OSMOS HD Comes to Android to Absorb Our Leisure Hours

Those who follow the indie games scene possibly know OSMOS. A game of skill where we take the role of a microorganism that must be absorbed by osmosis to other, smaller, to pass each level. A simple proposition that has engaged in many users and now comes to Android to continue succeeding.

That said, it may sound simple-minded and even boring. On the contrary, OSMOS employs a curious system of physics Why have to move with great precision and choosing well our movements, since when we move we lose part of our mass.

The atmosphere of the game is excellent. From their care but paragraph minimalist graphic to your quiet music, which invites us to enjoy each game, that we do not despair before many repetitions that will lead us to overcome the challenges that we will be proposing, with a friendly difficulty curve.

Surprise the great adaptation of controls. They are soft and, through small touches, we are guiding our body by the screen. We will have to choose the address and the number of touches that sometimes, instead of moving fast should go slowly to avoid being absorbed by larger than our bodies.

OSMOS is composed of two game modes. On the one hand Odyssey, a kind of adventure where we will have to overcome 27 levels, free demo available 8 levels. On the other hand we have the arcade mode that offers us different challenges of skill and difficulty levels.

In my humble opinion OSMOS is one of the best adaptations that it has become a game of another platform. It has been known to maintain perfectly the original setting and control, unresolved issue for some developers, responds to perfection. If you like games of skill and you want to try something different, give it a try.

As we have already said, OSMOS has a free demo on the Android Market. The full version is worth 2,49€ quite reasonably priced if we take into account the quality of the game and the number of levels offered. Finally, we leave you with a video so you can see better what is OSMOS.

OSMOS HD Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Hemisphere Games
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free / € 2.50
  • Category: Brain & puzzle