Norway Will Have More Stringent Mobile Ban in the Car

The Danish road Directorate in Norway will have text messages, email and surfing on the Web made prohibited while driving.

The Danish road Directorate in Norway want to tighten up the requirements for use of the mobile phone in the car. They want ban on surfing on the Web, sms-writing and the like.

Today there is no ban — as long as the mobile phone is mounted in accordance with the requirements must the like used for these things. 

-“The rules are old fashioned compared to the technology, which has been altered much since the law went into effect back in the year 2000, so it’s appropriate to get some changes,” says communications consultant in NAF Jan Ivar Engebretsen to our site.

In one study the NAF has made says 64 percent of motorists that they are chatting in the cell phone in the car, and 43 percent say they read and write text messages.