Online Private Purchase of Dubious China LED Lamps

Increasingly, German buyers waiting in vain for their ordered online, cheap China-LED lamps. The Customs authorities fish almost all dubious far East light on behalf of the Federal Network Agency, because they do not meet here applicable labelling and product safety regulations.

A random selection of China-LED lamps at Necessaryhome, which officially not to Europe are likely to be imported, but nevertheless here have landed. Usually lacks a proper Marking, they are often even life or fire hazard. 

Buy LED lamps and lighting fixtures online in China for a fraction of the prices which they regularly cost us – it’s tempting for the first time. Alone on the most popular platforms “AliExpress” and “Banggood”, you can select among more than one million partly spottbilliger products.

More and more “Bargain hunters” Since the beginning of the year, that the ordered goods at the German, Austrian, or Swiss customs hangs and after examination is probably also scrapped but report. If it is stupid, the seller then not even refunded the purchase price; You have paid in the end for hot air and also worse at the jaw.

Customs cooperates with market surveillance

That is neither surprising nor new – appropriate messages, there is also here in the blog from time to time. Already early 2014 informed the German Federal Network Agency about a more consistent control in cooperation with the Customs and market surveillance authorities of the countries.

The Central ‘ market monitoring Baden-Württemberg ‘ the Regierungspräsidium Tübingen-based, for example, announced that testing of LEDs 2016 would become a “year focus action”. Not only the laws against Produktpiratierie are based (plagiarism!), but also the strict EU rules for labelling, performance, efficiency and safety of electrical or electronic products – including or LED lamps and luminaires.

Unfortunately still does not tell a “CE” mark

Although the far East cheap manufacturers have heard something of them. Does not mean but, that they take some consideration on it.

Instead, many trying to cheat through with irregular glued-on fantasy labels (on the GU10 LED spot right a misleading ‘CE’ label, the maximum for “China export” can stand), lethal retrofits without protective whup tirelessly (bottom left a haubenlose E14 lamp with exposed contacts) or understandable manual, invented performance data and “Certificates”.

Also direct selling is a “placing on the market”

And if you ask now as a private buyer: “what go to the stupid EU rules? I am but not a dealer and will not resell those things, but even keep!”… then you are sadly mistaken. The magic term is namely “bring in traffic” and which refers to not only manufacturer-retailer relationships. Quote from the paper of the Federal Network Agency:

“Direct sales to private end-users is a provision in the course of a commercial activity. A direct sale of a company based outside the EU to an individual resident in the EU also falls within the definition of “Marketing” as the direct assignment of a product by a EU-based manufacturer to an individual.

An economic operator is not required for the “use in the course of a business activity” on both sides; It is sufficient that the EU non-resident company is an economic actor and the product in the course of its business activities to private customers.”

Prevent this overriding context only by a private capital inflow could be:

“Unlike the case is, if an individual abroad EU acquires a non-compliant product and introduces this even in the EU. No placing on the market takes place here, because unlike in the former case the importation, no provision in the course of a business activity takes place.”

A resale would be already illegal

But let’s face it: Who is already the effort and cost, to fly to Hong Kong because of a few LED lights? Strictly speaking, would you also have irregular behave when you sell a few of these “gifts” in Germany on various buddy – because that would already be a “business”.

Quite apart from other possible consequences of China-LED lamps scrap metals:Electric shock, short circuits, Chemical fumes, interference, Flacker- /flicker- light, heat damage with potential risk of fire, which fire insurance may reimburse no damage due to gross negligence (photo on the right: by the main customs office in Regensburg, pungent low-voltage LED downlight with unsafe ballast conceded).

LED image is suffering from “black sheep”

Although the amount of intercepted from the far East LED products in absolute terms is very large and is growing steadily. In relation to the purchased in Germany, regular off – and online EU compliant lamps and luminaires are the private China-online purchases but vanishingly small and cause no significant economic losses with an estimated turnover of under one percent.

Each individual case can be however serious – to the Private online buyer, because he gets nothing or an inferior for his money up life-threatening product (if it lets through the customs at all) – for the serious part of the global LED industry, because a few bad experiences with dubious lamps can provide a significant reputational damage the semiconductor lighting technology in itself by multiplication. Finally, spread Devastating LED Asynchronic nowadays rapidly and deeply about (a) social networks or bargain platforms and meet decent producer/distributor who can help it in consequence.