Ouya Debuts Pass Annual That We Will Give Access to Hundreds of Games Free of Charge

Despite being one of the projects with more support on Kickstarter, the console Ouya not going through one of its best moments, which is forcing him to take a different direction to that had expected from the very beginning. Already they had licensed its technology to other companies as Mad Catz, even gave up that it was obligatory to give a free demo, and this movement is not for less strange.

As they have announced, the holders of a console with the Ouya services may be made with a pass that will give you access to almost all of the games that are sold in the console. So, we pay $60 per year for access to all games from payment of the device, an interesting offer for those who want to try out various games.

Still, there are some limitations with what can make this pass. First of all, it will only be for the games that cost less than $30, that opens the possibility of higher priced and higher quality in the console games. The second thing is that it does not cover some shopping in-app how to get more lives or virtual currency.

Unexpected movement that can make that many new people are interested more in this console is not going through their best moments, although the promotion has reached such popularity that they have been forced to freeze it to new applicants. In addition, there are still details about what will be his successor this year, that moment has not emerged any rumor.