Outstanding Fixtures and Chandeliers in the Living Room, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Usually we have the impression that the lamps or chandeliers should be on the dinner table, or at the most on any partition for the kitchen countertop. But today things don’t happen like that anymore and we see in the most unusual buffs possible, just use the creativity and highlight one of your favorite with a special fixture corners.


See how to use pending lamps in the living room, bathrooms and dormitories!

Pending in the Living Room

In the living room, the use of pending is slightly more common than in other environments. They can be used on a side table, in the center of the room, on the coffee table. In the examples below we have 2 options left well sophisticated and luxurious environments.

The Couple’s Dorm with Chandeliers and Pendants

In the bedroom of the couple, the most common site for use chandeliers is on the couple’s bed, valuing the site and creating even more romantic.

Baby Bedroom with Chandeliers

In bedrooms of baby using chandeliers is very common, leaving the room with a vintage air and super soft. They are typically used in the center of the dormitory, with the function of general lighting.

Bathroom Decorated with Outstanding Fixtures

Outstanding fixtures in sink create a differentiated and unusual decoration. Smaller pendants can be used on the side of the countertop helping in functionality of lighting and decorating. Chandeliers can also be used, but with proper care not to be too low.

And you? Will place where their chandeliers and pendants?