Not Candle as a Candle

And if you think that the scented candle, which you buy to complete the Christmas, New Year or other exceptional atmosphere, is the product of bees, they mostly wrong.


Most candles on our market consists of paraffin, which is a product of petroleum, according to the blog. Add dyes, perfumes and other additives that variously arbitrarily changing the characteristics of this false “wax”.

palm wax

Closer to Nature candles from palm wax, they are grainy or have a crystalline surface and are slightly more expensive than paraffin candles. The material comes from the pressed fruit trees, is a tough, dimensionally stable and clean burning with a bright flame and therefore these candles used also for medicinal purposes as so-called. “Čakrové candles”


Motan candles from honeycombs are more for decoration, the flame can not even compare the quality with paraffin or with palm wax. Yet these candles do not lose their popularity. They are fragrant, natural and bring home the purity and beauty. Ideally candle burning in the interval from 30 minutes to 4 hours after ignition.

sirloin problems

If a candle smokes too, so “Smoky” – cut the knot, it should not be longer than 5 mm. If a candle dripping unevenly lit – Make sure worth a slant or if needed a breath of air (window air conditioner) does not draw the flame slightly to the side.

If the smell of fuel – rather discard it, probably includes many of the raw oil and the burning can release into the air pollutants.