Oneplus 2 Certified by Bluetooth SIG

Apart from the many revelations officers accompanying already since a few weeks new Chinese smartphone market OnePlus, there are many more that you can get from unofficial channels. For example, a few hours ago was discovered by browsing on the website of the Bluetooth SIG, the entity that cares to certify all devices in the world that use the Bluetooth connection, that OnePlus 2 will be available in three variants, with codes A2001, A2002 and A2003. Are acronyms that already we had heard previously, that brings a little more credibility to the rumor.

What exactly the differences between versions, is unknown, but it is easy to guess: a global, one that would be for the Chinese market, and a third for-who knows-the India? The Us? We’ll know for sure only on 27 July.

Then there are some clues, launched on Weibo by Pete Lau, who would think of a metal frame for the new OnePlus 2 although at present it is not clear which parts are actually made of metal or whether it may simply be a cover. Pete has however launched a few teaser asking users “as defined on metal?”.

Finally one of the variants certified by the Bluetooth SIG, seems to have appeared on revealing a very interesting detail: 4 GB of RAM. Therefore it cannot be excluded that the OnePlus 2 can be achieved not only by two or more cuts in memory, but also in two versions with different RAM varies 3 and 4 GB for the top model.

Oneplus 2 is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 367 euros. The value for money isdiscreet. There are 7 better models.