy glamor see hot, kinky fantasies of English duo just touch and sales explode.

1994, the son of the most rock and roll of the English ladies, Vivienne Westwood, decided that he too would help to break the establishment. So with his wife Serena Rees he created “Agent Provocateur”. The brand name has nothing subjective, clearly expresses the concept of Joseph Corre.

He will give no limits and give free rein to his creativity. The watchwords are luxury – see lust -, seduction and glamor. Until a few suggestive lingerie was reserved for sex shops… (more…)

Wanted: a Pair of Pink Sneakers

The sneakers are beautiful now have a slight deficit popularity among trend-setter, they remain no less practical, comfortable and ideal for a twister look. In the early autumn, it is still legitimate to splurge on a pair of tennis; provided of course that this is not Stan Smith…

If the tribe of shoes, boots and other shoes has recently gripped the white monochrome (thus making the shoes the same color a bit outdated), the radius sneakers the “all-over color” continues to pull out of the game, and especially when it comes to diving tennis the time in one of the flagship colors of the season, namely pink.  (more…)

The Little Monsters Fashion Christian Lacroix

Recently in the press read: “Christian Lacroix creates for the famous sign of decoration and furnishing Habitat:” Fashion Monsters “(trendy monsters). The man says about them: “I have loved drawing these gentle monsters who are given all the sorrows, pains and secrets they turn into smile.” Half angels, half-demon, he prénomment: Belly, Smoothy and Sweety… You can bet that these little monsters will make fun of adults before the children!

Yes, remember there is a little more than a year, this same Christian Lacroix had exposed his “monsters”, kinds of figurines made with fabric scraps, small trivial things created on the corner of a table, sort of fad of fashion designer … This was the favorite for all fans of fashion, the press reserved her beautiful pages where her little monsters were nicely highlighted. (more…)

The Veil – Trends Spring / Summer 2015

Despite its recurrence in fashion and other street-style magazine series, the veil continues to attract creative sex. It is demonstrated by the latest couture, which saw some designers use and abuse this cheap trick to elegant 19th century…

After the minimalist creations of Raf Simons (who in 2012 made the honey of Hanne Gaby Odiele, Anna Dello Russo and other Bryan Boy), today is the turn of Karl Lagerfeld to seize the concept of cap with veil. Under his leadership, it trades and its DNA sagemement casual chic against a decidedly girly-grunge style (see here and here). Near the fancy bathing cap, these models seems to have been knitted by grandma on ecstasy may well convince more Jansenists of us succumb to destroy their poetic charm…  (more…)

Nike Combines Fashion and Sport

Sunny days are back with prospective holiday in the sun, it is believed silhouette, sport and abs… But as everyone knows, after two or three sessions of Pilates or Step, there is always a good excuse to skip a class and forget to go to the next…

There is only one solution: have a real good reason to go spend 400 kcal … And nothing less than finding the sporting equivalent of Louboutin shoes that make you want to come out even after an exhausting day… and it’s done! The new creation Nike Women won all the votes. With this kind of wonder p’tite on the back we feel that we could string together effortlessly hip-hop, yoga, Power Plate… Presented by Sofia Boutella young dancer of 24 years who needs no introduction, the top new generation evolves according to our desires.

Indeed it can be put in place as in reverse, put the sleeves, or decide to bring the bare arm or liquette bolero version, it follows us in any physical activity. So ended the shirt informs the flashy bodysuits, sweatshirts to Rocky Balboa, the very sight of us depressed. It can now be sporty while staying on top of the trend!


Swimwear – Summer Trends 2015

For swimwear, better opt for a room fully matching our style rather than a model recommended in the pages of a glossy Condé Nast. The question is whether it is surfing, swimming pool in the Luberon, beach volleyball or novel enjoyed in the shade of a huge umbrella immaculate…


Between his spread towel on the sand and splashing in the waves, the choice of sports is quick: it will certainly be salty swirls of the ocean. To her and surfboard, dizzying roller and hair faded by the sun mix / saltwater. Level swimwear, if it has long opted for a simple one-piece racerback, she does not hesitate to succumb to the sporty bikinis to combine speed and practice a water sport (see here). And when she plans to stay long in the cold water, she never forgets his neoprene suit sublimating his body of Bond girl in grass (see here).
His beauty products: the travel kit from SeventyOne Percent.
Sandals: a pair of Birkenstock Arizona. (more…)

The 40 Commandments Fashion Autumn 2015

Between test patterns, color mixing, devouring books and stylistic gimmicks to adopt, passing in review some rules to follow – or not – to have a proper fashionnement autumn…

Leather under your sweaters you bear (Alexander Wang).

