Our Site: We Have Failed-Sorry!

After massive headwind apologize our site now across from their customers, and the company promises penance and mend.

As our site has previously written about, then came out for a proper stormvej our site on the company’s Facebook page.

The reason for the violent storms, our site was a particularly critical message on our site’s Facebook page, written by a client who was very unhappy with our site’s handling of missing payments through payment service.

The criticism, however, was far from a lone swallow, and in a short space of time had several thousand Our site customers expressed their dissatisfaction with Our site on the company’s Facebook page.

Our site admitted as also saying that the phone company got some lessons the hard way, and that the company was under a lot of pressure because of the case.

The result of the great Facebook storm is now an unreserved apology from our site’s customer service Director Claus Forester, noting that the company has committed several errors in the handling of a number of the company’s customers. Our site takes full responsibility for the mistakes and acknowledging that it was fully deserved, that phone company got so much criticism on both Facebook and in the media.

Our site will prospectively ensure better training for the company’s customer service representatives, review the company’s communications and allocate additional manpower for handling the specific challenges.