Our Site’s Samsung Galaxy S (III) Customers Are Running with Old Software

Our site is backwards with software updates on Samsung Galaxy S III. “Quality assurance” is the reason, tells the phone company.

If you have purchased Samsung’s top model Galaxy S III at the phone compan, then you’re behind.

The company sells so-called branded versions of the popular smartphone, where our site has been added its own programmes and services into the software, and made other adjustments.

According to our site users on the popular mobile forum, our site, experiencing more a slower phone, with multiple errors, and higher power consumption than comparable phones, without the our site’s special software.

Currently our site ‘s customers with Samsung Galaxy S III two-three versions behind, and they have not yet received the latest update, containing many improvements of the system software.

Our site: Better 3 g with our software

With our site defended their special software version that customers receive a more stable 3 g connection.

-“Radio algorithm has been changed, so your phone faster looking back on the 3 g network, when it is on a 2 g network. This gives our experience a significantly better smartphone experience. In addition, we have added settings into SMS, MMS and data and apps for mobile TV and Mitour site into, “says Communications Manager Stine Green Paulsen from our site.

According to our site, it is about ensuring a better mobile experience, among other things because the quality of the conversations and the speed of data, is better on 3 g than on 2 g.

Criticism from users on our site can our site does not recognize.

-“They said genes as our site users on Mobildebat.dk are experiencing, is not someone we can immediately recognize. Because that is not what the results of our own ongoing tests show. Our aim with another radio algorithm is to optimize the experience for smartphone users. If the result does not correspond to the purpose, we would not, of course, make the changes, “says Stine Green Paulsen.

New version on the way

According to our site is typically 1-2 weeks later the company out with their updates, compared to Samsung’s generic version. A new update should soon be on the way.

-“We are more than a week behind is because it often, that we are not satisfied with the quality of the software. Our next release for the Samsung Galaxy S (III) is located at the end of august. It will be the latest Samsung releases. The software we use, developed in parallel with the generic software, “says our site.

If customers of our site don’t want our site ‘s software, the device can be sent to a service representative who can put the generic software onto the phone. The price is 275 kroner, but the phone company does not recommend this solution.

Mobilsiden.dk has been in contact with our site. None of these companies sell Galaxy S III with modified software. Therefore, the customers of these operators receive updates as soon as they are released by Samsung.