Oversized Trend That Caught on the Winter

Have a great week, my beautiful ones!

And I already have a trend that is only growing along the seasons that is the silhouette  OVERSIZED.

Maybe you ask me! But how is this? Oversized is a word in English that means  GREAT OTHERS  is a wide shape that was used a lot in the 90’s and it came back with everything!

You can use, for example, the shirt or the coat of the boyfriend, husband, brother or father, because this tendency is to get big clothes even type two larger numbers, but take some care for it to work.

Since you will wear a large piece that”theoretically”does not suit you, it is important that the clothes that go down(pants, shorts, blouse, dress and etc.) are more tight and close to the body, to counteract the ” “That goes up. If all the pieces are wide it may seem that the look is sloppy!

Try to balance with feminine elements and elegant as jumps, colores, lace, delicate bags, this creates a contrast with the weight and the masculinity that the piece brings. A tip is to use  ONE  oversized piece in look, for example, a big one sweater with skinny jeans or leggings.

If this trend does not have to do with your style, do not use!!!

It is not because it is fashionable that it will be good in everyone, choose with discretion what you want to use always thinking about what will favor you not to compromise your silhouette.

If you hold the look and identify yourself enjoy this trend that also brings much comfort.

Bjos and until the next post!