In all hues marinara you will consume (see here and here).

Too short to cut your bangs you will avoid (see here).

While visiting “Scorsese, the exhibition” , in the world of one of the most inspiring filmmakers you plunge you.

The mix khaki / light lavender / blue sky thou essaieras (Dries Van Noten). (more…)

Wanted: a Subtly Romantic Ruffle Shirt

Between flying and pulls “Little House on the Prairie,” the shirts of the time have something to wake any other navy pants and camel overcoat. It remains to find the ideal model…

Piece flagship Miu Miu collection A / W 2015-2016, the maxi shirt flying version of “beautiful Wild West” designed by Miuccia Prada is undoubtedly one of fashion fantasies of the moment. It must be said that its vintage cut, volume pleasurable, her coquetry outrageous and his relentless good humor to excite the retina of fashionistas having supped minimalism.  (more…)

Gilda Ambrosio, the Right Style

With its huge sunglasses and her long straight hair worn as a dress, Neapolitan Gilda Ambrosio part identifiable silhouettes of the small world street style. It must be said that the young woman – who has just launched a fashion label that showcases the vintage influences – has no equal for sport eclectic looks that combines antique models and pieces of young designers. A review of the main stylistic gimmicks and other clothing equations fueling his personal grammar…

Dangling a very long, thin scarf on one side of the body to accentuate the verticality of the figure (see here).

Stripping parties unless agreed that the neckline to build on a more subtle sensuality (see here). (more…)

Lolita Lempicka at Etam

Madonna for H & M, Lily Allen for New Look, Kate Moss for our site… The stars begin to styling and the big brands are increasingly seeking out creators to draw limited edition collections to restore the image of the teaches. Mix of genres works, sales explode! This month is Lolita Lempicka which combines his talent for mass distribution, choosing Etam to participate in the great adventure of “couples clothing.”

Lolita Lempicka is the pseudonym chosen in 1983 by a young designer fascinated by literature and romance: “Lolita” reference to the novel by Nabokov and “Lempicka” in homage to the painter Tamara de Lempicka. Born in 1964, the little girl following her mother home seamstress and is passionate about this business. Very young, she already knows where her way, she dresses her dolls of her own creations, transforms thrift purchased flea… (more…)

Sweaters – Trends Fall / Winter 2016-2017

At a time when Victorian blouses and denim shirts are not enough to maintain our body temperature to 37 ° C prescribed, it’s time to delve into the mesh trends for fall / winter 2016-2017 in order to successfully combine comfort and the times…

The ruffle sweater

Victorian blouses with loose bohemian dresses, ruffles this season cannibalize any blank surface and militate against the latest minimalist reminiscences: their opulence, kitsch, but also softness and comfort.Thus we find the relatively new way in the season mesh offers. The theme flying sees it divided into two families, with on one side the “discreet”, in which the mesh does qu’onduler edge of collar or cuffs (Chinti and Parker), and the another the “opulent”, where the mesh cheek uninhibited suddenly asymmetry ( Paper London , Philosophy ), multiplication (Co), or unusual location (Victoria Beckham Victoria).

