Overview: Our Site in Giant Facebook-Storm, the Danes Must Again Have a New TV and a New Super Phone from HTC

The rumored a new super phone is coming from HTC, which at the same time in headwind on the Danish market. Read more about it and much else.

The past week has featured a number of exciting news, and this testifies to that holiday-time really is coming to an end in the mobile industry. And the new “collection” of new mobile phones begin gradually finding its way onto the market. You can read more about mobile season here.

One of the phones that come with in “autumn collection” is expected to be the new iPhone. You can read the latest details on the upcoming iPhone here.

This week, it emerged that Nokia at the turn of the year closes and shuts off in Finland. The last Nokia factory, which is situated in Salo closes at the end of the year. However, closes and shuts off production of Nokia products are not expected to be new Windows Phone 8-models presented at Nokia World in the beginning of the month of september.

You also can read about HTC has come into a tailspin, and lose a bit of market share on the Danish market. But HTC is not alone in facing headwind. Telecommunications company Telenor has the past week really been in stormy weather, which started in earnest with a customer complained on Facebook.

Despite the falling market shares in Denmark for HTC, then ask on the Taiwanese stock market our site manufacturer. It is reported a new super phone is coming from HTC.