Now iOS 6.0 Beta 2 out-View Some of the News Here

Apple working on high pressure with iOS 6. Now Beta 2 ready. We viewed, what changes and news the offers.

Apple has just posted an update to iOS 6.0 on the street, and thus the second version of the beta. This occurs 14 days after the first version was ready.

The description of the fixes was short from Apple, it was called namely just there was talk about “bug fixes and improvements”. We have, however, seen a closer look at what’s changed from Beta 1 to Beta 2.

Have you even iOS 6.0 Beta 2 on your iPhone, then you are very welcome to write in the comments box below, what you have seen of changes.

Changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2

The first change we scoffed came already since we accepted the update, here’s who now come again in the small cog icon from the options that are no longer static, but running around the whole update through.

Once your iOS device, in our case an iPhone 4S, is started up with the new update, we’re back at that icon is static.

Another thing that jumped us in their eyes was that there was tightened up on the design of “Twitter/Facebook share” in the drop-curtain – one thing we also pointed out in our review of the iOS 6.0 Beta 1. Here it was messed up, and so not very good.

It also shows the new Twitter icon, and that’s even before Twitter even launched the update.

If you want to Tweet from Siri – so this part has also changed its look.

One of the biggest changes we have caught so far, is the ability to be able to check whether or not to use the new Common Photostream sharing function, or iCloud. This can be disabled in both settings to-or for pictures and in options for iCloud.

If you check the Notification Center in roller curtain, then displays the calendar appointments now also end times on agreements.

By Passbook is there come a little more information on – there appears, however, still a static image, and therefore so far not any activity in the application.

Inside the photo album, it has been possible to create albums and edit in these.

There are probably many new things, we have not yet spotted.

If you find some, please write in the field below.