Anorexia, Emaciation, Fashion and Procrastination

A “code of ethics” to fight anorexia within the fashion world was signed on Friday between the Italian government, the Federation of Italian fashion and the association Alta Moda, which brings together Italian designers presenting their collections in Rome and Milan . The code “is committed to protecting the health of models participating in the fashion shows, promotes a healthy lifestyle,” said the Health Minister Livia Turco during a press conference. His French counterpart Xavier Bertrand announced Thursday have entrusted the child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo and sociologist Jean-Pierre Poulain the direction of an expert group that will consider the appearance of the body in advertising and fashion… (more…)

Ali McGraw, the Right Style

With his parting, his thick eyebrows, her pout cheerful nerd, fine plastic and New York style, Ali McGraw is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring seventies icons. Difficult and, seeing different pictures of the time, not to fall in love with the heroine of style of “Love Story”…

Despite a particularly fleeting film career ( “Love Story” (1970) and “The Getaway” (1972) are his only memorable films), Ali McGraw had time to soak the spirits with his style simple but effective style, oscillating between appearance preppy and glamorous twist. It must be said that before starting her acting career, one that turned the head of Steve McQueen – they were married 6 years – was in turn assistant Diana Vreeland at Vogue, fashion (she posed especially for Chanel ) Photo stylist. Suffice to say that the young woman knew how to dress…  (more…)

The Hype London Attitude

The fashion week ends in London. She held his promises innovations, and even raptures ethics were at the rendezvous. From the parade awaited Indian designer Manish Arora, we knew it would be a good year, and the magic of fashion would be well above the current controversies…

But before you talk parades, beating hearts, the trends are confirmed or unmade… I want to tell you about this city which hosted this the world’s greatest designers week: London and its strategic trends point…  (more…)

Windows Phone 8 Units Are Updated in 18 Months

Google promised it, and now comes Microsoft with the same “guarantee”, phones should be future-proof.

Are you sitting with a Nokia phone, and read the news about Lumia to your telephone will not be updated for Windows Phone 8.

So fear not, for future Windows Phone 8 units will have an “Android” system, where your phone is guaranteed a minimum refresh period of 18 months, it tells Microsoft to our site.

But how that Microsoft will enforce updates, and whether there is a real guarantee, we can only wait and see.

As regards the Androids similar policy, can we, after more than a year with this “guarantee”, not say anything, because we still don’t know how Google will maintain this policy towards the producers.

The Denim Shorts, Manual

The denim shorts is the spring / summer season that whipped cream is strawberry: indispensable. That said, it is easier to live with than the miniskirt and safer to handle than the skirt panties, shorts not said the users should wear a dress code in harmony with the place where it will be planted…

In the city


On urban cobblestones, the denim shorts adopt a decent length – models panties format are boycotting – and not too low size. If one opts for a destroy model, it will be wise to balance texture torn classic or sophisticated parts and marry a blazer (see here) to a wide white shirt (see here and there), a polo a bit worked or a ultra stylish blouse .
For their part, the wisest shorts impeccable jeans can afford to flirt with a little more “casualness nonchalant” to them and smocks, denim shirts ironed , t-shirts loose, sweaters ribbed knit, black hoodies and fluid gingham shirts…
Level shoes, flat (see here and here) and small square heels are recommended to counteract the side “mini” shorts.
The bermuda denim will meanwhile wear heels without the risk of appearing too sexy (all bermuda / fine pair of sandals perched high may even be flattering to the silhouette). We simply take care to choose his shorts not tight and right thigh.

The Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

The flare jean has beautiful now have the wind in their sails, my cravings boyfriend jeans will not weaken either. Although with its comforting magnitude and tomboy look, this type of denim is ideal when it comes to composing casual-sophisticated looks…

Trailer on the ankle and accompanied by a narrow top and – optionally – of ballerinas with pointed toes, with black pumps or boldly feminine sandals boyfriend jeans for several seasons is one of the key city of dressing.  (more…)

How to Dress for New Year Celebrations?

Dress for the holiday season is often part of the puzzle. It therefore seems necessary to do a little pre-festivities point so successfully shine while having fun, to be stylish without being too much and to be attractive while remaining subtle. A review of the main “commandments” to have in mind in this end of year…

To enhance an ultra sober outfit (type wise little black dress), we put on a daring hairstyle which will serve as adornment (see here, here and here).

We do not hesitate to appease a short and sexy outfit via the duo shoes / socks (we leave the way white socks fans of Michael Jackson). (more…)

How to Wear the White Dress?

