OUYA Game Console Collects over 10 Million in Less Than 12 Hours

OUYA gaming console that must compete with PlayStation and Xbox, has just collected more than 10 million in less than 12 hours.

OUYA is a name you should notice now and in the future, if it should be left to the team behind the console you want to compete with PlayStation and Xbox.

The idea with the console is, to bring it into every home for little money, and deliver a games platform that is easy to go to for even less money.

The console costs $99 USD, and the games will be free to download, so the expense comes first if to make in-app purchases. Whether it comes to Denmark and what the Danish price will be is uncertain.
But to start it all up requires an initial capital. To have reached where they are now, the team had to scrape the money together even OUYA behind, but it is not enough.

Therefore, published yesterday in an interview with Engadget.com the entire project, and we now can support it with a minimum of 1 dollar, or about 6 dollars.

There are many that have made, at the time of writing 17,650 persons. However, they have not only donated a dollar each, but around 125 dollars or approximately 775 kronor each.

This means that OUYA, who had the goal to collect 950,000 dollars before the 9. August, already has collected all over 2.2 million dollars or about 13.64 million Danish kroner.

Read more about the entire project on their Kickstarter page here.