NVIDIA Is Taking Seriously The Updates: Marshmallow Becomes The Shield Tablet K1

After solving a problem with your battery, NVIDIA returned to market its Tablet for gamers with the new name of Shield Tablet K1. The specifications are the same, and also his philosophy when it comes to updating their products, that has led to that the K1 will become one of the first Android devices to receive your dose of Marshmallow.

As you read it, NVIDIA has announced a few hours ago the upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow of your Tablet, which will bring a good repertoire of new features including improvements in battery management. The update will start to spread via OTA with the intention of having come to users until the year runs out.

The Shield Tablet K1 level up

This update will bring developments in the software of the camera, in the interface and in the way of managing the internal storage. There will also be improvements in battery consumption and will be one of the great innovations of the new version of Android, the allow internally to determine the permissions are given to applications.

The tablet will also receive the new Now on Tap, that will allow us to obtain information about what we are seeing on screen quickly and without leaving the application that we are using at this time.

With this movement NVIDIA joins LG and the own Google in our list of the manufacturers who have quickly begun to update your devices. Is not the first time that we are witness to the good do NVIDIA, which is earning a good reputation that will come them very well when they decide to finally unveil its long-awaited Tablet X Shield during the coming year 1.