Both multiple and universal, the white dress is one of those pieces that have been difficult to pass once the fine weather arrived. The question is how to wear the white dress to make the best…

The white dress on the catwalk

Real blank page, the immaculate dress never ceases to inspire creative gent, as evidenced by the latest collections spring / summer 2016. Thus:

Karl Lagerfeld (Fendi) combines modernity, air time and femininity universal drawing a neck merging dress Bardot, smocks and long front zipper (see here).

Erdem Moralioglu (Erdem) 7/8 imagine a white dress dotted with medieval references, but so far not without contemporary details such as subtly sensual cuts (see here). (more…)

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller, we talked a lot about because of Jude Law, in fact it was known by Jude Law… Fashion icon, model, actress… Labels pass on the young woman, but do not remain… Who is this girl who oscillates between stardom and oblivion?

For let’s be frank, whether celebrity magazines regularly in their “look of the Month” very lucky one who will manage to include the curriculum vitae of the girl. How did it become the darling of European and American fashionistas?

With an angelic face and a perfect figure … Smoother than Kate Moss, a mysterious strand, a love sex symbol, it does no more needed for everyone interested in her. Born in 1981 in Usa, to an American father and a South African mother, she spent her childhood. (more…)

Wanted: Levi’s 701 Jeans

If the iconic 501 has recovered in recent months renewed hypitude through astute from Levi’s marketing policy, see all influential séants begins to make it slightly boring. Fortunately, the American brand has recently brought to light his younger brother, the 701, so as to offer an interesting alternative to jeans fetish Marlon Brando and Kurt Cobain…

Stainless base of our urban uniforms, jeans never stops reinventing itself. That said, it is often the models from the late 19th century / early 20th which, by their pragmatic timelessness, are most desirable. One thinks of course the famous 501, but at 701 (specifically created for women in 1939), with a knack for sublime buttocks and lengthen the silhouette.  (more…)

Alexander McQueen Show

Ah Alexander McQueen… It’s my favorite shows of the summer of 2007. His inimitable style is so recognizable by the strange grace that emanates from the romantic silhouettes of his shows…

One of this season was held at the Winter Circus, the presence of a huge chandelier above the track set the tone… fairyland Edwardian… A set of 9 musicians as a soundtrack, the show could begin. Alexander McQueen has the gift to place the decor and tell a story through his creations… How to describe the icy atmosphere, macabre and both madly attractive the show? The contrasts are the hallmarks of this collection; black light, sheer sweetness… Severe corsages such corsets are associated with air skirts made of feathers, ruffles or lace. (more…)

Emma Stone, the Right Look

If trends generally have a limited life, stylistic gimmicks nevertheless manage to exceed the fashion trend and acquire the seasons undeniable timelessness. One thinks especially of mix and match prints of the same tint, allowing to renew any classic outfit or casual, has gradually emerged as a tip “fashion” must…

Hard not to marvel at the insolent Rattled printed recently raised the total look Michael Kors by actress Emma Stone. Combining small sweatshirt and sparkly striped petticoat spotted length midi (all declined in black and white tones), said look reveals indeed particularly well balanced.  (more…)

Hedi Slimane

In July 1997, an almost unknown young designer is claimed by Pierre Berge to the Department of Human YSL Rive Gauche collections. Thus Hedi Slimane made his entrance on the front of the fashion scene. Today, the Figaro ranks among the 50 most influential thirties in France. Back on the meteoric rise of a new fashion icon…

1968: the student revolution was born in May, and Hedi in June. Slimane The family lives modestly in Bagneux, Mr. accountant is of Tunisian origin, while Mrs. comes from Italy. She is a seamstress, and it is likely that either she who taught his son the rudiments of his craft. So, as a teenager, the young Hedi makes her own clothes because the middle-store clothes is too large for her thin silhouette. (more…)

Windows Phone 8 Applications Are Not Backwards Compatible

All applications that will be developed for Windows Phone 8 is not compatible with Windows Phone 7. x.

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows Phone 8 has brought many obscurities with them, and we have the last couple of days tried to follow up on what can and cannot be done.

One of the new and not very pleasant news is that all applications are right now sitting and will be developed for Windows Phone 8, will not be able to run on devices running Windows Phone 7. x, it is write our site.   (more…)