Our Site: We Are under Pressure

After the great Facebook-storm telecom company our site ended up last week, it’s time to look inward and considered strategies.

Telecommunications company our site has gotten thousands of Facebook users on the neck after the critical comment from customer Anders Brinkmann. According to Our site’s activity and engagement on Facebook-since grown with the entire 77 percent since. It writes our site.

Communications Advisor Tom Lehn-Christiansen admits that mistakes have been and the company will now consider what strategy to use on social media:

-“It is not nice for someone getting so much criticism in public. Fortunately, it is also the first time we try something in the scale, “says Tom Lehn-C.

Our site also provides the right of criticism, Brinkman and takes it very seriously and know they have to look inwards to see if there are some things we must have tightened up on or corrected in their processes.

Despite turning the whole matter has taken, so one should not, however, expect Our site disappears from Facebook.

-“When you are on Facebook, you are, of course, on good and evil. Although we are not in this case has won anything – on the contrary – we hope that in the long term, we can gain credibility by being there and by being open to our customers. Facebook is indeed a channel, we cannot ignore. “