Outfit: Vans, Vintage Jumper & G Blouse

While you have just extended Your luck Chelsea boots, I’m ever trying on a few spring-like halting steps in white vans. Moreover, the Ganni blouse used, which I already presented here and has been since then a little neglected. But as the first layer it has been dependable service me this winter. This also applies to the “cotton candy sweater”, which I think still so beautiful, which makes my little heart wuschig completely. Otherwise, there is not much news. The Quilted Jacket from minimum does their service at mild temperatures, your ausgemistete black jeans from Zara‘s loyal to me and my Aigner bag carousel turns cheerful. I’m a bit verguckt in the combination of pink sweater and Red bag – if I may say this time so very fashion result. Just as you can in the spring stroll, because I can say at this point that the mild breeze feels good, even if I scarf sorely missed the on the corner of one or the other.
This month I made set me, cut my hair to a few centimeters, because the ponytail that makes me so not happy.

Blouse: G (2nd hand) / / sheath: minimum / / sweater: vintage / / jeans: Zara (2nd hand) / / shoes: vans / / bag: AB (vintage)