Npower PEG – the Mobile Power Generator

Tremont electric launches a new mobile power generator with nPower Personal Energy Generator, short PEG. In contrast to the now widespread solar chargers, the PEG generates electricity from kinetic energy. To fix the rod-shaped generator vertically on the backpack and already producing electricity while walking.

The PEG is compatible with 90% of all electronic hand held devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile game consoles and GPS devices. After a one-hour hike, most devices are then loaded to around 80%. That’s even quite neat.
What is sadly missing is an integrated battery. So, you can just charge the device and save no energy to use them later. To do this, you’d need a universal battery which you aufläd about the PEG and then load the device about this battery in addition.

To the technical characteristics:

  • about 23 cm high, approx. 2.5 and 3.8 cm in diameter
  • 255 grams easily
  • produces up to 4 Watts
  • 5.0V DC 200 Ma

An interesting concept which introduces Tremont electric with the nPower PEG there. The eco-friendly charger is a good alternative to the solar loaders safely because you here is not dependent on external influences (strong sunlight). Only the price is little high with just under $150 at Eningbo.