Nokia N95 8 GB

Test results  during the test of the N95’s predecessor, the COMPUTER image experts were unanimous: much more mobile is hardly. But Nokia has just packed in the N95 8 GB still a fun. Whopping 8 gigabytes of memory now offers the phone. And the already very large color screen grew to a few millimetres in height now 4.2 x 5.7 cm. around s is ordered to the inner values of the all-rounder phones. Even in areas with weak power supply resulted in little conversation crashes.   prima: 23 hours kept by the battery of the N95 with heavy use (calls, SMS). It remained ready to receive up to 268 hours. Also the sending and receiving of E-Mails worked without any problems. The mobile masterfully processed even large attachments (photos, videos, or Office documents). And thanks to the UMTS data Turbo HSDPA (data rate about 3 Mbps) Internet sites the winner of the test loads near DSL speed.

Praise earned ease of use: users can drive important functions quickly, he chooses contacts in the phone book on request convenient voice dial on.

The best phones

67 mobile phones Leaderboard: mobile phones photo  light and shadow: the test photographs showed no distortions. However, details were not so clearly visible and the photos some tinge. Poor: very long shutter lag of 2 seconds. So, snapshots are hardly possible. Usable: Short videos can be in decent quality (0.31 megapixels) record.

Test conclusion: you need to know that

The Large color screen grew to now 4.2 x 5.7 cm. prima: 23 hours kept by the battery of the N95 with heavy use (calls, SMS). The mobile masterfully processed even large file attachments in emails. Thanks to UMTS HSDPA, which loads Nokia Web pages nearly in DSL speed. The user can quickly drive important functions, it dials also contacts in the phone book on demand voice dial. (Old Note: 1.93) «««««Order this product on Amazon 8 GB of internal memory Pro Wi-Fi-capable GPS receiver built-in digital maps (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for route planning supplied against very long shutter lag when photographs mark of the editorial 2.26 good users rating (of 4 reviews)» what you should know: camera phones » Video: The All-rounder Phone in the Test-Winning Video » Buying Advice: Mobile Photo Quality » Buying Advice: Phones » COMPUTER IMAGE Leaderboard: cell Phones