Outdoor Garden Benches

In the garden, terrace and balcony, the sessions to accommodate many friends in harmony never enough. In addition to chairs arranged around the table, in a well covered area, guaranteeing an optimal restore, we need to define other useful places to relax and equipping them with the appropriate sessions.

That’s a nice rocking, two armchairs, a nice wide bench, they found the right place in a fairly large open space, making it increasingly large and comfortable.

In particular the garden benches are indispensable in areas that develop in length rather than in width, going to occupy little space and ensuring more seating.

The value of the benches is that being enough to read can also be moved in order to be closer to the main table, set up outdoors, so providing outstanding hospitality ensuring even in case of banquets and improvised evenings.

The market for outdoor benches is really varied: there are many models in different styles, in various materials, colors and finishes, all at great prices.

An example, the White outdoor bench 3 places Miadomodo.

A bench made of spruce wood, the size of 141 cm wide, 51 deep, 85 high, only 9 kg heavy, very easy to maneuver.

A model sitting by traditional lines: horizontal wooden slats for the seat and vertical backrest.

The armrests are ergonomically rounded shape. A sober and refined style characterizes this precious piece of furniture by outside, in addition to the excellent price.

Different weight, different texture and decidedly more modern style for the bench-sofa Garden TecTake.

A completely revised seat: it starts from the idea of a bench with two seats and is transformed into a comfortable sofa, always two-seater, with two well-defined sessions, each with a bearing and separated by a small table top that It serves as a coffee table, useful and practical.

The seat is made of poly rattan brown color shades, the table has a dark glass surface. The total dimensions are around: 131 cm wide, 55 cm deep, 82 cm in height.

It weighs about 13 kg, therefore, it can be easily moved according to need. A piece of furniture of great charm and great quality. A bargain.

The timeless appeal that comes from putting together two traditional materials such as wood and iron, makes it unique and special the bench with the Miadomodo Tulips Drawings.

A bench in a rustic traditional style, consisting of: iron frame, seat in solid wood painted, wooden back with decorative inserts in iron, floral shape. An array of tulips of different heights and rich leaves that intertwine with each other, creating a kind of canvas to the center of the backrest, which ensures a great visual impact.

armrests Also, wrought iron, are decorated with ornamental shapes and add charm to this model. The dimensions are discrete: 122 cm long, 56 depth, height 74.

The piece of furniture ideal for anyone who enjoys a small patio area, but still want to enjoy it to the idea of relaxing or with friends. Great price.