Our Site: We Have Learned from Recent Days

Telecommunications company our site has been in strong headwind the last little last week, now it sounds from the company it has been instructive days.

The Danish telecommunications company our site ended in a massive Facebook-storm, which actually started with a “minor” complaints from one of the company’s customers.

Since then, the complaint seriously been around in a number of different media, and now joins Our site also out on their Facebook page, where the whole thing started, that the last few days have been instructive for them.

-“The last few days have been instructive for us in our site. We’ve got a decent knock-back of you here on Facebook, and we must acknowledge that it was well deserved. Our process around registration for payment service (PBS) has quite simply not be in order. We’re looking right now at how we can get cleaned up the sign-up process – more about this no later than tomorrow. However, I can already tell you that we eliminate the fee on 49 DKK, as new customers had to pay for the first paper invoice until the automatic payment via PBS was back up and running. I understand that in has been angered by this payment fee, when you thought that you had enrolled in PBS. So an unreserved apology from here. We joins us as I said again at the latest tomorrow with the message about what we will do to ensure that your PBS-sign ups go faster through, “it writes the company’s customer service Director Claus Forester.

However, this has not quite gotten the anger customers at ease yet, but there is, after all, 557 persons who have pressed “like” on the post.

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