Nokia Lumia 900 Customers Are Extremely Satisfied

Nokia is in a study been really praised by its customers, who are very satisfied with their Lumia 900.

Nokia has been one of the world’s leading research companies our site, to carry out a satisfaction survey among Nokia 810 Lumia 900 customers.

The survey asked among other things the user how far their device, lived up to the expectations they had before the purchase.

Here the entire 43 percent replied to Lumia 900 is much better than expected, while 40 percent answered that it is better than expected. This means that the entire 83 percent got a product that gave them more than expected.

Users were also asked about their opinion of Lumia 900, in relation to its competitors on the market.

42 percent to unit appeared here are much better than others on the market, the entire 49 percent thought it is better. Taken together, this means that the entire 91 percent thought their Nokia 900 is better than competitors’ Lumia mobiles.

One of the users in the study described the phone thus, “great phone with a trimmed OS that allows you to get things done faster than on an iPhone.”