Organize the ‘Blackout Kit’ to Avoid Darkness

Organization experts give tips on what to do and how to store the objects

The first months of the year are usually very hot, but also of many rains in various regions of Brazil. Linked to these two natural phenomena is the energy fall, which is also very common in this period.

To avoid total darkness, ZAP talked to two organizational experts to give tips on what to have at those times and where to store the objects. Everything should be in an easily accessible location.

“People should have candles , boxes of matches, flashlights with the batteries and a list of useful and emergency telephone numbers like firemen, police, Samu, concierge and central security of the condominium,” orients personal organizer, Carolina Pedroso.

In these times of lack of light, people usually remember the candle, but it is difficult to know where it is. In the dark, it gets even more complicated to find the necessary things. Where to save?

For Rafaela Oliveira, personal organizer, it is always good to leave one or more lanterns near the entrance door or in the service area. “When you take it to use, return it to the same place, so it will not be in your hands on days of tightening.”

Another option is to put all the items in an organizer box. “People can identify the fluorescently labeled box and leave it in an easy to remember location and also easily accessible,” says Carolina.

In addition to these basic tips, it is good to take care of the electronic equipment by disconnecting everyone from the outlet to avoid major problems. There are also emergency lights that can be installed near the door.They are not so beautiful to compose in the decor, but they can be useful in such cases.

Time to relax-Entertainment options are very restricted during a blackout, but you can take advantage of the situation. Try to find a positive side.

“I like to light aromatic candles and put the selection of favorite songs on my cell phone to play and be able to relax until the light returns,” Rafaela concludes.