Olivia Palermo, the Right Style

Known for her photogenic looks and mischievous little face, Olivia Palermo plays perfectly its role of good girl of fashion. And if her outfits sometimes sorely lacking pizzazz, it is clear that the great masters perfectly the trendy preppy codes…

Between neat hair, perfect make-up, ultra thin silhouette, husband photogenic and stylistic tricks stitched the podium, which became famous thanks to the reality TV show “The City” has emerged as the seasons as a looks to benchmark mêlants trends and draws Upper East Side, offering a credible alternative to boyish silhouettes / casual / minimalist making honey from other Tumblr blogs and view. A review of the main gimmicks and other clothing equations feeding the dress code of the young woman: 

Accompany her long skirts urban fluids shirts (rather than T-shirts).

Restraining her skirts high waist line A noon via a wide brown leather belt .

Opt for outfits cocktail equipped with pockets to twist their pace (see here and here).

Chiciser jeans duo destroy / shirt sailor in contact with a pair of ballet flats.

Inject a quickdraw “Audrey Hepburn” the right jeans torn by associating the mix black / carbon ballerinas sweater worn close to the body / black Wayfarers / bun.

Soften the impact of a strong piece by combining the coordinates to pieces .

Do not hesitate to mix prints of the same color (see here and here).

Will erase the ethno-bohemian long brown leather skirt by marrying a wise white shirt knotted at the front .

De-casualiser the cloak by associating it with an outfit in black and white chic and sober.

Give a fashion legitimacy duo suede jacket / fringed skirt by choosing a skirt flirting with the calf .

Dare for the Occasion chiffon dress nude bent by a wide leather belt .

Meeting the total looks gray with a touch of acid colors (see here and here) or a bohemian accessory (see here and here).

Casualiser duo midi skirt / vertiginous sandals in contact with a denim shirt knotted at the front.

Structuring or casual outfits further by bending the top via a belt worn high waist (see here and here ).

Soften the leather models in contact with classical pieces.

Do not hesitate to replace his suit pants with shorts .

Dare to mix horizontal stripes (see here and here).

Play down length wise and severe colors in contact with a pair of sandals perched high .

Dress collar pullovers with a gold necklace and sterling .

Skate girly style of a room in contact with a camouflage print.