Omega Vintage Watches Review

Universal Geneva Polerouter

How can we not talk about it? On 15 November 1954 took place the first commercial flight to pass over the north pole, in order to realize the trip Copenhagen – Los Angeles. Universal Geneva provided automatic watches for pilots of the Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) preparing for awhile to realize these commercial flights. That is why, in the spring of 1954, Universal presented his ‘Polarouter’ (no, there is no typo, the name will change quickly), you understand better now. Designed by Gerald Genta. Other questions?

The model we have is known for its 215 self-winding movement, which goes back in both directions, as the innovation brought by the Bumper movement. For a naughty 34 mm diameter, making a sober and discreet watch. The patina, I don’t hide anything, moved in more than one.Various Golden tones that are discover, such as during an introduction to art. A must-have vintage watches listed on directoryaah.

Omega Seamaster Bumper

Our OMEGA Seamaster Bumber. These are watches that go well in any situation. Believe us.

Designed originally for the needs of the British soldiers at the end of the second world war, she is fast emerging as the watch of modern man who wears in the city, in the countryside where the sea.

Simple, sober, and presenting of magnificent proportions, this is no coincidence. These watches are available and parts perfect for those who want to start a collection, or one who doesn’t will never tire…

We have three small Seamaster for your pleasure! But my favorite is one who can think of an Omega Constellation, but is not one! Pie-Pan dial printing is just an illusion, even if the spirit is already clearly present.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Precision

A classic that you don’t get tired. The very quintessence of purity. A small watch with beautifully proportioned, sober tones.

It contains the codes mythical Oyster icon made by Rolex, which made its first steps on the wrist of the swimmer Mercedes Gleitze, when it attempts to cross the channel in 1927, in terrible conditions.

I have a preference for the Rolex Precision than the Datejust, being a fan of watches with mechanical winding. The Oyster Perpetual Date, and the DateJust is self-winding. The copy I have is in excellent condition, the dial is pristine, icy cold. The bottom of box shows some signs of wear due to normal use. It represents the shows that we have at the beginning of a collection, shows robust, elegant, in any situation, with or without costume.

In brief

This is what drives us in these autumnal times. Offer you varied, rare coins in exceptional condition. We have time to look for, to ensure their authenticity with our team. A work which we are proud and emotion that one has to introduce him is stronger.

This selection is not exhaustive and any other real gems are waiting for you in the shop. To find out all the latest news, I you Council to pay a visit. I’m serious, you will enjoy.

Yet once, we tried to make you happy fetching and by sharing with you, those who make us dream and who are born in us that emotion familiar to fans and collectors. We worked hard and had a lot of fun. We hope that you’ll like.