OLED Light Source

Given the enormous progress that within a few years in the development of

Scored LED lighting technology, it will take much longer, in the opinion of many, to the organic light emitting diodes, abbreviated OLED, are sufficiently mature that they also with us
to keep home collection.

In the organic light is extremely thin light sources, the glare-free,
donate area light with very good color rendering properties. The variability of the
light color as well as the extremely low heat generation make OLED panels also a versatile bulbs.

Long service life and the absence of mercury, UV and infrared radiation are further
advantages of this innovative lighting technology. Currently OLEDs achieve a service life of
10,000 hours and a luminous efficacy of 25 lumens per watt-to improve both
properties are currently working several research projects.

While LEDs semiconductor crystals are used, made OLEDs from chemical,
semiconductive compounds. These polymer layers are located between two flat
electrodes. When you turn on the light passes through a transparent plastic film; They as well as
the cover on the back of OLEDs provide the necessary protection against the ingress of water
and oxygen, both of which would destroy the chemical bonds.

To use OLEDs are currently already used in displays and television screens; in not
too distant future they may on textiles, wallpaper and many others
are applied surface materials. Developers dreaming example of OLEDs
integrated into transparent windows, which completely new possibilities for
would open lighting design in residential and commercial premises.

In renowned trade shows 2009 first luminaire models have been integrated OLED
presents lighting technology. Very impressive examples of the new possibilities which the
OLEDs offer lighting designers, however, illustrate models of the recent past, such as the
OLED installation Pusteblume that the lamp manufacturer Osram in Munich BMW Museum
exhibited, as well as the seven-meter OLED chandelier of Philips, the the stairwell
of a Berlin office building graces.

Who does not want to wait until the first OLED lighting fixtures are commercially available,
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