Nokia: Something Great Is on the Way

Nokia has begun to advertise that “something is on the way”, and the date coincides with their annual Nokia World.

Nokia does not have tailwind in these times, and some analysts think even that money gushing out of the company.

But it will not have to lower the flag, on the contrary, Nokia is Nokia by making ready for something new, and according to them, is something amazing on the road, it is write our site.

Their large catalog of home-country Metropolitan Helsinki has set new advertising signs in the Windows, and it is here the words “something great is on the way” is written.

Underneath it says date 07.09.2012, which is not a random date, according to several media on the Web.

The date is exactly the day after Nokia World is over, an event which is the year’s biggest event for Nokia.

Thus, it appears that we may have a date for the release of Nokia’s next smartphone, it can be a Windows Phone 7, but it could also be a Windows Phone 8.