Oversize Sweater: How to Wear?

Cozy, wide and reassuring, the oversize sweater took this season instead of the grey sweatshirt in the heart of the fashionistas. IP this apparently easy live which must nonetheless to see line e in mode “sharper” than “cocooning”, lose instantly lying in fashion appeal…

Overview on the fall of the Julia Sarr-Jackson and other “it” girls street-style looks, the oversize sweater has all the must have of the season. Careful however not to take this last too lgre opting for a mod the uneventful…

In practice, we don’t hesitera so not him prefer a pi this strong, showing colors peppy, cables tradition, mix of unusual res, pastels or bold printed. More XL XXL, said sweater will have also to fall nicely on the shoulders and down several centimeters in size very. So many simple rules that will allow the oversize sweater to rub without fear our winter outfits…

We think so:

Drag a half a cables ivory sweater in a gross slim short on the ankle, along with a brown leather belt and agr lies a pair of chocolate heels boots

D get a white shirt of a red neck roll, any husband sweater skirt short trap ze and a pair of ankle boots heels

Mix acid sweater, slim blue d lav 7/8, and pumps

Get a slightly large sweater in a high waist shorts

Dramatising a skirt noon by wearing a Sweatshirt bearing a h t m roclite mix of textures

Revisit the silhouette of the coll staufian by superimposing wise dress, cosy, opaque tights and brogues fancy loose sweater

Soften a slim leather in marrying a loose sweater patterns gressifs or gomr sprung, that we will boost through for a pair of Baroque earrings

Associate e printed pencil skirt, sweater United angora XXL and pumps

Casualiser a tweed jacket at the touch of a sweater a bit too big, that they will slip a half in a gross slim

Mixer skater skirt, sweater oversize are, high socks and flat boots

Married sweater maxi tiles and mini skirt tigre