OLED Lighting for Homes

O LED lighting and lamps are soon also private users.

The LED lighting is still one of the very young developments and has evolved in recent years into an everyday, low lighting style. LED lamps take so many forms, as she can be offered by any other technique. They look, like light bulbs, such as glow or as fluorescent tubes, are extremely small and competition make each string of lights and they can show large whole room ceiling in a creative light. It was only a matter of time before this technique was followed by further developments. The use of organic light-emitting diodes with the name of OLED is the latest technology with light-emitting diodes.

Production of O LEDs

Since the production of high-quality LEDs is expensive and developers always continue to look for an optimization of energy-efficient lighting, they produced the organic light-emitting diodes as the latest result, providing while still not same possibilities, as have conventional, non-organic light-emitting diodes, but for other skills, which previously did not exist in lighting technology. It is only a matter of time before also lamps in various forms and formats are offered, who work with the extremely thin panel lights. The large and well-known manufacturers of lamps and luminaires have achieved in close cooperation with famous designers first impressive results.

Application of O-LED

Luminous glass and mirror surfaces are among the first achievements of researchers. A new OLED mirror but is a true magic mirror. This mirror is composed of a large number of OLED modules and can be mounted on the wall or stand freely in the room. As long as nobody is in the vicinity of the mirror, he is simply a large lamp. As soon as but a man approaching the mirror, he shows his real face, or rather, the person who stands before the mirror. In addition to OLED modules contains the mirror and the lamp, because this development combines both functions, multiple infrared sensors. The sensors detect a person, so the modules that the person is, be gentle level. At this moment, the mirror image only from the surrounding OLED modules is framed with light. The person removed from the mirror, fluently the lights again turn and merge the mirror image with the increasing light.

Another light artwork represents the light element Mimosa developed by Jason Bruges Studio. This is OLED modules in the form of flowers, which then open when a person approaches them. The opening of the flowers is carried out solely by the light effects of the OLED modules in combination with infrared sensors. But also first OLED lamp in the form of light bulb has already been developed. However, it is called flat lamps, which consist of a flat, transparent OLED module and represent a light bulb with cable connected. The cable at the exact spot jutting out from the glass plate, on which it is represented within the module. Flat lamp is also the name of a series of lamps by Tom Dixons operated exclusively with OLED modules and therefore a particularly flat design is allowed.

Thin strips of light can be as marker light in dark hallways and stairwells easily on walls, ceilings, doors and other objects. Since the Strip just a few millimeters thick, they merge with their underground. They are lightweight and can be on almost any surface.