Our Site Confirms: We Were Hacked

Dropbox now confirms that their service was hacked and users have been stolen passwords and email addresses.

The 17. July was not the best day for cloud service our site, which now confirms they were hacked.

Users have in connection with the attack, had stolen important and private information.

According to our site so are their users’ log-in information was stolen on a third-party website, and then been used to log in to our site, in order to steal information such as email addresses.

Email addresses were mainly stolen via a staff member’s log-in, as a staff member at our site was one of the most vulnerable, who had stolen his log-in.

The staff member’s log-in was then used to steal our site users’email addresses, which then started to receive spam.

Our site joins now that they have taken steps to ensure this cannot happen again, inter alia by implementing “double log-in”, so you can choose to receive a password on his cell before you can login.

In addition, it is now possible to check what devices you have logged in via, and when on this page.