Outfits for the Winter

The cold winter slowly begins to be felt and it is time to put the summer clothes and dust closet coats, scarves, boots and all winter clothes to keep us sheltered, so here are some options outfits for cold you cover yourself without losing the style.

Outfit with Raincoat

While raincoats are a basic garment of the rainy season, in winter you can use, it is best to take it with a nurturing sweater to keep warm, do not forget to include accessories like a hat, gloves and a scarf with a pair of boots can give that perfect touch of the season.

Outfit with Cardigan

If winter is not so cold in the place where you live, wear a cardigan in your outfit can be an excellent choice, compleméntalo with a modern scarf and boots very abrigadoras.

Outfit with Chamarra

The jackets are key players during the cold season and can use the way you want, either dressy or casual way, in this outfit was combined with a sweatshirt, jeans and boots for a look more casual and carefree. To put a spin you can change the boot floor for some heels and sweatshirt by a turtleneck sweater.

Rocker outfit

Cover your cold keeping your rocker style with this choice of outfit, a jacket d skin with a sweater can be the perfect combination to wear in winter, choose the colors you like and give life to this outfit, do not forget to include style boots military.

Outfit with Vest

Imitation vests are basic for this season, there are many colors but certainly the favorites are coffee tone, which go perfect with jeans and boots, besides these calientita, wear them very fashionable.

Sport outfit

If the cold is still bearable and you’re a girl who likes to be comfortable and free style, this outfit is perfect sport for you, you can replace the shirt with a long sleeve or jacket for a more abrigadora.

Casual outfit

This outfit is perfect for a date or go out with friends, it’s casual perfect ode occasion, besides look warm’re comfortable and stylish, you can change the sweater for a jacket or short coat and wear your scarf in different ways.

Overcoat and Dress Outfit

For girls who like to look elegant and feminine even in cold weather this outfit is perfect coats with a basic garment for winter and give any look a touch shape, complemented by a dress, stockings or tights (depending on the cold) and boots above the knee.


With clothes that insurance you have in your closet you can get these looks are practical and are perfect with all types of personality, plus you can give your personal touch by adding some accessories to go with your style.