Overview: iZettle Dropped by VISA, Our Site Takes Huawei in Range and These Mobiles Coming in August

Quite surprising and on short notice stopped Visa cooperation with iZettle and see which mobiles coming in august.

The past week has featured a number of exciting news, but our site started the week with an overview of mobile news from “industrial vacation”. So you vacation there and kept missing over nasheeba__x – so you can get it here.

Payment service iZettle was dropped for visas, and cooperation stopped abruptly per 1. August. You can read more about the cooperation stopped here. As well as in the link in the list, where they published at short notice they stopped cooperation.

But otherwise has the past week featured on the monthly overview of the mobile phones that come on the shelves of the Danish telecommunications shops. You can read more about it in the article “These mobiles are coming up for sale in august.”

The rumors will be more and more about the expected next iPhone. According to the latest rumors, so is reported the Apple will present the world press Wednesday, 12. September.

In addition to the iPhone rumors, so should there also be a new Samsung reportedly top of the range on the way. Samsung is holding a Samsung Mobile Unpacked event Wednesday, 29. August in Berlin, where it is expected they will showcase a new Galaxy Note unit.