Our Wedding: Svens Jourdan Suit

Since Sven really did the beautiful “bridal bouquet with outfit in the background” -pose better than I do. Naughty actually! beck
Today it is also about my dear husband {still funny to say that!} And his wedding outfit – mine you find here by the way. Last week, I already reported that we made no secret from our outfits and so I was with it, of course, when we chose Svens suit. At the pick-up date I was able to take a few photos with Mr. Jourdan … I find the shop so nice and inviting! As if you were sitting in a really cool living room

More about how this is how to get a suit made to measure, Sven tells you now:

As Nietzsche rightly pointed out: There is also a child in every man;And that wants to play.So also in me – certainly I could play long model railroad.On the other hand, marriages are already a very adult behavior, but not less exciting – and here too their own eyes and those of the partner should glitter and glitter as in the toy store.During the wedding planning, I decided to spontaneously decided to have a tailor-made suit – without knowing exactly what it means, except that such a suit will fit well.The only suit in my possession I found for the occasion of the own wedding (no more) chic enough and for a new acquisition, so surely also some joyful occasions in the circle of friends.So quickly the plan stood according to Andyeducation.

In this Internet I have informed myself about the costs to me and searched for a few matching stores nearby.A first visit to the local branch of a larger chain was a little sobering. Within a few minutes, many decisions (fabric, button, cut, collar) had to be made – for an investment in the four-digit range I felt uncomfortable Decision to feel that they had not really thought.
In a second start, we went to a smaller shop. There began the conversation with a cup of coffee { coffee is, incidentally, Svens other great love }.Again, I was faced with a wide selection.The owner of the store, Heiko Jourdan, gave me enough time to look through all the substances and observe my reactions.Finally, he put the fabric to my heart, which gave me the most radiance.So almost like the model railroad.
I was very surprised at how everything can be configured, from the inner lining and the color of the piping to the color of the button seams.With each selection we discussed together how well the components fit together and fit me.So I liked the orange colored seams and the metal buttons very well: chic, but not too chic.
This was followed by the essential step of accurate measure- ment. Mr. Jourdan had a couple of jackets to choose from, the most suitable one then being measured and adjusted for me. So my back is a bit crooked and on the one hand there are a few inches more material than on the other. Of course it was also measured for the pants exactly and also noticed that I wear my pants a little deeper than the rest of mankind.
A few weeks after the order, I was allowed to pick up my suit and look: It fit perfectly! On the day of the wedding I felt very comfortable in it and I am still very happy with my decision. The model railroad is there for the first wedding day … or, Katha? { Gladly, if you get us the larger apartment, in which we can then put them up! You know, with dressing room and DIY space … smile }