Orange Also Offers The MiFi

A little later than what “Movistar”: and “Vodafone”: did, Orange also launched the MiFi, a device that allows you to connect various equipment to the Internet via 3 G.

The MiFi is a Wi-Fi router with which we can connect up to 5 devices to Internet at the same time through its connectivity 3 G, compatible with HSDPA 7.2 megabits per second downstream and 5.7 Mbps of upload. Ideal, therefore, if we want to offer a couple of portable connectivity or a computer and a handheld console.

The price of the MiFi with Orange will be 29 euros, associated with a data rate. In the case of private individuals is available with Internet Everywhere without limits and Internet Everywhere 29 tariffs. In the business with the Internet Everywhere Pro Flatrate 3G plus and Flatrate 3G, with a 18 months apart.