Orange Changed The Conditions of Permanence of The Program of Points

Since the launch of the program of points in Orange, users only have the option to redeem them in Exchange for a new permanence (in contrast to Movistar and Vodafone, which also allow swaps without permanence) although occasionally it allows renew stay with other mobile without having finished the previous.

In this situation it seems that Orange has decided to change the conditions of point program and but it will continue allowing to renew without having completed its previous commitment, now the pending meet months will be added to the new permanence, i.e., if for example they still need you for 3 months and you renew stay 18 months, total commitment will be 21 months instead of only 18 as it is computed so far.

Without going to appreciate the logic of this change, I hope to be well defined and only follow allowing renew if few months to finish the current permanence because otherwise, Orange customers could begin to accumulate stays without being aware of the total time that will be tied to the operator.